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  1. Thanks, It worked! For those who don't know, you must copy the folder to ux0:user/00/savedata/
  2. Yeah, the game is still linked on mai megathread even though the topic for the game has been removed.
  3. Hi! At the end did you had any luck with Rose in the Twilight?
  4. So this version is actually functional? Thanks @TypeZero95
  5. Thanks, I didn't knew about Caligula, I'm gonna take a look at that (though, I guess it isn't playable right now) And is a bit sad that we can't play Berserk unless we update. but... I recently saw on Nicoblog that there is a japanese dump of Rose in the Twilight, maybe in the future someone will try to patch that one (And I'm hoping the same will occur with YsVIII and Tokyo Xanadu).
  6. Thanks! I really wanted to play this one. Btw, Isn't there a way to play Berserk and Caligula too? or those are impossible just now.