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  1. Nope this Thread will live on forever.
  2. i think this deserves it's own thread.
  3. Link: (Somewhat Not Safe For Work)
  4. seem like a straight to DVD movie.
  5. 10/10 would bang, leave, get STD, and die.
  6. Mistakes were made.
  7. inb4 someone opens up a hentai thread.
  8. A breakup will most likely happen.
  9. they are somewhat different.
  10. Red likes perverts, you two should get along just great.
  11. The Chronicles of being Lost in Thought, FT. Two Lovers. a break up might happen soon.
  12. Username - RedTwinTailsProfile Link - https://nextgenroms.com/profile/10386-redtwintails/Reason - Being a useless maidDuration - Until the Fat lady sings
  13. you actually found it. thanks.
  14. dam_ a user with Anger Management problems. needs help before he offs someone, with this dark message.
  15. dam_ discovers what BDSM is.