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  1. they're still working on it i guess.. i'm waiting for it too.. i like to see the finale of the story...
  2. working with my fat Vita.. will test soon with PSTV. thanks
  3. same problem for me... i installed via Vitamin but it just won't save (i didn't noticed that I was the last guy who replied so now it's a double post.. and I can't delete this one)
  4. thanks for this.. (thumbsup)
  5. thanks! Waiting for the 1.42.update
  6. What kind of rock do you live in to not know what undub means in 2016? Do you really have to be that stupid with that kind of reply? I am confirming the audio since I have the english version. anyway.... i downloaded and confirmed it is JAPANESE... domo arigato tomodachi!
  7. Well the sufix UNDUB means it has most of the time english subtitles and text and japanese dub. So yeah audio is in japanese. excellent! thanks Yukiko
  8. hi, thanks for this but is the audio in Jap?!?