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  1. Jackhammer

    Deals Thread

    UNCHARTED The Nathan Drake Collection $7.99 Normal price $19.99. This price is only available from 3/9/2018 04:00 pm to 3/12/2018 03:00 pm. https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP9000-CUSA02320_00-UNCHARTEDTRILOGY
  2. Summary: Hidden away in underground leagues and counter-culture clubs, Sega introduces a brutal new brand of soccer. Played by thugs who kick ass on and off the field, participants opt to watch their backs and let the crowds watch the game. Since nastiness supplants sportsmanship in this 3-on-3 hybrid of the world's most popular sport, the rulebook is only good as a splint for broken bones. Given its rule-bending recipe, Soccer Slam is an exciting and original game, in which individual achievement prevails over teamwork while gameplay focuses on speed, skill, and aggression. This means that players don't just take on the competition, they take 'em out! https://mega.nz/#!luBBkCiK!oFeky869m3KmrG45R2zjU-NJU5ETzAwa7r24t5Flgjg
  3. Upload contains both USA and Europe version. https://mega.nz/#!5r4QBSwI!EfrceCEHVQDF9cEbt1ahOR8VlLfKI1oTHrtu-xmOnKQ
  4. Press B,A,R,R,A,L to get infinite lives. And to get the Sound Test menu: Hold A and B whilst pressing Start. Classic Kong.rar
  5. Excellent, this and all the rest of the collection.
  6. This is an arcade emulator for the Nintendo DS, which started basically as an emulator for Pac-Man. It has grown to include quite a large selection of supported games. You will need a flashcart for this. Place the DSPack.nds in the root of your SD card. Place the MAMERoms folder in the root of your SD card. You can optionally extract and add both DSPack-marquees-cabinets-resources.7z and DSPack-captures-flyers-resources.7z to the MAMERoms folder. https://mega.nz/#!8jQS1T5K!qD_sVLuqjbxJ8U92NSaeKVJGoo42ZTZ5ORnyFeubAXg
  7. Jackhammer

    [ROM SET] MAME4droid 0.375b

    MAME4droid 0.375b Romset Split archive, you'll need both parts to extract. This was uploaded when you could only download files under 1gb without having to install the Mega plugin, hence two parts. https://mega.co.nz/#!UUMylS5L!G9qSfH0i92rwCHftj5RtEgi8bidrx1cII-3Eu8JrU2s https://mega.co.nz/#!gRNylJKQ!iLF7eM40e95LSr_1jtbv5OFd34n795P7PGrG5YNcwOg Password: Jackhammer I have used this Romset on my old Xperia Play, but I am told it will also work with RetroPie.
  8. This is the NES version of Donkey Kong but with one pretty major addition, the missing cement level is included, and some extra animation for Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong Original Edition.zip
  9. This is made clear in the first post. You can use ESR Disc Patcher to unpatch.
  10. This extracts to an ESR patched ISO and is ready to burn to DVD and play with Free McBoot. https://mega.nz/#!tVF2kSTJ!kEh8EDpHgIK_dto79lDmBpsO8-X0RO6wcdej9ww6Gd8
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    Thanks for the warm welcome.
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    Received an invite from Lord Valarion a while back, forgot about it until now.