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  1. What? TouchMySky doesn't have Rozen? Lol
  2. [Request] GOD EATER: OFFSHOOT (any/all of them)

    But how would download psnstore game without activation?
  3. [Request] Spelunker Z

    It's free in the Japan PSNStore, but I have no activation. Can someone pleas share the game?
  4. [Request] Spy Chameleon

    I know it's a 3.60 game, but I cannot find it on any site to download. I'd buy it myself, but activation is gone, so if someone would kindly share their Spy Chameleon?
  5. [Read This Before Making A Thread]

    Then explain how this person played a 3.61+ game on 3.60 http://psntrophyleaders.com/user/view/thedevilsmods/my-name-is-mayo-psvita Seems it can be done...