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  1. nevermind, it works fine now. I forgot to delete *ALL line BTW, does anyone know how to search 4 bytes value type with vitacheat?
  2. anyone have cheat.db for this game?
  3. why does my vita always freeze everytime I turn off my vita and turn it on again after I install this plugin? did I do something wrong?
  4. cheats worked with no problem when I was on V1.04 but now, they don't work after I update the game to V1.05
  5. there's another line that you must put under *ALL did you write it? I believe it's "ur0:vitacheat/vitacheat.suprx"
  6. here, I have cheat for Hacker's Memory, maybe someone need it _V0 ITEM BRAVE POINT A 99$0200 82FC597C 00000036$0000 82FC5984 00000063