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  1. there will be a tutorial floating around on the internet for fw 3.65. But, vhbl requires that you install a psp demo. Have a look on youtube, cause that'll be your best bet.
  2. backups can't help you now. You cannot downgrade. The only "hack" you can do is something called VHBL. It'll let you play emulators and shit, but no pirated psp or vita games unfortunately. Just buy the borderlands 2 ps vita bundle new, that should come with an earlier firmware.
  3. Remember f**king retarded people posting shit about "Ermahgerd I can downloid manny leggit Peesp gaems!!! Click har 2 do them now." Supprisingly they ARE legit websites, but the problem is that they have monetised all of the link *cough* *cough* nicoblog. This means they earn money for uploading a f**king file. Now that just pisses me off. I literally just ripped every f**king game from one of these "scenes" as the claim to be and used a nifty bit of python coding to demonitise all of there adfly links. What I mean by that is every game is a full length URI, meaning you can download them straight from gdrive without waiting for 5-10 seconds because of those f**king cunts who use ad shorteners. Now, without further adue B00M! LINK REMOVED 1300 hundred ish gdrive links to various psp games. Enjoy. FORGOT TO MENTION A FEW OF THE LINKS ARE PROBABLY DEADED BECAUSE THE CUNTS COULD NOT BE BOTHERED TO REUPLOAD.
  4. its okay, we all had our scars at some point. I'm known for a painful butthole now, if you see the first post. Next time I say someting wong capture it, and shtick it here on the shtame wall. I could say a lot worse sometime in the future.
  5. Dat ass.
  6. And again thanx, the download was quite consistent and downloaded little under 2 hours over 4g. so yeah thanks.
  7. boi its sanic fast.
  8. Wanna go back to playing fallout 3 after playing new vegas, but setting it up is a hassle and there are too many bugs. Looking for the version of fallout 3 of gog specifically, supposedly it has many fixes applied to it and that it removes games for windows live. If its not there anywhere, please don't waste your time and resources uploading repack or other version. Many Thanks in advance.
  9. mineshafter does work, just don't create an account and use fake details on the launcher. sometimes it can take longer than your standard executable, so launch it twice and be patient. /(=_=)\
  10. Java isn't hard, maybe NGR should have its own minecraft client...
  11. Haha, people are retarded. If you wanna play minecraft install java and install the mineshafter client. Most legit client ive seen so far.
  12. I read this and instantly wanted to die. I only feel pain. I have given in, got a blade it was cold, i let out a sigh. i sliced my vein i fell to the ground, and only a mess was made Remember kids, indirect cyber-bullying is both a cyber-crime and causes cyber-death. Words are sharp and pointy, be careful how you use them. You will hurt people.
  13. Just to try and clear myself, most of the stuff I do or say is for comedic purposes. I have no intent on locking people in cupboards, dismembering their limbs with a pizza slicer, or tying them to a bed feeding them energy drinks forcing them to stay awake while several black women rape them repeatably: wait that part sounds familiar... http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/africa/three-women-rape-kidnap-man-taxi-south-africa-pretoria-police-a7763436.html
  14. ^Band 4 ninga scilz