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  1. Axeo30

    What TV Show(s) Have You Watched Recently?

    This may not technically count but ive been watching alot of wrasslin lately. For the last 6 months i havent missed a single WWE Raw or Smackdown.
  2. Axeo30


    Welcome youll find alot of good games and good people here. Have fun
  3. Axeo30

    Yakuza OST topic

    Heres my fave The best karoake song in Yakuza in my humble opinion
  4. That would be great but to be blunt redundant. I already requested the game and dlc in the requests. Nothing personal just dont want the same request twice to ruin our chances of a good samartian hooking us up. So please look through the requests first before posting.
  5. Axeo30

    Like a dragon

    If they ever release a patch for those PsP games i would definitely love to check them out. But im more likely gonna learn Japanese before that happens.
  6. Axeo30

    Like a dragon

    Honestly thats your choice because its a very very condensed plot. While the actual game is more detailed answers more questions and fills in plot holes its a matter of preference really.
  7. Axeo30

    Like a dragon

    Its a great series I cannot recommend enough. Its amazing a great story with an amazing amount of emotions. One moment youll be sad cause of a death and the next laughing at a hilariously over the top subquest. And angry at the villain its amazing how it can suck you in to the narrative.
  8. So i didnt know this and somehow it doesnt suprise me. But there is a Live action Yakuza movie called Like a Dragon. Its cheesy as far as movies go but its in all the right ways. Its a condensed plot of the first Yakuza game. Came out in 2007 and if you look it up on Youtube it has english subs.
  9. Axeo30

    Hi all!

    Welcome good to see some new blood. Plus that means im not the newbie anymore XD.
  10. Well I dont speak or read Japanese. So I havent been able to play them. I am in the process of learning very slowly and once im more fluent those will be the ones ill be playing for sure. Might even once i have the knowhow do a fan translation of Kenzan.
  11. Haha tbh i just ate my words before coming here just now. I found the trailer on my feed and i feel like an idiot lol. And yes it looks amazing. Not to mention you play as freaking Majima again. I love his fighting style from Yakuza 0. Plus they added in the tower defense minigame from Yakuza 6 that has me hyped and Majima still gives me chills with his ridiculous over the top entrance in the arena. If y'all ever get the chance find a best of Majima compilation on youtube there is alot of funny bits that'll get your sides splitting.
  12. So im a bit disappointed and anyone here can correct me if im wrong. I was watching the Sony press conference and I saw on the schedule beforehand they'd have a new trailer for Yakuza Kiwami 2. Sadly it never showed. I even tried Youtubing it to see if it showed. Honestly I feel sega dropped the ball here. Yeah its just a remake but to me its alot more. This will be the first of the remakes to use the Dragon engine from Yakuza 6. So I have high hopes for it. Plus the story is Solid, despite popular opinion. I have been playing it on PS2 and im looking forward to August when it comes out.
  13. Axeo30

    Yakuza is Coming to PC!

    No kidding? Im glad to hear that. More exposure for the series is sorely needed. And trust me youll love it. The game explains alot in zero. And sets up the first Yakuza flawlessly. Oh and welcome okanmiyaki-chan. Btw Bakura thats a screenshot from Yakuza 6. Haha id know Onomichi-kun anywhere.
  14. Axeo30

    discussion Downgrade

    I doubt i can find a console im broke. And any money i get has to go to other places. So all i can do is wait
  15. Axeo30

    discussion Downgrade

    Ok im gonna ask a stupid question here. Ive checked around and am hoping against hope here. I have a 5.50 ps4 and its the old model im just an idiot who didnt think theyd exploit it that quick. But here goes is there at all any way to downgrade? I dont have the money for another HDD or PS4. If not does anyone know a way i can keep an eye on the one who does the testing for this? Cause if I cant which is likely id like to keep an eye out for an exploit for 5.50 cause I really want the freeshop if it exists. Or a way to get some games. Thanks and please dont belittle me for asking something dumb.