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  1. Config will be different for each games basically so it is impossible to share (in case u do not have same games with same title_ID's). What you want to do is put a line under *KERNEL . ur0:/tai/vitacheat.skprx . After this for each game you should do something like *PSC00000(this should be TITLE_ID of the game you want) ur0:/tai/vitacheat.skprx
  2. Seraphim2369

    Vitamin and Maidump games on 3.65 Henkaku Enso?

    I did not test installation from maidump for now. All I can say for sure is that if you update properly all games will work perfecty as it is. All of the games are already in NPS so you basically just need NoNpDrm
  3. Try removing the vitacheat from *ALL group and put it to *[Game ID here] (without brackets) and it should work just fine. It will freeze for sure on the amount of memory/games you have so just divide it for the games you really need in config.txt
  4. Seraphim2369

    Vitamin and Maidump games on 3.65 Henkaku Enso?

    Hey, I had some of those too, basically after I updated to 3.65 I checked that instantly since NoNpDrm was not installed on my sd2vita card. Vitamin games worked fine as for MaiDump, I think it is okay as well since I tried on my HM: Project Diva X (all DLC and saves were fine), altho I am not yet sure if you will be able install new games with it since access to ux:/plugins is blocked and you need rePatch for that to work (for example save manager).