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  1. game The person above you is banned!

    ^Banned for not noticing the flag like a harem anime MC, baka!
  2. Worms Armageddon (USA)(Redump)

    Seeing the PSX section growing is a wet dream of mine. And you don't have to scan the manual book. Personally I'm a slacker, so I go with just the front cover, and maybe some screenshots if I felt like it. So no need to put yourself through trouble. You referring to the eBoots? Those go over here: https://nextgenroms.com/forum/42-eboots-psx-psp-eboots/
  3. What are you currently watching ?

    Finally got the time to watch Welcome to the NHK! Show is truly brilliant, and I can see why dam_ was so into Misaki, that creepy girl is waifu material.
  4. game The person above you is banned!

    ^Banned for being overactive. How about you test that and find out for yourself~
  5. Worms Armageddon (USA)(Redump)

    Yeah, Valarion takes care of the USA dumps and I upload the JP games I find scattered on my HDDs. So PAL is kind of underrepresented in the PSX section.
  6. [Requests] LiveArea themes

    Made this thread the official themes request thread (name subject to change) So yeah, you can post your request in this topic.
  7. Gr8FamNES (Romset)

    Well, that was informative... to say the least. Gonna test this out myself and put my self through unnecessary shit. Oh, and thanks for the upload~
  8. Wow, we haven't reached half of 2018 and it's already an incredible year.
  9. [NoNpDRM] Super Robot Wars V with english subs

    Look mate, I was just quoting Wikipedia, " the second game in the series to officially receive an English release in Asia". Why the hell would Asia get 2 types of releases? that just sounds redundant. However, if that was truly the case, then I apologize.
  10. Best intro on the site

    Your sarcasm is most welcome. /s Welcome aboard~
  11. [NoNpDRM] Super Robot Wars V with english subs

    The Chinese version is the one that contains the English subs. It's the version you're looking for.
  12. Haven't watched many recent anime lately. But I'd go with Shinzou wo Sasageyou:
  13. Alexa master race! This holocaust is gonna be liiiit! This kind of reminds me of Tay, the AI Microsoft made for Twitter. Let's see if Amazon fixes this before it becomes more fun.
  14. game What are you doing right now?

    Cramming some study material so I don't feel a huge burden during exams this time. (probably won't work) I wanted to finish the novel before getting back to you, which I did. Honestly, I'm surprised I could finish the book in a week, I'm a slow reader. The good part is that it's written really well, never did I have to re-read a paragraph or feel like I wasn't paying attention. Overall, good book, but had one thing that seemed like a plot hole that annoyed me to an incredible degree, which is kind of a spoiler, so can't say it (that, and talking about "the Party" might get me in trouble with the secret police ). I'm not one to push people to read -except manga -, but if you ever felt like reading a novel, I say this is a good read.