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  1. Anyone have the full game of Tokyo Clanpool, I only uploaded the demo, but I never found the full game.
  2. game What are you doing right now?

    Listening to The Madness Of War by The Damned, from Night In Aleppo, a hardcore EP dedicated to the victims in the city of Aleppo.
  3. Artemis r5.
  4. Is there anyway to bypass the 2 Activation limit on CFW PS3, I wanted to download games/DLC that I bought on PSN so I can dump.
  5. news PS4 4.55 Homebrew Enabler Released

    Can't wait, hopefully this goes the same for 5.XX firmwares as well.
  6. game What are you doing right now?

    Listening to one of my favorite songs from DDR.
  7. Title: Kirby's Dream Land Title (Japanese): 星のカービィ Title (Romanized): Hoshi no Kirby Developer: HAL Laboratory Publisher: Nintendo Genre: Platformer Release: 1992/04/27 (JP) 1992/08/01 (US) 1992/08/03 (EU) DL: USA/EUR | JPN
  8. game The person above you is banned!

    Banned for being a hot dog bun
  9. What are you currently watching ?

    Watching Strawberry Panic, after playing a little bit of the PS2 game, decided to watch the anime, it's pretty great for a Yuri anime adaption.
  10. Title: Tetris DX Title (Japanese): テトリスDX Developer: Nintendo Genre: Puzzle Release: 1998/10/21 (JP) 1998/11/18 (US) 1999 (EU) DL: Tetris DX
  11. Title: Pokemon Diamond and Jade Genre: RPG/Bootleg Release: 2000? (China) DL: Diamond | Jade Bootleg of Keitai Denjuu Telefang 1
  12. Title (Japanese): 携帯電獣テレファング Title (Romanized): Keitai Denjuu Telefang Developer: Natsume Publisher: Smilesoft Genre: RPG Release: 2000/11/03 DL: Telefang Power | Telefang Speed Related: Pokemon Diamond & Jade
  13. Title: Mario Tennis Title (Japanese): マリオテニスGB Title (Romanized): Mario Tennis GB Developer: Camelot Publisher: Nintendo Genre: Tennis Release: 2000/11/01 (JP) 2001/01/16 (US) 2001/02/02 (EU) DL: USA | EUR | JPN
  14. Title: Mario Golf Title (Japanese): マリオゴルフGB Title (Romanized): Mario Golf GB Developer: Camelot Publisher: Nintendo Genre: Golf Release: 1999/08/10 (JP) 1999/10/05 (US) 1999/10/26 (EU) DL: USA | EUR | JPN
  15. Tetris: The Grandmaster ACE [NTSC-J]

    First X360 request, anyone have Tetris: The Grandmaster ACE, this game is a launch title for the Xbox 360 in Japan.