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  1. Gamerone

    mega X.M.U.G.E.N.

    @Ravenstorm its pretty much same as fighter factory ultimate. you have to create fighters, and backgrounds
  2. Gamerone

    mega Return Fire (Ntsc-J) (Unreleased) (iso)

    @randybobandy Happy you got it working, if you would post your cue sheet edit would help other members. I dont have a Saturn didn't get to test on real hardware! second link should be OK for burning though!
  3. Gamerone

    Jet Set Radio PC

    @Abandoned Witch for NGR I have a PC HD version I will upload nevermind its a RG rip
  4. Gamerone

    mega Return Fire (Ntsc-J) (Unreleased) (iso)

    @randybobandy don't have a actual Saturn does work with emu. Ultra Iso might help you with this problem. found another version will add to links
  5. Gamerone

    mega SSX On Tour (Ntsc)

  6. Gamerone

    mega SSX On Tour (Ntsc)

    @MobCat 😺 Here it is!
  7. Gamerone

    SSX on tour?

    @Mobccat😺 OK! Sounds Cool! I'll get the Ps2 version up later! Maybe GC, not unless you or somebody beats us to it!
  8. Gamerone

    giveaway Free Steam Keys

  9. Gamerone

    Return Fire

    @randybobandy request filled have it up in a bit
  10. Gamerone

    Hello everyone

  11. @MobCat😺 One of my favorites, Has detailed finishers + has alot of unlockable content and characters.
  12. @ElTacoDestroyer Maybe worth the try
  13. Gamerone

    mega GOOD SETS *

    @MobCat 😺I put description in the second link, I need to fix my notifications sorry for the late response. @RyouBakura and I agree with you about no-intro! My choice is no-intro @MobCat😺