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  1. RaptorJesus

    How did you find VP or NGR?

    Ditto, VP from r/Vitapiracy until NGR came along
  2. Just finished God of War (2018), wasn't bad. Now around 30 hours into Dragon Quest XI, but my copy of Summer Lessons Allison Snow & Chisato Shinjo arrived the other day so probably time to crack out the PSVR
  3. RaptorJesus

    Dead or Alive 3

    Hrm, so it appears that the 230Mb or so file zips to only 4Mb where the original file zips to around 190Mb, so it might be incomplete or designed to merge. I'll mess with it and let you know if I get it working
  4. RaptorJesus

    Dead or Alive 3

    Hey, I'm after DoA3, specifically the one that works with the modded outfits set (replaces the bgm.afs file I think) TIA
  5. 100% supportive of this, I just copied a bunch of games off my 3 OG XBoxes, and am looking for more to collect so thanks!