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  1. Now that I think about it, it could also have been your 64gb class as well. Lower classes cause crashes on my PSP system (due to how slow the SD card is) while higher classes work near flawless. Anyway Im just glad you solved it, Ill try and make the guys and girls at GBA temp aware of this that were having the same issue
  2. I read on another site from 2 years ago that Nintendo was made aware of the game being pirated on CFW and had some copies injected with a virus that permanently bricked a person's 3ds and was irreversable because it wouldnt even boot, youd just get the blue power on light. At least our issues only pertained to loading the game and crashes eh? We got lucky. Can you take a picture of your Luma settings and Godmode settings or whatever you said the second one was? Ill compare them to mine
  3. If you get that new card and it works, let us know so we can make not. On gbatemp website youre not the only one having this issue it seems
  4. Also if i recall correctly I used to have an R4 card I used on my 2DS/3DS that said it was compatible with 64gb and up SD cards to plays DS games. However whenever i tried using my 64GB card Id get white screen no matter what I did upon loading screen. So i switched to a 32gb and it worked perfectly, try using a 32gb
  5. Okay so i found out that on JK you must hit "Export save" and name it whatever you like. Then click "delete save data". Exit Jk save and start up the game you just backed up. Get to the point in said game where saving is possible. Save the game. Exit the game. Go back to JK and go to the game you want to recover your save for. Hit "Import save" click the A button. Exit Jk and load up the game. It should now say "Continue" and be your save backup. It can be loaded as many times as you want but always make copies on your PC, JK sometimes corrupts save backups.
  6. I backed up my save using JK but when I delete the original data and export my backup data all I see is "New game" option and the others are grayed out. Wht happened? I deleted the 1.1 game and redownloaded it from here and thsis time it was 1.2 is that an issue because my save was from 1.0 and not 1.2 patch?
  7. I forgot to ask, do you have any other games on your SD card?If so do they all work? Do you have wifi turned on when loading Terrys Wonderland? You also said that your SD card is 64gb, maybe that might be an issue? (unless other games work on it) Is the SD formatted as FAT32 or NTFS? Did you install the update before starting the game? Try switching some of these around unless you already have. it took me a week before it finally worked but I didnt write down the steps Im sorry, it just kind of happened
  8. What is your official firmware on your DS? The one that you got when you last went to the official Nintendo e shop? I remember reading that if it is under or above a certain version the methods to get out of region games to work is different and maybe not possible at all with patches on certain games. @ the other guy that runs this post, sorry to put you to work again but how do I backup my save game and reapply it later? I'm going to retry Downloading from here because I swear my version I got from here was 1.2 translation but only shows 1.0 on screen
  9. the translation menu says v 1.0 and the main screen says 1.1 I'm able to battle online. But what's weird is I downloaded the game from this site. I also checked a few others for how to update the translation version and it's so confusing. As for you not being able to load the game what I did was install it via FBI. I turned off my console and turned it back on and accessed a menu (not luma but the other one that I can't remember the button combo for) and checked the option to make games region free. I applied it and reset my system and installed the update for the game and then it worked
  10. So I got it to work about 2 and a half weeks ago and Ive beat the main game. But now when I go to breed Monster god named Zoma it says "Archfiend's G was also born" and whether I allow it to join or not i get a stack dump error. Apparently other people elsewhere had this problem as well only with Archfiend G trying to join after breeding, how do we fix this?
  11. What settings did you change I used them all and still get a huge stack dump error 100% like yours