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  1. @cymraegace : Afternoon mate, how did it work for you? I installed it and its dlc after taking them out of their archive and placing them in the Mai directory . It all went fine. Then when i choose option 5 in Mai, it applies it successfully. And when i start the game outside, i get the error C2-12828-1. Am i missing something? It seems easy enough.. Thank you for any input! Cheers!
  2. If you dump it with the newly released 2z8, is the installation any easier? Credits to hoshimaru for translating it so fast -> https://www.reddit.com/r/VitaPiracy/com ... hx_to_mai/ thanks for letting me know! Have a nice weekend! Thanks for your efforts!
  3. is this version error-free and fully playable? I'd like to know before investing my time in it, else i'd rather replay it on pc Thank you! Cheers H
  4. awesome job, thank you for the hard work! Ossu!
  5. @diegocostamaia Thank you for the upload Please be so kind and let me know if you have a big extra layer of protection on your Vita (apart from the small screen protection that stands out) I'm trying to find the best solutions to protect my Vita excepting the Sony travel pouch and a small screen protection, i was willing to try some nyko rubber grips or smth Thanks! Have a nice evening, H
  6. Greetings Rendaus! If i installed the game from the other thread, am i good to go or is this version further updated and i should download this one instead? Thanks for clarifying the matter for me! All the best, H
  7. Thank you for the hard work We would like more visual novels (jp audio / eng subs if possible) Heck, if there's a way to port the pc visual novels to the vita ... i have a huge library that i can never find the time for on my pc ... and on android it's too much of a hassle to morph games into vns (even on a fast s7 edge it's very complicated, unless you remote play .. but then you have to be home or leave the pc open at home..)
  8. Vita Hardware Protection

    Greetings everyone, First of all, pardon my rudeness for posting here but it makes a lot of sense since it's the most lively area. So far i bought https://www.amazon.co.uk/OFFICIAL-Sony- ... ravel+case and a screen cover (front only), don't remember which one. I'm content with them but now that my Vita is seeing a lot more action i'm thinking of investing more . I would like your recommendations regarding the perfect grip or case or sillicone case or w/e. For my previous iphones, ipads, samsung phones and tablets OTTER was enough. But now, what do i do now? (there's all sorts of oddities out there -> http://8list.ph/the-8-most-wtf-ps-vita-cases/) I'm thinking of choosing from the following options : 1) https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00 ... SHNES1DAYQ 2) https://www.amazon.co.uk/Nyko-Power-Gri ... 6FTV1KGZ6A Thank you for your time, As fellows gamers i'm sure you appreciate the feeling of protection that we all seek for our intimate gadgets. And even if i have a room full of consoles of all gens that don't leave the premises (excepting the ps3, that i take with me when i rent a villa at the mountains with friends) ... you always try to go out of your way for the little ones. Though my Nintendo 3ds never pushed me so far, but it still has a lovely comfortable case to carry it around... Cheers, H [mod=Elyseux]Moved post to appropriate subforum. In the future pls consider where you're posting regardless of how lively the place is [/mod]
  9. thank you for the hard work. I deeply appreciated your enthusiasm and patience in providing the ultimate undub experience I wish you a lovely Sunday! p.s. perhaps you can also tackle "grand kingdom" ?
  10. Grand Kingdom [TNW][PCSB00959][EU][VT2.0][CART][MEGA]

    Is there anyone interested in undubbing this game? I'd really really appreciate it, it seems like a fine story but as soon as i started it the eng dubs made me shiver..
  11. unless i'm mistaken, you only uploaded the DLC here. Cheers and props for the hard work, nevertheless! Looking forward for the update and other dlc for other one piece treasures ossu! nvm : i saw that the game's status is still listed as "uploading" now. My bad!