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  1. Broken Link/Non-Working Games 3DS CIA

    Its seem like the stack account has going into some issues, if they continue in a couple of day's, willl reupload it on other site.
  2. Yesh that opening has nothing to do with the animu at all, still kind of cool, as for the show I saw it all this weekend, gotta say it really interesting its premise and morality. I feel a lil bad about the cheating wife later on, just for a bit. Although it leave some incognites and WTF happend to the cat ? as a side note the Light cameo was a nice touch. Highly recommend it if you are into drama and choice's of life. Anyway this time I probably gona watch No gamu no life, mostly cuz the pastel and neon colors have a way to captivate my attention, I do hope is good
  3. Update your 7zip or try with the latest winrar, let us know if that help.
  4. Sure as long your 3ds is hacked you can install CIA's from any region (USA, EU, Japan, Korea, China, ...), even custom ones like the UNDUB and HACKED.
  5. As Ryou say if you are willing to whistand it, it get kind of satisficing later on in my case was around episode 16 when "things start to happend".
  6. Ah i've just realize that we have some kind of similar thoughts on the matter on 20.5 As for the mother, really was just weird the kid should have had hungry at some point to try to eat I would think. We dont know if he whistand the thirst or not since they didnt dig deeper on the matter, and well I still think 21.5 was meh. Good to know how it all started to end, but certainly could have been better.
  7. Nice, may as well create an acc there to keep a track of what have I watch, I know somewhere on the pc is a .txt with the animu's so far but always forget to look at it (it has happend a few times that i've re-downloaded a series/manga and after a few episodes I remember it ) not sure how good this would work though, if I forget to check my PC may as well forget do it online . Anyway I've just finished watching higurashi no naku koro kai the second season of the animu I open the post, gotta say I enjoy it a lot more than the first season and the ending was not bad, would recommend certainly for those that enjoy time-travel-esque kind of story. There is still for what i've dig a third season and some oavs but wont watch them for now. Next on the plate is gona be... Sin Nanatsu no Taizai or Death Parade, still unsure... keep you posted later on
  8. Que tal disculpa la tardansa en la respuesta, no habia leido los post de la seccion, cual es el problema ? se te cuelga cuando instalas el parche o sin instalarlo se te cuelga ?
  9. Hi, i'veen looking for a uncensored version with the english dub but sadly not have found it, only the regular censored version. Will let you know if I come across it later on.
  10. Bravely Default Uncensored (v3.1) [U]

    Yes you can select diferent text language.
  11. Creating ISO games for CFW

    What its this for ? This tutorial will help you into create an ISO out of a FOLDER ps3 game. However as a recomendation the game should stay in FOLDER format instead of ISO, the only main reasons you should create an ISO are the following. The only real advantage of creating an ISO would be To reduce the quantity of files. (Ie from 4618 files to 3 or 5), this would improve the speed of transfer. Split BIG FILES that wont fit into a FAT32 driver. What you needed PS3 Iso Tool (You can get it --- Here ---) PC PS3 with CFW with COBRA enabled (you can do it under the rebug tool box) A PS3 game in folder format USB, External HDD or FTP/Ethernet to transfer your game to internal memory Quick Guide Open "PS3 Iso Tool" Select CFW, Firmware to the latest or ignore it then Click "Create ISO" I recommended mark the following options, then click Continue Select the folder where the folder game is locate, click OK Select the folder where you want the ISO to be place, click OK Wait until its done Then go to the folder where the ISO was placed, create a new folder and name it like the ISO, and put all the files of that game there. Now you can transfer the newly create folder with the ISO to the internal memory HDD0:PS3ISO/, or even play from your External HDD or USB Drive just create a folder named PS3ISO and place the folder there. (Not recommended to play on USB Drive since it will die quickly). Quick Notes: Some games may not like to be create into an ISO, only games I've found so far are Nights of Azure (jp) and Splinter Cell Trilogy. Games like "Way of the Samurai", "Splinter Cell Trilogy", "The Simpsons, The Game", are games that have over 20,000 files, where Splinter Cell Trilogy is the one that has the most i've encounter so far (47,000++ files) Thanks to the devs of the app and the person who create a tutorial similar to this one that teach me.
  12. 4 Questions : Concerning SD2VITA

    As long you dont format your memory card or use it on another vita your save data will not be lost, when you mount you memory card again it will be still there. As for showing hidden files on the PC; in the folder go to VIEW > OPTIONS > VIEW > Select "Show Hidden folder, files and drivers" click APPLY then OK and the files should appear now.
  13. 4 Questions : Concerning SD2VITA

    To tell you the truth im not really sure about that part so I may as well edit it and wait till some one can explain it much better for us. As for the save data: Lets say you are playing a cart game of Rayman and progress on the game, the save data is stored on the Memory Card. Then you switch to SD2Vita and decide to put Rayman there too, you will begin from the start because your progress is store on the memory card not on the SD, so if you want to continue from where you left on the CART to the SD2Vita you will need to copy-paste the save data from Memory Card to the SD both are locate on (:user/00/savedata/"title_id" where title id is the id number of the game an example would be PCSE0010). If you manage to mount both cards then the save is locate on UMA0, so you can just copy it from UMA0: (in this example its the sony memory card) to UX0: (which would be the SD2Vita) and then you can continue your game from where you left before. You can do this too if you want to copy save data from SD2vita to Memory card or create a back up of the save data in the pc. I hope I was able to clarify that if not let me know.
  14. 4 Questions : Concerning SD2VITA

    1. Yes you need to use an app (win32 disk image) to inject an image into the SD then format it in order to use before hand. (check tutorial) 2. That's a question that I somehow manage to do but then broke it again and lost it cuz I didnt write the step down and I dont care to find out atm, but basically you need SD2Vita driver and dingle in the file inside the folder "TAI/" named "config.txt", the point is that im not sure if its the one from UR0 (which basically is the one I use to mount my SD2vita) or UX0 or UMA0 in order to make both cards appear. Probably some one can help you with that, you can ask @Djdragon44 3. Hold R when you turn you vita on, it reset to default, but then you gotta do the repeat the steps to have SD2vita active again. 4. a) Yes you can remove your SD vita and use other cart without problem. Just remeber to modify the config.txt to switch back to Memory Card. (Im unsure if you need to edit the config.txt or if its done automatically, as in probably if you remove the SD2vita the memory card automatically become UX0 on reboot) b) Your game cart save its store on the memory card so it should be safe. If you want to make a manual backup of the save data on the SD or Memory card you can just go into "ux0:user/00/savedata/" here you look for the title_id of the game and copy it and save it somwhere else on your pc, in order to restore you do the same but this time you paste it. Please be aware that the games you play on the SD2vita the save data are store under the same path but into the SD. While games carts you have play the save data is on the memory card.
  15. 【Persona 4 Arena】【NTSC-US-TNW】

    Rebug do have that option, you can see it on "rebug tool box" and activate cobra mode & ps2 emulation. Then move the ps2 game in format ISO to the folder PS2ISO in the root of a USB or HDD in internal HDD of ps3 I think its on hdd0:ps2iso/ also It doenst matter if its phat or slim you can emulate ps2, after that you gotta run the game to see if its compatible or it has issues. If you try it out let us know how it went. Cheers.