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  1. celldweller97

    LiveArea Custom Themes

    will try to reupload soon as possible.
  2. celldweller97

    CYBER save editor (for PS4)

    Damn that sucks.
  3. celldweller97

    CYBER save editor (for PS4)

    What exactly does this do?
  4. celldweller97

    Pangya Fantasy Golf {TNW}

    Thanks for the upload
  5. celldweller97

    LiveArea Custom Themes

    You're Welcome King of Heroes
  6. celldweller97

    LiveArea Custom Themes

    Steins Gate[spoil] Download[/spoil] One Piece[spoil] Download[/spoil] The Velvet Room (Persona series)[spoil] Downloads[/spoil] Shokugeki no Soma [spoil] Download[/spoil] BloodBorne[spoil] Download[/spoil] Persona 3[spoil] Download[/spoil] Persona 4 Golden [spoil] Download[/spoil] Nier[spoil] Download[/spoil] God Eater[spoil] Download[/spoil] To install you'll need this tool Link
  7. celldweller97

    Why Mega

    - Consistent download speed and no slow downs -Doesn't open ads on another tab or window unlike other host -PC Client -Clean look -free 50gb account Do I need to list more?
  8. celldweller97

    PS Vita Games USB

    I've been doing this ever since vitamin got released and its quite good not having to transfer the vpk all the time
  9. celldweller97

    Vitashell Theme Manager

    ----What is VitaShell Theme Manager?---- VitaShell Theme Manager is a simple and userfriendly gui to apply themes for the flow's VitaShell.(versions 0.85 and above) ----How do I use it?---- Just put your VitaShell(not livearea ones) themes over at ux0:VitaShell/theme/ on your vita, then open VitaShell Theme Manager and press x to apply the wanted theme. ----Troubleshooting---- Q: the brew crashes every time I start it! A: this means that one of your themes is corrupted; most likely preview.jpg is the cause. Q:why doesnt it show a preview for my theme? A:preview image must be a .jpg file which sizes are 960X544 named preview.jpg or preview1.jpg To make a preview.jpg directly from your PSVita, all you need to do is press PS button + Start and it will output a screenshot at ux0:/picture/SCREENSHOT//.jpg ----Download---- https://mega.nz/#!Cgxj2b6A!2KSD1wzYPYFa ... 1MmY1c4QYg Made by: Ruben_wolfe from Wololo.net
  10. Qcma is a cross-platform application to provide a Open Source implementation of the original Content Manager Assistant that comes with the PS Vita. Features The aim of this project is to provide an implementation that is on par with the official CMA and also offer some features missing in the original one. Implemented features. Metadata for PSP savedatas. Basic metadata for single songs (album, artist, title, cover art). Basic metadata for videos (duration, dimensions, thumbnail). Basic metadata for photos (dimensions, thumbnails). Simple backup browser: view and delete the backups on your PC without a Vita. Easy wireless pairing (show PIN to the user when a Vita is detected). Ability to restart the connection if the Vita is reconnected. Downloads Windows: http://codestation.nekmo.com/qcma/0.3.1 ... 0.3.13.exe OsX: http://codestation.nekmo.com/qcma/0.3.1 ... 3.12-2.dmg Linux: Open terminal and type. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:codestation404/qcma sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install qcma
  11. celldweller97

    Hi All! (Free Toy Inside!)

    Got mine a few weeks back before henkaku came out .