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  1. Merry Christmas!

    im late for this but merry christmas and happy new year mychristmas gift for myself was a vita 1000 and new years gift was a new motherboard with fw 3.60 lets get hacking again
  2. One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 + All DLC [Maiv233.2zEx] [TNW]

    when i have a vita again ill test it
  3. PS Vita Resolution Mod MEGATHREAD

    sorry didnt see the video but thanks for the reply
  4. PS Vita Resolution Mod MEGATHREAD

    any frame drops?
  5. Im sorry for my inactivity!

    no luck to get them arrested because the cops dont give af but yeah im coming back to the community! ordered a second vita now
  6. Im sorry for my inactivity!

    yah, but im coming coming back to the community i just ordered a vita
  7. Im sorry for my inactivity!

    Good news for now is i just ordered a second hand ps vita, hoping for it to be 3.60 or less! if not i have to order a motherboard and swap it to hack it
  8. Im sorry for my inactivity!

    well i may need it man thanks... i see there is a new way to rip games!
  9. Im sorry for my inactivity!

    Dude...like... im a truck driver, they opened the door ever so silently while i was asleep and used gas to knock me out completly!
  10. Im sorry to all for my inactivity with providing updates to certain games that arent working for all and uploading new games! The main reason is ive been robbed (ps vita included in the robery) so thats why i couldnt provide updates... slowly and surely im buying a vita again and then ill start where i left off Thanks for understanding!
  11. Phantom Breakers+All DLC WORKING FINE [Maiv233.2zEx] [TNW]

    dude... i love scott pilgrim! they should have made that into a vita version
  12. i have uploaded the latest update with all dlc Here: