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  1. is there any way to to transfer clear save from previous game??
  2. so from here on out i can expect that all games will only dump (or redump) using nonpdrm since its the most stable one??
  3. thanks for the upload, did u also have the sequel??
  4. huh that's odd, i already completed the game and didn't have that issue, maybe your game file is corrupted or something, try reinstall the game, if that still happened, redownload the game again without interruption
  5. if u mean that some character have voices while others don't in some scene, thats just how it is. the game originally didnt have full voice acting in cut-scene except for the important one to story bcause voice actor in japan is expensive and falcom isn't big company, so its not a bug
  6. u dont need to play the game from beginning, just back up your save data, delete the game and installed it again without switching anything then restore your savedata, the bug barrier will gone
  7. i found the problem and it fix now, i switch the game mode to load mode 5 so i can overclocked it and it seems switching the game mode in maidumptool make the the bug barrier appeared since its rewrite the eboot i think. if anyone have same problem like i did, you must installed the game again from beginning without switching anything and it'll works fine
  8. i stuck on moonlit garden map 2 when got power strike to destroy pillars but after the gate open there are barrier that prevent me for progressing. is it a glitch or am i missing something? because i watched some video walkthrough and there are no barrier like this after the gate was open edit: it seems that was a bug from the patch because when i play again using clean jpn version the barrier was gone and i can proceed