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    Vita Hardware Protection

    Greetings everyone, First of all, pardon my rudeness for posting here but it makes a lot of sense since it's the most lively area. So far i bought ... ravel+case and a screen cover (front only), don't remember which one. I'm content with them but now that my Vita is seeing a lot more action i'm thinking of investing more . I would like your recommendations regarding the perfect grip or case or sillicone case or w/e. For my previous iphones, ipads, samsung phones and tablets OTTER was enough. But now, what do i do now? (there's all sorts of oddities out there -> I'm thinking of choosing from the following options : 1) ... SHNES1DAYQ 2) ... 6FTV1KGZ6A Thank you for your time, As fellows gamers i'm sure you appreciate the feeling of protection that we all seek for our intimate gadgets. And even if i have a room full of consoles of all gens that don't leave the premises (excepting the ps3, that i take with me when i rent a villa at the mountains with friends) ... you always try to go out of your way for the little ones. Though my Nintendo 3ds never pushed me so far, but it still has a lovely comfortable case to carry it around... Cheers, H [mod=Elyseux]Moved post to appropriate subforum. In the future pls consider where you're posting regardless of how lively the place is [/mod]