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  1. How to Manually decrypt pkg files from NoPayStation

    No, it doesnt. ps3 pkg files need to be installed on the console.
  2. Some people already knew about it since I heavily teased it on discord servers and twitter, but now latest rePatch update and rePatch AIDS have been released! There are 3 DLC modes: -Encrypted only - in this mode you use only nonpdrm/retail DLCs -Decrypted only - in this mode you use only mai/vitamin/decrypted DLCs and no nonpdrm/retail dlcs -Mixed - in this mode you can use both decrypted and encrypted dlcs at the same time, for example: I installed 2 DLCs from NoPayStation and 160 mai DLCs and all 162 DLCs work at the same time in mixed mode. in-depth tutorial in case you still have questions about new features or simply want to know more about modding in general:
  3. This is not patched, just very buggy. If I don't forget I'll edit this thread this weekend to include some of the workarounds people came up with.
  4. @Emankcin no, it wont allow you to run 3.61+ games. It only allows you to activate your vita & download from PSS vita games and dlcs. if you are told to update your firmware - you didnt update or set firmware spoofing - you should set it to 3.67 so you can use PSN at will.
  5. Vitamin can turn Trials into Full copies!

    @Smoker1 you dig up really old thread. NoNpDRM also converts trials to full games without all the dumping hassle. People need to stop getting interested in mai/vitamin.
  6. eboot encryption

    I know I'm quite late with the answer but: Vita has multiple layers of different encryptions: 1. PKG encryption -> both pkg2zip and pkg_dec can decrypt and extract those just fine 2. pfs encryption -> you can decrypt files through PC tools (cant recall the name, sorry) or through vitashell 3. eboot encryption -> We still did not get a way to decrypt those, but any modifications to it can be done in vita's memory. In case of resolution hacks you can try ren's plugin (again, cant recall the name, sorry) or use game hacking plugin (I know chinese one work with nonpdrm and retail titles) via modifying game's binary on the fly. The reason why vitamin and maitool could create decrypted eboots is simple: They didnt use original encrypted eboot at all, they simply dumped it from vita memory. That's the reason why games with elaborated or dynamic code couldnt be properly dumped with those tools.
  7. Updated tutorial with ReNpDRM links and how to install/use. Thanks to that you no longer need two separate consoles with two different firmwares to obtain the games from your account. Now, everyone can contribute to NoPayStation database @anjela I've updated part about pkg links to fit new NoPayStation requirements, that includes stuff PKGi requires (such as size). To create zRIFs you need ORIGINAL games(unmodified) installed on your 3.60 console. Then, with NoNpDRM plugin installed you simply run the title to 'dump' the fake license(s) for it. These fake licenses can be found at ux0:/nonpdrm/ directory. After that, just follow zRIF creation tutorial.
  8. wrong. I moved all my mai/vt saves to nonpdrm copies with save manager v0.8 just fine and they do work without a single issue.
  9. Not really now, boogie could get it, but he's been busy for last month, so I doubt he could get it anytime soon.
  10. Toukiden kiwami usa dlc

    these are available on NoPayStation, Tenko Gloves and Chthonian Fiend Mask are also available as pkg links, but those two miss zRIF/licenses.

    If you mean "Photo Kano KISS AR" (PCSG00160) then It's available on NoPayStation.
  12. I'll write a part about it in a few days, but short version is: yes, this is how you download new stuff to get their licenses. You need 2 consoles with SAME ACTIVATED ACCOUNT - one 3.65 the other 3.60 on henkaku+enso. Download new stuff on 3.65 console and then you have two options: -use the memory card from 3.65 console on 3.60 console (with enso memory card wont be locked to higher FW) -Backup the game via QCMA and restore it on 3.60 console Then just run the game on 3.60 to generate it's nonpdrm license. "memory card" method is quite better, with QCMA method DLCs sometimes get lost (due to different gameids)
  13. PKGI issue maybe????

    Forwarded this question to martins over the discord, I think other users said your sd2vita/microsd might be failing
  14. Yes, you need to be able to run the game at least once in order to create nonpdrm license (and then zRIF out of this license)
  15. Superbeat Xonic DLC [NoNpDrm]

    Supersonic US version of the game and these dlcs are available on NoPayStation: