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  1. Prez Of AnnonyMouSS

    Welcome to the site. Hope you find what you're looking for. And don't be a stranger.
  2. [Request - NoNpDRM] Phantasy Star Online 2

    Thread moved back to Game Requests seeing how it can now be fulfilled.
  3. What did you eat or drink last?

    Chicken mushrooms, and Fatteh on the side.
  4. game What are you doing right now?

    Just finished eating a really big meal that I will most probably start to regret tomorrow while in the bathroom. I could say the same for you, if you're serious about learning, I can show you my study guide. Or you could check out the thread I made on the Club of the Rising Sun. It's quite the long road, so I only recommend you start learning it if you enjoy the process. Though having people around you who share the same goal is a great motivator. BTW, just finished my 1000th kanji today. It's surprisingly the character for "cheerful" 快.
  5. game What are you doing right now?

    Trying to simulate a Yagi-Uda antenna on a program I am not familiar with. Guess my progress. Hint: it's below 1% done.
  6. Maybe in some cases, but mostly no. Kimochi literally just means "emotion" or "feeling", like how you might hear "kimochi warui" (feeling sick/bad/disgusted) a lot in shows, which literally means "bad feeling". However, you might here it with a stretch on the last i, usually said by females. This one isn't the same word, since a the end there is the "ii" which means good. This word means feeling good, or to describe oneself feeling good. Therefore, if you were to type this word in Romaji it'd be Kimochiii, hence the stretch.
  7. Yes. The word "UNDUB" describes exactly what you're looking for.
  8. But... Huniepop is played for the plot!! In all seriousness though, I think they're going a bit too far. Like it's not like the games being targeted are like Prison Battleship, where it's all about the sex. I don't know about Huniepop, but doesn't Valve know that with VNs, you're more than lucky if you get to see a pair of titties after 5 hours? We remove sexual content for the kids. And what kid is gonna have the patience to play a game for 5 hours just to see some anime titties? These games are made for the story, the only people that download them are those who want to enjoy said story. In addition, while some argue that there are always other online shops, I believe that nothing beats Steam in terms of exposure, prices, and discounts. So this is a huge blow for the smaller developers.
  9. Those are some great resources. Yotsubato seems to always be the top recommended manga for learners. Anki is great, but I still prefer Memrise because of the interface and easy access to other people's courses. Also an advice: If you ever get discouraged, or feel like you're not making any progress, try to remember at what level you were about half a year ago. As in how was your reading speed and comprehension were. I feel like this mentality helped me a lot in picturing how much I've advanced, and served as means to stay motivated.
  10. What are you currently watching ?

    I sadly haven't. Downloaded the first episode, but haven't watched it yet. I've finished One Outs. Great show. And I'm currently not watching anything. I finish my tests on Thursday, and will be planning to try it along with another anime that I won't mention its name until I start with it.
  11. brandvegn

    Welcome to the community mate! Hope to see you around.
  12. @Okonomiyaki-Chan That's quite the splendid goal. My purpose seems kind of cynical, it's just to be good at something that other people aren't. I take pride in knowing more Kanji than anybody in a 200 mile radius. No need to worry, you should learn to care less about these things. But I agree, fan-translation would be more forgiving. You wouldn't care about any mistypes or about how to deal with honorifics and dialects.
  13. Nintendo Wii Mega Thread [8/6/2017]

    @EVILGOKU First of all, this is not the requests section. Second, you actually want the English voices?
  14. What are you currently watching ?

    HOLY SHIT THIS GOT A REMAKE?!?! I've always been interested in the series, guess I'll start with this after finishing One Outs.
  15. What are you currently watching ?

    I'm seeing a 10 year-old anime currently, called One Outs. It's a baseball anime, so a lot of the conversations and actions seem beyond understandable to me. The show is about a gambler in the baseball world, and how he wins solely through mind games and strategy. It's good so far, though a little repetitive at times.