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  1. fixagel


    Soup! welcome to the forum, have fun around it and dont forget to say on the chat where you can find some nice people like our beloved cinamon roll, my buttler and the others (Hey did any one of you remember the Gilligan's Intro song ? )
  2. fixagel


    Welcome back!
  3. fixagel


    Hi and welcome to the forum and ... man im out of touch, too many new ppl coming that I start to sound like a broken record haha anyway have fun around the forum and enjoy the stay.
  4. fixagel


    Hi welcome to the forum, I hope you find the games you are looking for and enjoy the stay.
  5. fixagel

    Hi(gh) - I'm new doods!

    Welcome to the forum, have fun around and tacos are the best.
  6. fixagel

    discussion What are you doing right now?

    @ElTacoDestroyer it was the tacos ? too much ? j/k Reading the forums and about to watch Better Call Saul and thinking about life while grabing a cigarrete.
  7. fixagel

    discussion What Movie(s) Have You Watched Recently?

    Last movie I watch was on television 😮 it really caught my attention good enought that I ended sleeping after it finish at 5 am it was Southbound.
  8. fixagel


    Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy the stay !
  9. fixagel

    Hello All

    A bit late to the party, so have you enjoy the forum so far? hope you feel confident enought to post from to time, also if you dont have nothing to say you could always come and play with us on the FUN & GAMES section
  10. fixagel

    Hey all :)

    Welcome to NGR hope you enjoy your stay and have fun around! As a side note I didnt know that some site where closing up, kind of sucks.
  11. fixagel

    This site is unreal!

    Welcome to our community, glad you like what you have see, have fun around and dont forget to say hi on the chat from time to time. Im not so much active lately but some still are.
  12. fixagel

    discussion What are you doing right now?

    Thinking about going out for some instant soup, while reading the forums.
  13. fixagel

    game A Never Ever Ending Story

    way too much
  14. fixagel

    discussion What did you eat or drink last?

    Had some tuna, but still hungry