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  1. FREEEEEE DOOOOOOOOM ....*insert noise* Haven't see any movie atm...
  2. Well finally catch a breath and manage to watch Shin Gojira, must say was really good nothing particulary great, but good entertainment nevertheless, best dramatic moment, the atomic breath. I give it 3 and a half barrels of toxic waste out of 5 really recommend it to watch on some weekend. ps. when "'decisive battle" began to play I knew gojira was an angel.
  3. Batman in Arkham (Just saw a thread with that on other subforum it does make more sense here )
  4. 80's-90's cheese action movies are the best
  5. Seems like its a movie week for me Boyka 4: Undisputed - A nice movie if you like the genere of martial arts movies. Enough to keep you entertain for the afternoon/night, a decent follow up from the last one but it could have been much better. I give it 3.5 of 5 champions belts but im fan of Boyka so im biased. Currently watching Shin Godzilla so far it doest look good.
  6. Listening to this again, at this point im just gona download it.
  7. Well I finaly got myself a ps4 slim with bloodborne cuz Im not really into fifa And that fucking wolf keep killing me
  8. Have fun, enjoy the site and please dont throw eggs around the forum.
  9. I've watched 2 movies today The Mummie - I give it 2 bandages out of 5 the movie is just not good. Power Rangers - I give it 3 megazords out of 5 only for the nostalgia, is way too long (2hrs) and not that great.
  10. That's a lie you follow stalk vali here
  11. Cant really remember sorry I have the game installed but is already updated but I think is -1.3 probably 1.1 not sure...
  12. So I bought a XB1 and im hunting for some games but found some really cheap digital ones. My question which I just for the love of gaming can't understand is... If I buy digital games (single player), then make my XB1 as Home XBOX, then turn off the conexion forever, will I be able to play those games or do I need to connect every single time (and in some stay online) whenever I want to play ? where or how can I find this info, cuz the internet has no solid answer, beside the fact that all those topics are like 2-3 years old I've read that some cannot save, others cannot play unless they login with internet first, the xbox help page aint helping with those questions. And what happend if I get banned ? digital games are gone for good ? this is just a curious question. Any help with it would be appreaciate. @Yukiko since you are the only one I know own a xb1
  13. Overall I like most of the things you say, except the paywall and to be honest the only reason I become an active member of this forum was due to the lack of them and the spirit of keeping the forum as clean as possible (aggressive adds, windows that pop up, click three times just to see a post then another 3 times to get a link, so on). The only incentive should be to help the forum not to get extra stuff, but in this is the admins desition. About the language chat im against it, it would alienate users, but the sub-forum sections may work, just not sure if is worth implementing them now (like how many X speakers are on the forum ? hard to tell at this moment) but I think is worth planning to check pros/cons. Anyway any and every opinion is always welcome, it bring new light to topics we havent even think about it or possible solutions to the ones we have. ps. I kind of dig the brown frame.
  14. Can ps4 use external HDD or do I have to change the internal one ?
  15. I got myself an XB1, I was hunting for a PS4 but found this very very cheap, however I kinda regret it now, I didn't know you have to install-copy the whole game disc into the HDD (I dont mind) and then force to download big ass updates (36gb for Batman Arkham knight of couse you can avoid it if you turn off the conection.). May end up selling it since after looking around for games found out that the only exclusives that I may care for are Halo and Gears of War vs Uncharted, God of War, Spiderman, Horizont Danw, The last Guardian... and the list goes on. Time will tell.