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  1. If i remember correctly, and correct me if im wrong but I believe that there is a european copy of cyber sleuth on pkgj. So you might want to check that route or nps browser since they are one and the same.
  2. I dont have an iphone but i do have an android so i think ive figured out the ftp on that front. Compatability is weird on the ps2 end but thats another topic entirely.
  3. I actually just installed rebug yesterday so im all set on that front. I even got a few ps2 isos i just wish there was an easier way to get pkgs cause my flash drive is to small and i dont have a computer. I use my phone for everything.
  4. So for noobs like me how would i go about installing this and will this enable me to download and put on pkgs or ps2 isos i get online? And is this hack compatible with pkgj?
  5. When playing a new series its always good to have a starting point. And im going to give my opinion on where to start. Everyone has their opinion on where to start in a series and heres mine. Everyone who is interested to join can submit there take as well. Because imo i believe this series should be recognized more and not just as a gta clone. Anyways the best point to start is Yakuza 0 it is a prequel to the series and focuses on two different protagionists who are mainstays to the series Kazuma Kiryu a young low level Yakuza for the Tojo clan. And Goro Majima a former Member of the Shimano family. You get to see where it all started how the characters came to be and their motivations. The mini games are fun and the combat is easy to use. The game itself really paints a realistic picture of the bubble era of Japan in the 1980s. Its for the PS4 currently and reasonably priced since it was only released last year.
  6. A trailer to better explain my point. The series Yakuza was created by Sega in 2005. The series focuses on the Protagionist Kazuma Kiryu and his various hardships. He is a former member of the Yakuza specifically the Tojo clan. He tries his best to lead a normal life but things with him never seem to be ordinary. The gameplay is open world with the main mechanic being a stylistic beat em up with rpg style progression. To this date there are seven main games in the series with the sixth releasing 13 days ago. It spans across the ps2 ps3 and ps4 with remakes of the first two in hd for the ps4. If anyone has questions about the characters the plot or any of the combat or are interested in the series ask here id be happy to answer
  7. Forgot to introduce myself

    Thank you i already feel at home and I hope i can achieve my goals here.
  8. Hello everyone I have been a member for like i wanna say three months now. I am a fan of the vita hacking scene and I may not be as knowledgeable and have the resources yet to upload content. But when i do I will be contributing alot. I came here for that and to meet and befriend likeminded folks. Pleasure to meet y'all.
  9. Any moment where Yukiko cooks in Persona 4 is hilarious. The first time I saw the school outing and her attempt and making curry I was in tears from laughing so hard. As for moments with Goosebumps I have to go with the reveal of Adachi being the killer. I never played the original for ps2 and golden was my first outing and that scene had me at the edgeof my seat.
  10. Im stoked for it. P5 is a great inclusion and adding p3 as well for a separate title really fills it out. Plus jamming out with Yusuke will be hilarious cause I bet his flamboyance will be akin to his dancing style. If he uses a moonwalk or a crotch grab like Mj I will probably fall off my bed laughing to death XD.
  11. Ravenstorm you make a lot of good points. Maybe my build wasnt good enough i was around lv. 70 when i beat the final boss. My personas were varied and i used Ryuji and Yosuke despite them being glass cannons do to them having masochistic attacks. For the game itself imo i give it a 9.5 a great game overall. It was asthethically pleasing the characters were great and the story felt solid despite a few complaints I had. The ending being my biggest gripe. Then again im a sucker for a happy ending which in gaming seems to be less and less lately. Well the ones I play that is. Then again everyones interpretation of an ending being happy or otherwise will always be different. Anyways back on topic, The combat was a call back to older personas and the inclusion of the nuclear element really shook up the status quo. This game is on my top 10 for a reason. It felt like a all in all fulfilling experience, because despite it being a unrealisitic situation you could really embrace and suspend your disbelief. Everyone felt so relatable. It isnt the best Persona i have ever played but its up there. P4 will always hold the crown there for me. But thats a story for another time.
  12. I agree and disagree on it being too easy. I agree that it wasnt the typical persona difficulty. However the true ending final boss made the difficulty spike through the roof.
  13. I have seen it. Yeah it is a bit rushed but when you're working on a set amount of episodes it makes sense. The game itself took me 160 hours to beat and thats because i was grinding. So even without extras its still 60 hours. So to condense all that would be difficult. Besides like two times they added parts it wasnt bad so far.
  14. Restore Vitashell 3.65 Enso

    Ok so ive asked around alot about this. So I have an issue that is relevant to this topic. I got 3.65 installed and I in my infinite wisdom decided to restore my PSTV due to an issue. Now I still have henkaku enso installed but my Vitashell and Molecular shell went poof. I dont have a computer to run cdma can anyone help me?
  15. [Requests] LiveArea themes

    Id like to request the promo live area theme for super robot wars v i didnt see it on psn but play asia said it was packed in with the limited edition so if anyone can find it is be grateful.