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  1. I personally can't promise you anything...
  2. Translations done by AGTP. This plays almost identically to Columns by Sega, but with an unnecessary plot and some battle elements. (HP and special moves) Genre: Puzzle Size (compressed): 560 KB Size (compressed): 1 MB Link: Password:
  3. Probably with USA, since this thing will be in every region EXCEPT Japan. (and North Korea)
  4. So Sega announced an hour ago of re-releases of classic games on mobile (.oth iOS and Andriod). This will take place on June 22, so in the next 24 hours. (Might not be for all regions) From Sega's site, the current games to get the the release are: Sonic Altered Beast Phantasy Star II Kid Chameleon Comix Zone Now if that's not enough to wet your pants, then get ready for more. According to SegaBits, there will be more releases coming soon, AND they will include, in addition to Mega Drive, games from the SG-1000, Master System, Game Gear, Saturn, and Dreamcast. I am genuinely excited. But I really hope they will implement the true meaning of the word "free". (not against micro-transactions, but I don't want them all over the place)
  5. Genre: Top-Down Shooter / Survival Size (compressed): 9.8 MB Size (uncompressed): 16 MB Link:
  6. Genre: Simulation / RPG Size (compressed): 17 MB Size (uncompressed): 64 MB Link:
  7. Genre: Card Battle Size (compressed): 1.4 MB Size (uncompressed): 8 MB Link:
  8. Genre: Visual Novel / Courtroom Drama Size (compressed): 40 MB Size (uncompressed): 32 MB Link:
  9. Genre: Action / Puzzle Size (compressed): 23.7 MB Size (uncompressed): 64 MB Link:
  10. Genre: Puzzle Size (compressed): 5.4 MB Size (uncompressed): 16 MB Link:
  11. Genre: Visual Novel / Courtroom Drama Size (compressed): 40 MB Size (uncompressed): 64 MB Link:
  12. Genre: Sports / Baseball Size (compressed): 3.4 MB Size (uncompressed): 8 MB Link:
  13. Genre: Racing Size (compressed): 5.4 MB Size (uncompressed): 16 MB Link:
  14. Genre: Racing Size (compressed): 13 MB Size (uncompressed): 32 MB Link:
  15. Genre: Simulation Size (compressed): 18 MB Size (uncompressed): 32 MB Link: