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  1. RyouBakura

    Grant -A- Wish...denied

    Didn't even see it coming.
  2. RyouBakura

    Toxic Masculinity by Gillette

    I felt pretty indifferent about this honestly. But I don't get why these people would refer to shit like rape and harassment as "toxic masculinity". It's like they consider these things as normal parts of masculinity. And when they do so, it kind of feels like criminalizing an entire gender.
  3. Also, remember to disable auto update. I remember that was a thing in the Vita.
  4. RyouBakura

    mega.nz Air Combat (USA)(Redump)

    Actually, that one's just a side story of the original King's Field III, and it's no longer than 2 hours. I just realized we don't have the real King's Field III...
  5. RyouBakura

    game The person above you is banned!

    ^Banned for generalization. #NotAllMobs
  6. RyouBakura

    game The person above you is banned!

    ^Banned for cat mobbing MobCat!
  7. Very similar to my workout regiment. Which constituted of morning sit-ups, and 5 minute planks while in an iron maiden.
  8. RyouBakura

    game The person above you is banned!

    ^Banned for having faith in this thread. For it has been abandoned... by some of its dearest of friends! Those who would always be by its side have long left it... in its own eternal anguish! Truly, the only shining radiance of hope... -of LOVE!- only rests in thou!
  9. RyouBakura

    news FBI Establishes ‘Loli Abuse Intervention Force’

    Does Fortnite force beat up whoever is playing Fortnite in public?
  10. RyouBakura

    atari 2600 Bad apple!! PV

    Out of all the ones I've seen, this one hurts my ears the most.
  11. RyouBakura

    canon Wizards shit on the floor

    That sounds a lot better than what they have now. Changing to toilets is the biggest mistake they ever did.
  12. RyouBakura

    ti-84 calculator Bad apple!! PV