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  1. TheQuietOne

    UPPERS! Translation Project

    So.....A small (but kinda big) update is better than nothing, yeah? The project has been chugging along and I am happy to say that everything ("EVERYTHING" used very loosely as Bakura points out) except the story is finished. There's a few sentences that need work and some sound effect words that have not been translated. What is left undone is quite a small portion. As far as the story translation, it's roughly about 5%. (Don't ask for a projected release date, we don't have one.) As things progress, I'll keep this thread up to date. (Hopefully better than I have been recently.) One last thing to mention. One of our first translators, Randomdice101 has dropped out. He wasn't very active for a while now and life has taken him in a new exciting direction with his studies/occupation. I know it's less exciting this way, but there was no drama or fighting involved. The team totally understands that life comes first, and we wish him well in his endeavors. Until the next (hopefully more frequent) update, take care.
  2. TheQuietOne

    UPPERS! Translation Project

    We have a new translator! Tony Blue will be translating the game to Portuguese!
  3. I'll try to make this story as short as possible. I have been part of a community on discord for a little over a year now. The admin there, Panda^3 recently made a closed, limited run of his own sd2vita adapters for our small community. The adapters not only turned out great, but he personally assembles and tests them to make sure they function before shipping. Panda's SD2VITA card is slimmer, allowing it to be inserted and taken out of the game cart slot more easily. The only part that the purchaser is responsible for assembling is a custom printed plastic piece that can be glued to the bottom in order to trigger the ejection mechanism. This is to ensure that everyone has a custom fit for their vita and is included at no extra charge. Preorders are being taken now for the next run of adapters. Feel free to join our discord server if you have further questions and/or would like to preorder yours.$15 gets you a preassembled SD2VITA proven to work well, made and shipped by a trustworthy source, (unlike the ones you may get from some unknown source in china.) packaged in a shielded bag and bubble shipping envelope, plastic piece that makes it more like an actual cart, shipping to anywhere included.Pics and discord link below. PLEASE NOTE: I will NOT be actively monitoring this thread. Please join the discord server and contact Panda or any of the mods (I am Monokuma on that server) to get in on the sd2vita discussion. One of the first produced ^As you can see, the Rogue Digital adapter (on left) is thinner as to fit better in the game card slot. ^ Fully assembled Rogue Digital SD2VITA with the plastic bit that triggers the eject mechanism. ^
  4. TheQuietOne

    UPPERS! Translation Project

    We now have an update to push out thanks to Bakura for giving me the details. Thread has been updated to reflect the changes. We are moving along pretty nicely after the project being stagnant for a bit. No info yet on when/if we will release the patch incrementally, but if the pace keeps up, we may have a completed project soon enough to not warrant releasing a partial patch. I want to avoid setting an approximate date just yet....if at all. Big props to the team for working so hard at it! We hope you are as excited as we are to see the finished product!
  5. TheQuietOne

    UPPERS! Translation Project

    Please welcome Bakura to the team as a new Japanese translator and CappDog who has volunteered to translate to Spanish once the English translation is done! We would still like more Japanese translators, so if you are up to the task, please contact me.
  6. TheQuietOne

    UPPERS! Translation Project

    I was hoping for some excitement when I revealed it. Thank you! Just need more translators for the team. Maybe just 1 or 2. Shouldn't be a very long project, I don't think. I'm hoping a kind Japanese speaking person responds soon. I will not give up though, so even if the project goes idle, I will be on the hunt for translators until we get what we need. I'm determined to see the project completed.
  7. TheQuietOne

    UPPERS! Translation Project

    Hello, my small team has been working on a translation project for UPPERS! An over the top, flashy beat-em-up. The hacker on the team actually started the project alone as a rough menu translation only, which you may have seen on this site already. I then contacted him about bringing translators on board and making a full translation of the game. We have one translator already and are looking for more, so what better place to ask than the community that I see a ton of translation projects hosted on? This is an open invitation to anyone that knows Japanese and can translate it into English. The texts are already unpacked and ready for editing. Due to the type of game it is, we expect this project to not take as long as the usual RPG which has a ton of dialogue. If you are interested in joining the team, please either leave a comment here or send me a PM and I will contact you with further details as soon as I can. We need just a few more translators, and the process should go fairly quickly. Current team:TheQuietOne (me): Project coordinator, testerFroid_San: Hacker, credit for initial menu translationrandomdice101: Translator (retired)Bakura: TranslatorCappDog: Spanish TranslatorTony Blue: Portuguese TranslatorCurrent project status: ActiveMenu translation 100% (afaik)Dialogue: Playable characters, Queens, etc. 100(ish)%Story: 5% Project release date: TBD Do not ask, as I will keep updates coming as the project progresses. Here's a gameplay trailer to give you a better idea of what the game is like.
  8. TheQuietOne

    game A Never Ever Ending Story

    With a tentacle
  9. TheQuietOne

    game The person above you is banned!

    ^banned for liking Coco Pops
  10. TheQuietOne

    New Admin of NGR

    I'm late to the party, but congrats Yukiko!
  11. TheQuietOne

    game The person above you is banned!

    ^ banned for having no emblems.
  12. For $350 it should definitely include a game. I'm betting maybe not for a price drop, but there will be some good bundles around the holidays.
  13. TheQuietOne

    game The person above you is banned!

    Banned for banning a respected member, thereby disrespecting said member.
  14. TheQuietOne

    Sent by the best

    Welcome vashy. Hope you like it here.
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    game The person above you is banned!

    ^ Banned for being an EDM fanatic.