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  1. Welcome aboard, enjoy your stay, have fun and any issue with games let us know through a post or the chat (which become very weird kind of often so dont be scared of it)
  2. A toast with gnutella and a banana with a yogurth.
  3. Catching up with the thread Watched Rogue One, really cool dark movie Watched Gravity Fall, really good show And watching Dr Strange, next up will be Corpse Party Live Action.
  4. If a game link inst working please report it here Broken Link non Working Games Wii U, or click the REPOST POST as explained in Broken Link non Working Games Wii U Titles in ORANGE color are LOADIINE. Update [20/06/2017] C Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 P Project Zero V: Maiden of the Black Water [Uncensored][Undub] T The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Tokyo Mirage Session #FE [Uncensored] X Xenoblade Chronicles X [Uncensored][Undub] Xenoblade Chronicles X [Uncensored][Undub][Loadiine]
  5. Dragon Quest VII Fragments of the Forgotten Past (1.42gb) English * I haven't been able to test it yet but I think is the undub version. Will confirm later on I think...
  6. 7th Dragon III Code - VFD (1.56gb) English
  7. Kamen Rider - Travelers Senk (459mb) Japanese
  8. Osawari Tantei Nameko Daihanshoku (102mb) Japanese
  9. UnchainBlades EXXiV (874mb) UnchainBlades EXXiV Japanese
  10. Its a tbs game and it do looks good, but time will tell.
  11. Hola, Mega ha hecho algo y solo nos permite bajar de 2gb a 5gb al dia, si ya has bajado algo el dia de hoy por eso te da el ERROR en mega manager. Tienes que esperar unas horas (6-12 hrs aprox) para poder descargar de nuevo. Mega has fix the bandwith limit so we are only allowed to download from 2gb up to 5 gb each day (according to me every 6 hrs you are allowed to download 2gb more) it doenst matter if you use Mega Manager, Mega Sync, Jdownloader, etc. Only way to bypass this atm is by using VPN or having dynamic ip
  12. Falling far from grace.
  13. https://mega.nz/#!C1QQXDbY!uqMvKZB1koAKxtaiuTumo_cmIjW4j79hH6zPZMCW42s Also know as Yoru no Nai Kuni Language Japanese Size 1.73 gb Format: Folder (VPK) Tested on PS Vita with Henkaku R7 SCE_MODULES https://mega.nz/#!WwBX2LaJ!Do1Vcn4tH5KgWWRY4ehoqbHUK1WAG2wb4jKGTZ_vksg Well this is a VPK of this game I have no idea which version was use also since I use mai, I forgot and upload it as FOLDER instead of VPK However regardless to install if you use mai install it as usual (move it to the mai folder) If you want the VPK just ZIP all what's inside the FOLDER "PCSG00557" and rename it to VPK (instead of ZIP) This game need the SCE_MODULES, I move them AFTER insalling but im sure they should work fine if you put them before on the SCE_MODULES in the "PCSG00557". In case you want to move them after install goto UX0 > app > PCSG00557 > SCE_MODULES I played this game for about 20 minutes and this is my personal opinion. - The gameplay is similar to those of Dynasty Warriors although which much less enemies on screen - You can summon familiars to help you in battle. - It do look ugly, when it should look 'sexy'. Graphics aren't that good. - It has bad framerate (18-19) but you can improve it with overclocking (it add about 5-7 extra fps).
  14. well there you go @dam_ thanks for the info @Aldebrando