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  1. [Update] The VPK file worked like a charm the issue was with the mai dumps...
  2. Thanks alot dude I got the vpk file will check that out hope it works thanks alot was getting kinda paranoid that maybe some issue with the hack and all games will stop working after a point...
  3. Yes rebooted the Vita formatted the memory card and everything I was messing with Rincheats and some other stuff before this didnt face such issue now worried every game could face the same issue :'( dont have ps+ anymore or would have downloaded the actual game and checked...
  4. When the vita was first hacked I played this game Code Realize Guardian of Rebirth since it was a free ps+ game but due to time constraints I couldn't complete it now I downloaded the mai dump and tried to play it but after 3 mins of playing I keep getting the error Error C2-12828-1 what should I do about it . Any way to work around it so that it works really wanna complete this game.