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  1. Never mind, then. That's good to hear!
  2. Not to discredit your dump, but you should stick with the Maidump/VPK dump until eboot modding is possible for NoNpDRM dumps so fights are displayed in 544p as opposed to 408p
  3. I spoke too soon! It crashed after the dialogue after the first battle. Sad! EDIT: I was using the US dump from the Maidump torrent. Apparently the EUR one works
  4. Akiba's Trip Undressed works with Maidumptool
  5. Good suggestion!
  6. It's a VN that was released Nov. 2015 and still has no dump, much less a Maidump
  7. Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception Original resolution - 672x384 (for non-UI elements) New resolution - 960x544 Screenshots comparisons [Before/After/etc.]: Full album download (5 pairs of images) Framerate Test at 544p with oclockvita on minimum settings: Summary- The first six chapters were a stable 30FPS except for a substantially long dip to 28FPS in particular scene at the start. The seventh chapter is where dips started showing up occasionally when it was the next character's action. Kupopo also caused dips to 27FPS or 28FPS when Rulutieh used Otome Tsubaki if auto-chain was turned off. This didn't happen for any other character's ability. This dip goes away if clock speeds are set to maximum speeds. Steps to editing the eboot: 1) Open the game's eboot.bin in a Hex Editor (HxD, PSPad) 2) Search for the hex value "2A0EA0E3061DA0E3" 3) Replace the value with "0F0DA0E3221EA0E3" Explanation of how the hack was found - http://puu.sh/xbZja/18f03e21a9.png
  8. Why did you watermark the dump? All that does is trip people up who are installing it and don't want it, so they have to re-install it to get rid of it (since the Livearea assets are encrypted once installed)
  9. Then they are all on their 1.00 versions? I believe One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3, Tales of Heart R, and Raymen Origins need their US versions dumped with Maiumptool and Mortal Kombat doesn't have a Maidump yet.
  10. Cool! Would you mind sharing a list of what they are? (Also, if you have any games that aren't updated to their latest version, please share those update versions as well, for both archival and in case a game runs better on that version)
  11. mega

    Sorry about that! I fixed the link
  12. It'd be neat if this has a Japanese dub