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    game A Never Ever Ending Story

    someone posted on...
  2. fixagel

    discussion Downgrade

    A hacker has post a while ago that he found an kexploit for 5.55, so there is hope for you, but until and if it get release your best bet would be to either wait and never udpate or find a console with firmware 5.05 or lower.
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    Prez Of AnnonyMouSS

    welcome to the forum and have fun around.
  4. A couple of years ago I use to plat stuff, I got several, until I find out it pointless, I got burned out due to the grinding in most games I even stoped enjoying the games, anyhow last gamus I was working on was MGS V Phantom Paint I leave it at 96-98%. The others where: Bayonetta Mass Effect Mafia 2 The Evil WIthin and a few others more. Other than that, enjoy your game time folks! and have fun.
  5. Is this word similar to kimochi ?
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    Welcome to the forum and don't forget to have fun around.
  7. Meh didnt even know there was a movie, nice one never though they would be ending like that, do wonder how are they gona explain it though @Ravenstorm Anyhow I watch another short animu named "Prison School" it was fun a good series to watch if you are into funny-twisted situations. I will have to read the manga because as I say its a short 12 episodes and the story continues on the manga.
  8. Probably most people will come out with the same answer (not all of course) but like you I would love to play games and read manga without the need to wait for a fanstralation or localization that may never come due to one reason or other (mostly its because XXX manga/game is not that popular). However never have really put that much effort into it, but would love to some day eventually .
  9. I was thinking, why the hell not and pretty much saw No Game, No life which was sitting since december, gotta say love the pastel colors and found the harem, echi and such well kind of enjoy it as in some idiotic stuff to put the mind at ease, but wouldnt recommend it unless you have like free time and nothing else to do, not that I belive is bad but certainly is not that good, a lot of fan service & eye-candy. May as well do another round of short animu to watch this weeked (trying to catch up whit the stuff I leave on the hdd) however due to lack of time I expect actually that the next one is worth well the time.
  10. Well im done with Erased, it is a good anime, certainly would recomend also is not that long and it doenst drag too much, I may even read the manga to fill some holes among the show, but other than that, is good to see. May try to pick a new series to watch now, not sure if I have time since im kind of watching supa heros tv shows lately
  11. Personally whenever im studying or want to focus into doing something, inmediatly anything can distract me and is very powerful that I drop whatever I was doing just for a silly thing. Like for example: out of nowhere I sundely remeber this tune and expend more than a hour looking for it, once I found it, didnt even bother to download it, mark it, or even writte it down, and didnt do shit, and this do happend very often when I want to get something done (like today, was suppost to dig more about german language but im watching Erased), Im not sure if it has anything to do with being a visual leaner or im just f- lazy.
  12. Well its has been several months since my last post, on that time I had several series to watch but due to lack of time, wasnt able to catch up, yesterday started watching "Boku dake ga Inai Machi" or "Erased", I was curious because it was on my drive but had no idea what was about (kind of forgot to be honest) anyway, watched the first episode out of curiosity and im enjoying it because.... its a time travel -I think- series and im a sucker for that kind of themes, will let you know how it goes but so far so good, luckily (or not) its only 12 episodes.
  13. That's nice, i've trying to get into japanese but to be honest my interest is in other's languages, however will keep those apps/links/info you provide because I remember doing something similar when I was teaching myself hiragana, and is always nice to have diferent kind of resourses. I pick these books somewhere a while ago ( I can't provide the website since I don't remember it). They are short 6-10 pageschildren books in hiragana, I hope they can be useful for you or anyone that may be interest in them. いっすんぼうし Mega-Folder with 10 PDF Books Cheers and carry on, wish you the best on your learning.
  14. Haven't play 5, but have finished 1, 3, 4, primal and quit 2. Of all the games which pretty much are copy-paste just like the AC's game gotta say that @phillybluntz530 its right, the best story is told in the FC 3. If you have the oportunity check it out. Sad to hear the ending sucks, but again the FC games are -to me- worth playing due to the mechanics, views more than anything else. Hope I can play it someday soon!.