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  1. Actually I already have everything I had and was using back up and running (I was pretty much just playing this game and Pokemon Blue). Anyway I know that the SD card works decently on its own, I've used it with my New 3DS (which has a higher quality card) when I've needed to figure out various issues and it reads fine on its own, the adapter is likely the problem (I kept it in the adapter the whole time because I figured if it didn't read on my computer right it's not gonna read in the 3DS. It's the same brand but isn't the adapter that came with that specific card. The issue is that 64GB and 128 GB (the two largest known sizes that will work with the 3DS) don't naturally come with the same format as 32GB and below, which is why you have to format those in a specific way in order to get them to work (as opposed to 32GB and below which you can more or less use them immediately with a 3DS family system). I would recommend avoiding an adapter if you can and just getting the correct size from the get go if possible.
  2. I apologize for the double post (I prefer updates) but my last post is way too long for this: So I switched back to my original 4GB SD Card, as I remembered that I only ever tried the initial version I got on there, and any issues I had were space-based, and it had all the cfw files on it (including the update file that I knew worked) because that was the one I used to initially install it on my 2DS, and it had the themes I used on it as well. It lacks anything I installed past that point but all of the games I actually used (DQMTW included) were on there, albeit requiring some save file backups. The SD Card reads way better on my PC for whatever reason so I was pretty hopeful. I put it on my SD Card and it and put the newer file that was posted here on there, just for security. When I got into FBI it IMMEDIATELY looked better, as it recognized the game (previously it would show nothing, even for the working games), so I immediately installed it. AND IT WORKS. THE FILE WORKS. IT'S ON 1.2 AND I HAVE THE CUSTOM ENGLISH BANNER IN THE MENU. The problem the whole time was in fact my microSD+adapter setup, which I probably should have known given that it was having issues reading with my computer, but the working files made me think I could rule it out. Let this be a lesson to everyone: DO NOT SACRIFICE QUALITY FOR QUANTITY WHEN IT COMES TO STUFF LIKE THIS. Luckily for me I likely won't be playing larger games than this (I'm gonna stick to playing around with GBA CIAs outside of this until I get a proper larger SD Card, that seems like fun), but if you do, I would advise that you make absolutely sure you have a good SD Card setup that can go back and forth between the computer and the console, because it WILL need to do that. Even if you format it right, things can go wrong; even if you do all the steps right, it can cause problems. I would advise only going to a 64GB+ cartridge IF you can get a high quality one that is for a normal, non-CFW 3DS (like what I have with my New 3DS XL), because even that can cause some issues here and there. If you're good with 32GB, STAY AT 32GB. I'll likely wait until I have the ability to get a New 2DS, put a new microSD in THAT, and THEN do a system transfer before I worry about any larger games. Also want to say thank you to everyone who tried to help me as much as possible, because I think this topic has now covered most of the issues that would give people trouble when trying to install this game, so hopefully people can read this and find a solution to their issue.
  3. See there's the problem, the only access for me for that is through freeShop, and even then it's denoted with a 2.0 when I saw it, AND it failed anyway (small games work fine). I'm on a US system so I can't exactly go through the real one (which I should still have access to, mind you). So yeah, kinda tried that already xD. I really doubt Nintendo would clamp down on that since both Pokemon and Mario games are fairly easy to find and have a WAY higher pirate rate than this. Plus they'd probably have been more focused on advocating on bringing it to the West (since THEY know there's money to be made XD). Anyway, here are my settings: As you can see, nothing special here, really. I've played around with the settings before and that did nothing so currently it's on basic. I have enabled game patching and disabled ARM11 exception handlers before to no avail, so... yeah. GodMode9 doesn't really have much in the way of settings that I've been able to notice, so I'm not really sure where to go in that regard. Worth noting is that I just remembered I have another USB port that seems to read better (I think the upper one is bad for some reason), so I might see how that does, assuming it actually reads better and it isn't just a fluke
  4. Yeah I noticed that. But this is the only place that confirms it's file is SUPPOSED to be on 1.2 (For all I know the other files have the 1.2 update installed and things just aren't working for me), so that's the other issue. It also doesn't help that finding a confirmed clean rip of this game is impossible, so a lot of people have to rely on pre-patched versions
  5. Yeah I was intending on replacing the current SD at some point anyway, as it's somewhat of a temporary setup. I can get the backup saves fairly easily. While many other games DO work (I have the Gen 1 and 2 Pokemon games, LoZ Oracle game, Four Swords Anniversary Edition, and DQM Caravan Heart confirmed installed, and confirmed to run properly), I also have the apparently common issue of having issues when installing large games from the eShop. I'm fairly certain it's the adapter (which has had trouble reading on my computer, the microSD itself has virtually no issues), which is one of the reasons I wanted to switch to a full SD Card. 1. Answered above. 2. No, but i never have issues loading the game when it's installed unless the update isn't, but that's a null point because I can install the update fine. 3. Other games that install work fine, and the one that I have in my N3DS (a slightly different 64 GB microSD) rarely gives me issues. Only times have been when I messed around in Pokemon save files and the update data for the corresponding game acts weird. 4. FAT32; pretty sure NOTHING, games or otherwise, works unless it's formatted as such. 5. No, I did not. I have not tried installing it specifically with JUST the update installed; I have tried with both installed, neither installed, or just the 1.0 version installed, but not with just the update installed. I'll try that, but I assume it will also fail. So to sum things up, we can fully confirm the file works, something is wrong with my setup, and it's potentially the fact that I have a microSD in an adapter rather than a full SD card. I would go on to say that given that it's also a 64 GB card, it may not be formatting right with the adapter on (note that I have another adapter that does not work at all, so things can vary). I haven't seen anything in particular about transfer processes being an issue, and I don't believe the adapter would 100% be an issue unless I'm doing something wrong (otherwise Samsung, which is the brand of my SD card, would still sell them), so I BELIEVE it's the microSD card itself. It's one I got a long time ago for an older phone of mine but was using to test with files on my New3DS when I had an issue on that front way back when. tl;dr I need a new SD Card, one that is preferably no more than 32 GB so I don't have to worry about formatting it and can use it out of the box, so to speak.
