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  1. multi

    Well the 2 new hosts seem totally ad-free (albeit there's a timer at the beginning). So I guess that's okay~.
  2. multi

    While this game is so sexy that it warrants 2 ejaculation taxes, -no receipt; we do not allow ad-infested, God forsaken, user hating sites. You have 1 of 2 options: 1. Add other mirrors to easy-to-use, friendly hosters. (You can keep your other links that way) 2. Have this thread entirely removed. Currently on phone, so would be favorable if another admin picks up the rest. (Editing is a pain)
  3. mega.nz

    I think you might have mistaken the game cover.
  4. An ally has arrived! Welcome to NGR. GL HF!
  5. Thread will be moved to the Dead Links sections. If OP or any other user wants to re-up the game, contact me to transfer the thread back.
  6. ^Banned for thinking I'd give it up that easily!
  7. Chicken burgers~ Definitely the best food containing rice!
  8. Biryani flavored chips FTW!
  9. You need to hack the console to play pirated games. That's how it works. I'd recommend getting a used un-updated New 3DS over a new New 2DS XL (fuck Nintendo naming), since the new one has the most recent firmware. Personally, I don't know about 3DS hacking, and therefore unaware if hacking a New 2DS is possible. This also implies that the other things I said might not be true. Edit: Check this
  10. ^Banned for being against Kizaru's use of Freddie Mercury impersonator's ejaculation to vaporwave GIF.
  11. So 14 years ago I passed by a man selling random CDs on the street. One of them had the PS1 logo on the side and had the photo of Sonic on it for some reason. Being the little fanboy I once was, I immediately bought this game for a whole buck 50, anticipating to play a Sonic game on my modded PS1. Long story short, I was disappointed that it wasn't what I hoped for. How dare Sega not make a game on its number 1 rival system?!?! Blasphemy!!!! Turns out it was a CD filled with Master System games. Which probably resulted me wasting time on it more than how much I would if it actually turned out to hold 1 Sonic game. (Rest assured, for It does include the crappy Master System version of Sonic) Found this CD a few days ago while cleaning up my parents' home. One thing I should warn you about is that the sound emulation is a bit off. Best played with external good music. For example: Size (compressed): 14 MB Size (uncompressed): 31 MB Link: Password:
  12. ^Banned for attempting to revive the "Yo Dawg" meme.
  13. ^Banned for banning defending defenders!
  14. ^Banned for siding with the weeb. Not even weebs side with weebs! Dear God this word is annoying to pronounce.