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  1. Sorry pos Imgur.
  2. i hate you all.
  3. no I want all the coins I spent/sent back. either that or a leaked copy of Metroid Samus Return.
  4. well I want all my coins back for my troubles.
  5. so yeah. im just sitting here.
  6. Nope this Thread will live on forever.
  7. i think this deserves it's own thread.
  8. Link: (Somewhat Not Safe For Work)
  9. seem like a straight to DVD movie.
  10. 10/10 would bang, leave, get STD, and die.
  11. Mistakes were made.
  12. inb4 someone opens up a hentai thread.
  13. A breakup will most likely happen.
  14. they are somewhat different.
  15. Red likes perverts, you two should get along just great.