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  1. I love Disgaea series they are damn fun, but I belive also that NIS is like Telltale, with one kind of game only or one trick pony. Hopefully they can pull this one and stay for a long long time.
  2. fixagel

    Hello Everyone

    Super Mario World certainly is one of the most awesome mario games! but I get some nostalgia out of Mario bros 3 with tanoki Mario! Welcome again to the forum, and I hope you enjoy the stay and have fun around.
  3. fixagel

    mega Trapt [Ntsc]

    I remember playing this game a lot, but never finish it. Good one!
  4. fixagel

    The Abandoned Witch Legacy joins NGR

    Welcome to the forum, enjoy the stay and have fun around, dont forget to say hi on the chat, we aren't that many on but we are the usual suspects to whom you can chat. Cheers to the abandoned witch legacy.
  5. fixagel

    news Rune Factory 5 Announced for Switch

    Man now I want a switch.
  6. fixagel

    mega Chaos Field New Order [NTSC-J]

    Never heard of it, seems kind of interisting, however lately I dont want to plug my ps2! we need an emulator on the switch asap! -I still dont have a switch- Thanks for the upload matey!
  7. fixagel

    mega Albert Odyssey [NTSC-U]

    Thanks for the upload! Looks better on light theme
  8. fixagel

    This place is awesome !

    Welcome to the forum, enjoy the stay and have fun around!
  9. fixagel

    news Russia Linked to HentaiHaven Shutdown

    what about the south & north pole ?
  10. fixagel

    Toxic Masculinity by Gillette

    Daria has/had her own show after. p.s. evil gillette
  11. fixagel

    Toxic Masculinity by Gillette

    Only to say its an stupid ad and I hope the kick hit back so hard to make them shake.
  12. Watching Sakura Card Captor Clear Card until new season begin for CW heroes show.
  13. fixagel

    discussion What are you doing right now?

    Reading several posts, replying to some of them while I watch an episode between response.
  14. fixagel

    discussion What did you eat or drink last?

    @MobCat I know most dont do much spicy food due to being spicy but most dishes aren't spicy, they are made with chile to add flavor but the veins and seeds are remove so they rarely are spicy and that's the reason they put next to you diferent -really spicy- salsas to add. Talking about chiles today I had a chile relleno with rice, which is a chile stuffed with melting cheese cover with whites and flour, this one is kind of interesting sometimes you get sweet chiles (not spicy) and sometimes you eat spicy chiles (as in you face turn red, begin to sweat and your tongue burn and begin to pull air with your mouth doing a O).
  15. Struggly between Megaman X8, Shantae & Doom (2018)