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  1. nonpdrm Mods/Patches with NoNpDrm

    @sogekingu Yes you can~ See here:
  2. I believe you could try using Storagemgr for setting mounting points for things (USB = ux0, Memory card = uma0, etc) but I don't think there's a way to boot specifically off internal memory card. You could play with that, might have some luck there. Let me know if you have questions!
  3. Context Menu Clean up!

    omg this is amazing I had no idea lmao Thanks for this~~
  4. No DLC available at the moment, but PSN access is allowed, so you can at least get the free DLC just by going to the PSN and downloading them.
  5. humour Famous NGR quotes

    Our boy @RyouBakura giving @Super X some advice for the ladies, and it looks like it may just work~
  6. direct Senran Kagura: Bon Appetit Uncensor Mod (4K)

    @xperiagenerator I was aware of this~ However due to the limited scope of that Wiki (and my limited scope on modifying anything on the Vita), I didn't want to give an solid answer, because I didn't know. It does (at least to that Wiki) seem possible to run some kind of mod here, and either no one has put it together or the Mod Dev. who originally created this mod hasn't pursued porting the mod to NoNpDRM. If you're more knowledgeable on that particular topic, I'd love to know more about the process of modifying a NoNpDRM game, as again, that Wiki has very little information aside from a few steps and such. Sorry for my limited knowledge~
  7. direct Senran Kagura: Bon Appetit Uncensor Mod (4K)

    @lestat_lh Sadly I don't believe it's quite possible "Transfer" this Mod to NoNpDRM. Reason being, the Mod modifies the actual files of the game, textures, models, etc. NoNpDRM games aren't decrypted until they're ran on the Vita, using it's build in decryption method. MaiDump games are decrypted and run on a modified eboot to allow it to bypass that, and run anyway. Sadly, unless someone figures out a way around this, Mods that are for Vita games (Like this, not just Jap voices or something) will likely remain on MaiDump games, unless I understand something incorrectly. If it does becomes possible/something pops up, I'm sure we'll have it here as soon as we can find it~
  8. PowerISO 6.9 (x32-x64) (includes Serials) Information: PowerISO is a disk image utility that can open, burn, create, edit, compress, encrypt, mount and extract ISO files. File Information: Compressed using WinRAR 5.21 using RAR5. Size Compressed: 5.81MB Size Decompressed: 5.94MB Download: Password: [email protected] [Hidden Content]
  9. official NextGenRoms ARK Server!

    Helll yyeeahhh, Super hyped lol
  10. How can i help out on the vita scene?

    The Vita scene is pretty caught up at the moment. What you could do however, is post/find all of the recent Translations/Mods/etc., found throughout the internet that maybe we don't have and post them here. You could also focus on maybe some Homebrew or something along those lines if we don't have something we probably should. Sadly, since NPS, a lot of the games can just be found on NPS, which makes uploading them to Mega a little silly sometimes~
  11. official NextGenRoms ARK Server!

    Wowwie holy shit you really made progress then lol Super hyped it's Friday so I can spend most of my weekend's free time on Ark
  12. official NextGenRoms ARK Server!

    Can confirm, good base in place totally fell asleep after I got Sushi last night my bad
  13. Hello all~! Over the past couple of days, I've been working on putting together a (for now) rather basic Minecraft Server. It's running the Modpack "Mianite Reborn" as it's the best Modpack I've played on (a long with the most stable, and most feature packed). At the end of the post, I'll include a small tutorial on how to get it set up and launched correctly, along with a small troubleshooting guide if you're unfamiliar with Technic. For now, the server will be based on permissions of the Forum, meaning, if you're an Admin, you're an Admin on the Server, VIP, Super Member, Mod, VIP, etc., those will translate to the server as well. Currently, this is super early in development, so things will be a little funky at first! Some permissions may not work, and some permissions will come once I get around to adding them to specific classes. Why tho? The reason I chose to open a MC server, is because I love Minecraft. Secondly, it has a rather large player base. I plan on putting this server up on the MC server lists around the internet, and in turn hopefully draw some people to our Site. I plan on linking the server to our site in a forum of a Voting plugin. Votes raise the "Rating" of the server in particular on the server lists. More votes, more likely a user is to see us and join. You also get rewards and such for voting, which will be limited to once (per list) a day (24 hour period). I also think it would be fun to have something all of us could play on as a community. We could adapt, change, and evolve the server over time with new builds, spawn locations, mini-games, etc., and build it over time to be something we could step back and say we did. Server Information! Modpack: IP: How do I join? You DO need you're own Minecraft account to play. This is not a "offline" server. Go to this link and get the Technic Launcher: Go to the Modpack Link: Click the "Install this Modpack" Icon at the top and follow it's instructions. It looks like this: Follow the instructions there: Once that is done, you'll need to change one setting before launching the Modpack. This will very based on your PC, so change it accordingly. Technic should look like this: Click the "Launcher Options" at the top right, then click on "Java Settings" on the pop-up: Change the "Memory" to something larger than 1GB and smaller than 5, any more MC can get a little unstable from my experience. After that, launch the Modpack. Warning, it CAN take a long time for it to load, just let it do it's thing. Eventually you'll hear a cat's meow, that's the sign it's almost done. After that, click on "Play Online" Click "Add server" and fill in the details: Name: NextGenRoms (This doesn't matter, change it how you wish) Server Address: Click Done, then join! That's it! FAQ It says the server is offline! HALP Server could be offline. I'm hosting this on my PC, and it could be down. Shoot me a PM if it is and I can launch it again~ More questions and answers will come as they develop~ I hope to see you on!
  14. Hello everyone, LLAP!

    Hello and welcome to NGR~ We're glad you found us~! We've defiantly got quite the selection of things to pick and choose from, and it's ever growing with more people If you ever come across any questions or issues, by all means shoot me a message, jump on the chatbox, or make a thread in the community support~ Hope to see you around~