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  1. Whats up - I'm George

    FOR REAL!!! They were insanely challenging. Like usually if something is supposed to be used, you can tell its drawn different, and this game kicks me around because some things are given definition, while others blend right in! Gaulom room for one, and the crew quarters... sweet cheeesus. I'm determined to get all play throughs! I just got my 128gb in the mail today, so I'm transferring all my games over now :3 Err I tried to research Zero Escape 999, but I was unsuccessful. Was it made for the vita?? Or PC? And I started playing the other Z.E. game first, but it doesn't matter I thinks.
  2. Whats up - I'm George

    I agree - I get burnt out on rpg's excessively. ARK really did me in, as I dumped countless hours into it, for basically nothing. I've been fiddling around with MGS Phantom Pain, because I love the series, but it does sadden me that its literally nothing like the old Metal Gears. I'm new to all these vita games how ever, and zero escape has really caught my interest in it! Hey Valarion - Thank you! I already am
  3. Whats up - I'm George

    Holy butttttt I've never seen games that cheap, unless they are indie games!
  4. Whats up - I'm George

    SWEET! What year, you got piccers?! Oooohh . I've been wanting to get overwatch, but jobless, and have to make do with what I got. Haha I haven't played ESO in a long long time! I liked it, just too laggy for me. I don't play too many RPG's anymore. I played a BOATLOAD of Silkroad, TERA, I'd still play ROSE online if I had english speaking friends >.<... I played runescape, maplestory, guild wars, but fell out of those. I kinda play runescape time to time. I don't play any of those, but I want to! I don't have much money. I think I will try No Man's Sky again, good reviews recently!
  5. Whats up - I'm George

    I love Blizzard, ever since Diablo 2 came out, I managed to sneak it in past my parents. Oh the glorious red, green, blue blood pixels... And the cows, damn those cows. Im currently playing Zero escape on the vita, loving it so far, seriously complicated some times. Bahaha. I will, whats the main genre of games you guys play together?
  6. Whats up - I'm George

    Becauseeeeee google is dumb. Will get on a fix for it. Yes I saw that earlier. Next time im on steam I'll hit you guys up! Done
  7. Whats up - I'm George

    Hows it going NGR community. I found a girl with a vita, so I'm with her just for that. (kidding) I'll help out in what ever way I can. I'm some what savvy of the whole dump scene by now. A few things of interest ~ I play Steam, I love PC gaming over xb1. Feel free to add me! Steam - DemonicBlaze Xb1 - D3M0N1CBL4Z3 I have a pug who knows how to ring a bell by the door to go potty. 9/10 times, he wants me to get up, let him out, so he can stare at me. I'm a mechanic, and a failed firefighter EMT (EMT school royally blows). Aside from reading web toons, manga, and watching the crunchies, I'm actually super athletic. I often feel surrounded by idiots more in real life, than I do online. Err, well I think that be all. I'd upload pictures of my smushy pug, and my car and stuff, but, I can't see that happening with .15 mb limit. Pugs - https://goo.gl/photos/hNpUm4E7qwVfjFw78 Car - https://goo.gl/photos/YkBNJwFNH7y5ofor8 Bike - https://goo.gl/photos/XMvZm6Gp7aCwJ3H49 Vita Slave - https://goo.gl/photos/j6fiEkHH4Lr1Lovv9

    Needless to say, I have more 16 gb SD cards now that what I can utilize lol. One in each of cars, cameras... Bleh. Amazon done goofed and sent me 2 128 GB SD Cards by samsung, so thats nice!

    Hey guys, before you attempt to even start this process, make sure you are using a decent SD card. I would NOT reccomend getting one from auction/ chinese based websites. These include aliexpress, wishapp, ebay, ezbid, etc etc. Get your SD card from a local store or shop, or go to amazon direct. Do not use their marketplace. I bought a 256 GB Adata SD card for 29.99 off of ebay, it was SEALED, new in box, with the official adata printing and everything. Well, it was counterfeit, a 16 GB SD reprogrammed to act like a 256 GB. This resulted in 20+ hours of my time wasted, from reformatting, thinking content manager was faulty, using FTP, etc etc. I'm still convinced how ever, that most of the titles on the VPK torrent have been messed with, as I still get errors installing a few of them. (Dangoruppa, Dynasty warriors, Dungeon alliance, MGS 3 to name a few) So the main reason and really the only part you need to read. Check your SD Card's true capacity, by using this : https://www.raymond.cc/blog/download/did/77/ That, is called H2. Its a simple SD card write and verify program. If your SD is a fraud, you will know. Select target (location of SD card), All available space, and write+verify. If you have a 256gb, no lie, this will take over 6 hours. You will know after about 4 hours how ever if there is faults, probably. It verifies at the same time it writes over. After 14.9 GB for me, the errors were steady climbing. Anywho, Good luck to you all, this process of getting vpk's moved over and installed is not hard... So don't make it hard on yourself!
  10. Problem with SD2VITA, 256GB card and Henkaku Enso.

    Yeah, The item was taken down shortly before it arrived, which I thought was weird - because I couldn't give feedback. Well, I found out about the storage tweak he did, and made a claim - about 30 seconds later he gave me my money back. Still... Now I have to go through the whole process over. I still think some of the VPK's are corrupt from the start. Some D-bags probably replaced a letter with a symbol in a file converted to text. I used the infamous VPK/MAI torrents from vitapiracy on reddit.
  11. Problem with SD2VITA, 256GB card and Henkaku Enso.

    I was going to say, Let this be known!!! I bought a 256 gb *Authentic looking and sealed* ADATA SD card... I've bought adata before, so I trust the brand. These S.O.B.'s are actually reprinting, and resealing these things! BEFORE YOU USE A SD CARD FOR THIS VITA!! - Use a app called H2 to verify said space! I spent over 20 hours with 0xFFFFFFFF and 0xFFFFFF99, and mind numbingly slow FTP speeds.