  6. To the first statement, that was mostly in reference to EmuNAND users, as I recall; most warnings of that nature don't affect those who work on SysNAND (it's just that getting stuff to work at all on SysNAND was very difficult). But for the record my SysNAND is up to date. To the second statement, download JK's Save Manager (you can actually remote install it with FBI once you find it, google is helpful); you can backup any save available on your system (it's what I used to backup my own save) And third, it failed again. I'm reinstalling the working one and probably keeping it there until I can understand what's going on. I noticed that the date on this file is actually EARLIER than the dates on my working ones, meaning they likely should be 1.2 and you MIGHT be on to something. Try downloading the two files and seeing if you can get it to 1.2. If it's 1.0 each time, something is wrong on both ends
  7. Okay so the new file ALSO did not work (deleted the key beforehand and enabled patches in Luma). Since the download seems to be fine (as the size is similar to the others I have), AND since both (I assume) are ones fixagel verified, I'm inclined to believe one of two things is wrong: 1. Something is up somewhere with the settings on my 3DS 2. My SD Card is out of whack. It's somewhat of a temporary setup until I can change the O2DS into a N2DS and transfer, using a 64GB microSD with an adapter. I put the others on after I had to reformat it when I had to go back to a backup, so I may have to do that again. All that said, the new file still registers as a CIA even after a failed install, so that's definitely progress, small or not. Currently attempting to install a working one. There's a few different menus, the one I use is Godmode9, and I'm not sure where that option would be in there. Update: The normal one worked. Upon rebooting the other one will not read as a normal CIA, as per usual. I think I'm gonna try reformatting and see what happens; things have been acting a bit strange with it today so I think that might help. Shouldn't take long and my saves are backed up.
  8. Yeah, that's why I was gonna figure out what I could do cause it would likely fix it regardless of what you have. Applying the patch here is different than what you would do with an IPS/UPS Patch and has multiple parts, so I figured if I could get one of them working then maybe I'd get SOMETHING. Also, in theory the patch SHOULD make the game region free, from what I know, but in the event I have more failures I'll keep trying. But yeah, being on 1.0 has the issue with the Archfiend's Grimoire (that's actually the full name of the monster in that version; character constraints have a fit when it appears). I don't think turning on game patching will do anything, but I also think it WON'T do anything. I turned it on before to no effect either way, so it literally doesn't hurt to have it on
  9. Check the number in the upper righthand corner of the translation credits when you start the game. If it says 1.0, that's why; it's a gamebreaker. That happens to be the glitch that prompted me to try and install 1.2 (which you can see the issues I'm having above), which has the glitch fixed. Given that the names of all 3 books were changed in 1.1, I'm guessing you have 1.0 (other places like Ziperto and Nicoblog have pre-patched versions available but at the very least those two only have the 1.0 version).
  10. I tried that before, but I believe that was during the time I was having issues installing ANY version, so since I have versions that I know work AND I can back it up beforehand AND I know what to avoid more or less, I will try again. I'll try with the already downloaded version I have first, then try and download again and see how that goes. It'll be a bit cause I have a class soon and have to do a backup before I go, but I'll give an update afterwards. Update #1: I left the one I downloaded originally to install after deleting the correct ticket (it appears near the top of my list so it's real easy to find), still failed. Proceeded to try and install a working one after I got back, and it installed fine. Going to re-download (making ABSOLUTELY SURE NOTHING GETS IN THE WAY) and try again. Update #2: I re-downloaded the file but I hadn't deleted cookies so it was still there according to Mega so I went through the desktop app in the browser to basically force a download to see if that worked. I had also seen stuff about the name of the file being a potential issue so I renamed it to DQMT (which is how it is labeled when installed), tried to install after once again deleting the ticket, no dice. I have since downloaded the files one more time, this time deleting cookies to force Mega to re-download it (as it was more or less the same download each time, from what I could tell) in hopes that this changes something. I had NOTHING else connected to the internet (unless someone in my house was using it, but I'm the one who puts the most strain on it, usually), no other pages or applications open (not even this page), so in theory this is the best possible version of the file I can get with my internet. Here goes nothing. Update #3: So I tried that version, and THIS time when I tried to reinstall one of the working versions after the failure, that ALSO failed. I deleted the ticket (I forgot to do that with this initial attempt) and tried to reinstall the other two, and now THEY won't even attempt to install, this time with THIS error: Failed to install CIA FileResult Code: 0xD9004586Level: Permanent (27)Summary: Wrong Argument (7)Module: FS (17)Desc: <unknown> (390) The other file from this site, as per usual with a failed download, no longer registers as a proper CIA file and so I have no option to try and install. A reboot allowed the others to install again, but the file (or its corresponding update cia, for that matter) is still not recognized as a proper cia and thus has no option to install (this is fairly normal for full failures on my end). So I'm currently back to square one but at least this one had SOME effect. One thing I would like to note is that my other files read as 721.98 MiB (main game) and 4.48 MiB (1.1 Update to allow for internet access) while the other two read as 721.99 MiB and 4.49 MiB respectively. Now I can understand the patched file being different, but the update SHOULD be the same across all versions as it's just the regular update for the game. I might try and rework one of the working versions with the direct patch and see what happens. It's not a fix for this file directly but if I can get it to work for those, I'll try it on this one, too.
  11. I'll preface this with the fact that I have an O2DS with Luma v8.1.1 on SysNAND 11.6.0-39U, so any fixes would need to be for that. I'm somewhat new to using cfw but have been using homebrew for a long time, so I'm only somewhat unfamiliar with this. 1. The CIA size without the update is reading in at 739,317 kB exactly, which comes out to 721.989 MB (It's on my computer so I'm assuming it's reporting it in kibibytes just like FBI does), which matches the working versions I have, so if I got a partial download I can't tell. 2. I am in fact on the latest version of FBI, 2.4.12. During this whole process (I've been at this for days), I've periodically checked that I am by attempting to update. I also install the game using one of the 1.0 variants I mentioned after each failure, just to make sure it can install (early on in the process I messed up somewhere and they wouldn't install again and I had to reset to a backup to get the game working), which has so far not failed. I do have an update file to go with them that also installs successfully. For the record, I uninstall the game and update before I try and use this one, as me not doing that might have been what screwed me up before (it coincided with it, at the very least). 3. Again, can't install this. The error is actually fairly standard among installation errors from what I can tell, as it looks like this: Failed to install ciaResult Code: 0xD8E0806ALevel: Permanent (27)Summary: Invalid Argument (7)Module: AM (32)Desc: Cert signature or hash check failed (106) This is the FBI error (I've seen this exact error elsewhere); I don't believe BigBlue gives too many specifics. This is pretty much the only error I ever get with CIAs in general (assuming I get them) when trying to install. Any others seem to work just fine (and I have Caravan Heart with the English patch on this; if anything was gonna fail, I would have thought it'd be that). I know that tends to mean a bad download of some sort but given that there's at least a few messages above mentioning that it works (and some that also had problems, like me), I'm inclined to believe that it can work if done right. I have tried downloading this a few times (as I initially didn't get it to work with the first issue I mentioned, and then tried again once or twice when I went to the backup), with no luck. The other versions I have work (in fact I got one installed just fine earlier just to check). If I can get it to install and get to the screen error, I THINK I can handle it from there, as I have some idea of what to do, but that would require a successful installation first. I just have no idea if it's a bad download or not; One of the other two working ones had Mega as a source, too, I think, since I THINK it was from Nicoblog (and again, it was as a 1.0 patch), so you can see why I would be somewhat confused with a bad download. I just want to know if I missed something somewhere.
  12. I have not been able to even get this game (or more specifically, this version) to install. I've tried using both FBI AND BigBlue, and no dice. Both are able to initially read the files, but after one failed try they label them as invalid and won't read them as normal CIAs anymore. I have two other pre-patched versions of this game, both on 1.0, that both currently install just fine (I've been through the majority of the game already), even after a failed attempt with this one. I know there are fixes in the 1.2 patch that are useful (one of which being a glitch that causes the game to crash that I have come across recently), so I'd rather get this version if I can. This is quite literally the only place where I can tell it's both patched AND on 1.2, and I have had no luck finding a working dump to use with the patch itself (I'll be searching on that front either way, but still). I can't exactly unpatch the other versions (otherwise I would), this one doesn't work, and getting a regular patch also doesn't seem to work. I still have the other ones, so I CAN play the game if needed, but any help would be appreciated.