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  1. Gamerone

    mega X.M.U.G.E.N.

    @Ravenstorm its pretty much same as fighter factory ultimate. you have to create fighters, and backgrounds
  2. Gamerone

    mega Return Fire (Ntsc-J) (Unreleased) (iso)

    @randybobandy Happy you got it working, if you would post your cue sheet edit would help other members. I dont have a Saturn didn't get to test on real hardware! second link should be OK for burning though!
  3. Gamerone

    Jet Set Radio PC

    @Abandoned Witch for NGR I have a PC HD version I will upload nevermind its a RG rip
  4. Gamerone

    mega Return Fire (Ntsc-J) (Unreleased) (iso)

    @randybobandy don't have a actual Saturn does work with emu. Ultra Iso might help you with this problem. found another version will add to links
  5. Gamerone

    mega SSX On Tour (Ntsc)

    @MobCat 😺 Here it is!
  6. Gamerone

    mega SSX On Tour (Ntsc)

  7. Gamerone

    SSX on tour?

    @Mobccat😺 OK! Sounds Cool! I'll get the Ps2 version up later! Maybe GC, not unless you or somebody beats us to it!
  8. Gamerone

    giveaway Free Steam Keys

  9. Gamerone

    Return Fire

    @randybobandy request filled have it up in a bit