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  1. Thank you very much , now my save is working with nonpdrm dump.
  2. Can someone give me a list of jp/asia game that has full english support include after update has full english support because it would be pain in the ass to surf through google one by one which game has english support or not.
  3. Does PCSX2 emulator for ps vita exist ?

    Not sure if it was like that, but it seems pc is stealing psv game like how they did with valkryrie drive bhikkuni(PSV only),sword art online hollow reliazation(ps4/psv) and tokyo xanadu(PSV only). Orignally PS4/PSV or PSV only then later it was port to PC/PS4. Don't get me wrong i'm happy that this game is port to pc. Correct me if i'm wrong.
  4. Hello, I got error C0-11138-4(The File is Corrupt) when launch gravity rush using maidump save T_T. So i deleted save from maidump and open the game again it's working just fine ^_^. My question is does all save game from maidump i had played so far can't be used to nonpdrm dump ?
  5. Does PCSX2 emulator for ps vita exist ?

    Thank you all for your helps
  6. Does PCSX2 emulator for ps vita exist ?

    As i thought but that person said he want play KH(kingdom hearts) and i'm sure it's not available on psx/psone
  7. I want to ask if PCSX2 emulator are available for ps vita ? The reason is because i saw a thread at reddit that someone ask whether to use rear touchpad or touchscreen for L2/R2 Button mapping.
  8. 4 Questions : Concerning SD2VITA

    I see, So that's why when i'm insert sony memory it's not detect it because it was non-storage. I'm launch vitashell and press triangle and there's and option to mount to uma0, does i need press circle to make sony memory card as uma0 ? I'm planned to use uma0 for psp/psx that's the reason i'm ask on how to mount sony memory card as uma0 when I'm already install sd2vita. Please answer this question if you had a some free time later....
  9. 4 Questions : Concerning SD2VITA

    What i means is how to mount sony memory card as uma0 when already install sd2vita on PSV ? does auto mount memory card means for sony memory card ? spell~CONFUSE~
  10. 4 Questions : Concerning SD2VITA

    Oh, i'm ask because if sometime later i'm plan to upgrade my current micro sd card to a bigger size when i'm buy new hdd to store my psv game. I don't have to worry anymore to remove sd2vita adapter to upgrade a bigger micro sd card ^_^. I'm planned to install psx/psp game on sony memory card, How to mount sony memory card as uma0 when already install sd2vita on PSV ?
  11. 4 Questions : Concerning SD2VITA

    is not working, maybe because when copy through usb i'm unmark hide protected operating system files on folder options to show all ps vita folder if not i can't copy the save files.... A little help please.
  12. 4 Questions : Concerning SD2VITA

    You said my save will be on uma0 for sony memory card but if i'm not back-up my save data and manage to mount sony memory card to uma0 will my save data lost on sony memory card lost ? I'm already back-up all my save data but the it's all hidden files, how to make it visible ?
  13. 4 Questions : Concerning SD2VITA

    About your answer no. 4-a) I didn't get it what i had to modify config.txt on sony memory ? So say if i'm remove sd2vita play game card without sony memory card that means i' had not save data on the game i'm played before right ? So, if i had my sony memory were already became uma0 that's means i'm will lost my save data since you said save from game card it's store in sony memory card, Am i right ? That's why you suggest that i'm manually back my save data. Thank you.
  14. Question 1 : Does you need to format new micro sd card to use for sd2vita ? Even tough the mem card is new ! Question 2 : How to mount sony memory card as uma0 when already install sd2vita on PSV ? Question 3 : Say if I'm suddenly want to change back my psv to it's original state before i'm install sd2vita, What should i do ? Question 4 : Say if I'm want to play my game card is safe to remove sd2vita from PSV and what will happaned to my save if my sony mem card already mount as uma0, will my save game from game card will be lost ?