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  1. Hi looking for an ISO version of this game. Thanks
  2. I'm stuck on chapter 6. It just hangs when I start the chapter. Tried both on vWii and Dolphin. My vWii is configured according to this guide: https://wiiu.guide/vwii-modding Solution: Find another PAL version of this game. Go through the cutscene of chapter 6. When you gain control at the base, save it. Load it using this undub wbfs. Voila! Long term solution: It might be possible to encounter this problem on the next chapters. I suggest to simply use the original PAL version. I noticed that the undub voice acting is only present on cutscenes (which is only a few). If you want to watch the undub cutscenes, you can find remastered ones on youtube.
  3. I'm encountering where the BGM stops playing when it ends. Basically it doesn't loop. Is that on the game design itself? Or something wrong with this undub version? Thanks
  4. Will there be a possibility of undub version? Or it depends on the people who are willing to make it?
  5. Going to test if this would work on a WiiU GameCube inject!