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  1. did you transferred it via FTP or USB? try transferring it via USB and install it again. It is working fine on my ps vita and pstv
  2. There is no patch aviable for thsi game. Are you getting a error code?
  3. maybe you pasted the entire app folder inside ux0:app. Paste only PCSE00305 folder.
  4. Nope, just the BIG ASS update adding game modes and so. I have Shinovi VS with DLC if you are interested.
  5. You are right! I uploaded the file I packed on 21/09/17. Editing this post right now!
  6. Nope, the only SENRAN KAGURA game i have on my PSN account is "SHINOVI VS". BTW Someone asked me for the J-STARS Victory VS pkg link but havent had time to read your documentation
  7. The copy on my hdd was working, so i decided to download and test the uploaded copy. And its working! did you transferred it via FTP? please use USB method to avoid data corruption.
  8. [NoNPDRM] Oddworld New 'n' Tasty [EU][PCSB00502]

    The uploaded copy Works fine just as the one i have on my hdd. So you must have a plugin issue. Hope you get it working soon.
  9. [NoNPDRM] Oddworld New 'n' Tasty [EU][PCSB00502]

    Yep, it was tested. if you are getting "C2-12828-1" it is most probably a plugin incompatibility. TRY THIS: Make sure you delete "OCLOCK" or any other extra plugin you added from ux0:tai or ur0:tai // IMPORTANT: If you have a PSTV or a 2000 model (this models have internal memory) check its ux0:tai too. Reboot your console. (Not skip this step)) Retry Oddworld install Im downloading it rigth now just for the sake of testing if it got corrupted on megas side, because the copy on my pc is working.
  10. [NoNPDRM] Oddworld New 'n' Tasty [EU][PCSB00502]

    why didnt you say it before? If you are getting "C2-12828-1" it would be a plugin incompatibility. Is pretty well known that ODDWORLD wont work with plugins like amphetamine or oclockvita. hope you get it working!
  11. [NoNPDRM] Oddworld New 'n' Tasty [EU][PCSB00502]

    -Are you using ftp or usb for transfer it? If you are using FTP, please use the USB method. -check if a vitamin or maidump versión is already installed. (if it is, delete it first) -or maybe your memory card got corrupted. Please, try: >turn off your vita >extract your memory card >turn on your vita >turn it off again >insert your memory card >turn it on again. (This will rebuild your database) Please report back.
  12. I think it would be Persona 5, or MGS: Peace walker