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  1. they are somewhat different.
  2. Red likes perverts, you two should get along just great.
  3. The Chronicles of being Lost in Thought, FT. Two Lovers. a break up might happen soon.
  4. Username - RedTwinTailsProfile Link - https://nextgenroms.com/profile/10386-redtwintails/Reason - Being a useless maidDuration - Until the Fat lady sings
  5. you actually found it. thanks.
  6. dam_ a user with Anger Management problems. needs help before he offs someone, with this dark message.
  7. dam_ discovers what BDSM is.
  8. that port is called a cash grabbed.
  9. sure.
  10. woohoo Congrats Yukiko, now let's get down to business, changing Red's Name to Pinktwintails, and a Pink Avatar.
  11. No More Heroes 1 and 2. Sin and Punishment. Metroid Other M. Battalion Wars 2 Zack And Wiki All NTSC-U, and to Google Drive if Possible i know it's a big request. there are more but i can't think of em right now.
  12. are any of these legal?
  13. i played all the Dark Souls games, i've played 1,2,3 and Blood Borne, only one i havent played was Demon's Souls.
  14. but it's a 2D Dark Souls. i need rage, so i can have an excuse to slam my controller on the floor.