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  1. wrong. I moved all my mai/vt saves to nonpdrm copies with save manager v0.8 just fine and they do work without a single issue.
  2. Not really now, boogie could get it, but he's been busy for last month, so I doubt he could get it anytime soon.
  3. Toukiden kiwami usa dlc

    these are available on NoPayStation, Tenko Gloves and Chthonian Fiend Mask are also available as pkg links, but those two miss zRIF/licenses.

    If you mean "Photo Kano KISS AR" (PCSG00160) then It's available on NoPayStation.
  5. Creating NoPayStation zRIF + obtaining PKG links

    I'll write a part about it in a few days, but short version is: yes, this is how you download new stuff to get their licenses. You need 2 consoles with SAME ACTIVATED ACCOUNT - one 3.65 the other 3.60 on henkaku+enso. Download new stuff on 3.65 console and then you have two options: -use the memory card from 3.65 console on 3.60 console (with enso memory card wont be locked to higher FW) -Backup the game via QCMA and restore it on 3.60 console Then just run the game on 3.60 to generate it's nonpdrm license. "memory card" method is quite better, with QCMA method DLCs sometimes get lost (due to different gameids)
  6. PKGI issue maybe????

    Forwarded this question to martins over the discord, I think other users said your sd2vita/microsd might be failing
  7. Forgot to say thank you for your deemo DLC licenses & PKG links I've added to NPS DB week ago
  8. Creating NoPayStation zRIF + obtaining PKG links

    Yes, you need to be able to run the game at least once in order to create nonpdrm license (and then zRIF out of this license)
  9. Superbeat Xonic DLC [NoNpDrm]

    Supersonic US version of the game and these dlcs are available on NoPayStation:
  10. [Request] ONE PIECE Unlimited World Red [ALL DLC]

    On NoPayStation there is one DLC available for EU version of the game(also available to download) - Gladiator Pack.
  11. latest mai dump of amazing spiderman

    EU version (PCSB00428) of "The Amazing Spiderman" is available on NoPayStation, but its NoNpDRM, not requested Mai dump, but is there any point of using mai/vt now?
  12. Just a heads up, 5 DLCs for this release are available on NoPayStation, Basegame included:
  13. Help!! Problem on my vita 2000

    well, up to the point when your vita was bootlooping it was easy to fix: Hold L on boot, it will disable TAI framework (for that boot only, tai will work again after reboot). I'm almost sure you added vita2pc as *ALL plugin, since its the only plugin I know of that can cause bootloops. So, with TAI temporarily disabled, all you would have to do is to fix your config.txt and reboot. I'm not sure what exactly happened when you tried to mess with it further, not being able to access Recovery Menu is a bad sign.
  14. Ps vita error

    Which type of 'games'? Mai/Vitamin/NoNpDRMs? Does it happen with all your games or just certain ones? If you do use mai/vt do you have anything in /plugins ?