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  1. banned for n00bmuffin.
  2. Banned for leaking my nudes. (^_^) / /( . )( . )/ / ) . ( ( Y )
  3. *Sigh* If its using the US assets of the game and only the Chinese eboot, it means the game will be in English with bugs. It will be 100% complete.
  4. @ZeekWarden would be if its using the US assets, usually contain the language files as well.
  5. Banned for the encouragement \(o_o)/ \ | / | /p\ / \
  6. like playing with
  7. Bamd cus u Noe me is the disilsextik parsun.
  8. /\Bammed for postig on the paige sethan.
  9. yes.. uhm, yeah. I will be playing this indoors with the light turned out and headphones plugged in...
  10. ^banned because your internet sucks hard.
  11. Banned cos england is a city.
  12. Banned because everything including you is a figment of my imagination and in reality I have been in a coma for 20 years. And only recently I have come to this realization.