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  1. Warlord Blade

    [PS1] Unpatched ver of Dino Crisis

    @MobCat, RE-dump NTSC–U Dino Crisis: • 1 • 1.1
  2. Warlord Blade

    [PS1] Unpatched ver of Dino Crisis

    @RyouBakura, BOTH the NTSC–U 1 and 1.1 versions have ANTI-modchip PROtection.
  3. Warlord Blade

    mega.nz Vanguard Bandits (USA)(Redump)

    @MobCat, there is ONLY ONE disc for THIS game. Did you mean the EXTRA game that came bundled WITH it: Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete (Demo)?
  4. Warlord Blade

    tutorial Topic TAGging Guide.

    § OVERview: This forum SOFTware uses Topic tags to GROUP Topics which have the SAME tags. § INFORMation: When a tag is CLICKed, the forum will SEARCH the DATAbase to find MATCHes of that tag on OTHER Topics and SHOW the RESULTs. § USage: ● On the “Create New Topic” web-page, in the “Tags” section, ● In your Topic, under the “Started by”, click the PLUS button, INput the text. When there are MANY pieces of text TO be ENTERed, USE TWO commas to SEPARATE the text. § NOTEs: 1. When MANY tags are INputted using this method, the forum will REcord it as a SINGLE tag — to FIX this, click the “Save” button Again 2. IF the text INcludes a comma, the forum will RE-move it — RE-place the comma with a SPACE 3. The forum will CONVERT the characters to LOWer case when saved 4. BASIC tags for a Topic: a. File HOST └ IGNORE the DEfault Topic PRE-fix tags when creating a Topic — it is OUT-dated └ IF the DOWNload URLs ALL use the SAME file host — USE that file host as the Topic tag pre-fix └ Use the domain of the file host, EXclude the “.com” └ IF the file(s) are hosted on MULTIPLE hosts — use “multi” as the Topic tag pre-fix, include the INDIVIDUal hosts as separate tags b. OFFICial content name └ REfer to Wikipedia └ IF it can NOT be found on Wikipedia — use GameFAQs └ IF the content is part of a SERIES — one tag will be the BASE series name and AN-other for the SUB-title/REST of the NAMEd title └ IF the title has a NUMBER/ROMAN NUMERal — ignore it └ IF the content is a RE-boot/RE-imagining/RE-make — do NOT include the year it was released └ IF the content is a album/movie — do NOT include the year it was released c. Edition └ OMIT the word “edition” from the tag d. Platform └ AS it is on the official PACKaging └ Include the OWNer of the platform e. File EXTENsion └ Include the period in the tag f. TnW g. REGion └ FOR DISC-based games, use ntsc/pal └ For CARTridge-based games, use eu/us/jp/au/ko h. Languages i. Genre 5. Forum MODerators MAY ALTer the tags to REfine it. § EXAMPLEs: Note: 4a. google drive | mega.nz | nofile.io └ multi,,google drive,,mega.nz 4b. Resident Evil: Revelations 2 IS Resident Evil,,Revelations 4c. Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is Street Fighter,,Arcade 4d. PC is microsoft,,windows | Switch is nintendo,,switch | PlayStation 4 is sony,,ps4 4e. .bin | .iso | .mkv 4f. tnw 4g. ntsc-j | ntsc-u | pal └ eu | us | ww 4h. english | japanese 4i. racing | rhythm. § CONvention: Topic tags are STRONGly ENcouraged. It is VITAL to BUILDing a robust AND flexible system to group Topics which contain SIMILAR content across the database. — Warlord Blade
  5. § OVERview: This Topic NOTIFies you mega.nz has RE-enforced their bandwidth limit Against third party software AND presents the SOLUtion. § INFORMation: Mega.nz ALLOWs free users to download 5 GB EVERY 6 hours. Their system uses your IP address to track your bandwidth usage. § PROblem: MegaDownloader shows the speed as 0 KB\s for the downloading file. § REASON: Mega.nz has REVISed their platform to EN-force their bandwidth limitation against third party software which PREviously allowed users to circumvent it. § Solution: 1. Download AND install CyberGhost VPN 2. LAUNCH CyberGhost, click the THIRD tile: “Protect Network/Wi-Fi” 3. AFTer you have a connection, launch MegaDownloader to START/REsume the download └ IF necessary, SWITCH to ANother IP to CONtinue. — Warlord Blade
  6. Warlord Blade

    freedom Act NOW to Stop Internet Censorship

    @Super X, RE-name Topic TO “Act NOW to Stop Internet Censorship”.
  7. Warlord Blade

    How to Detect Transcodes

    @RyouBakura, the QUALity between a WAV/WV and a FLAC ENcoded file is the SAME — these are BOTH lossLESS containers. The ONLY difference between them is the Amount of COMPRESSion the codec used when the file was encoded/is capable of achieving. FLAC is USUALly 2-3 times SMALLer than the same WAV encoded file. The COST of having this smaller file size is an ADDed load on the device to DEcompress the PCM stream in the file for playback. NOTEs: 1. Compression, when used in the context of lossless files, means the file size SHRINKs WHILE the content REmains the same └ THINK of squeezing a piece of sponge to UNDERSTAND the concept 2. WAV encodes are the same quality of the disc it was “ripped” (the stream was COPIed) from. § TERMINology: ▪ Lossless: NO quality loss when compared to the source ▪ Container(s): used to REfer to media file types.
  8. Warlord Blade

    tutorial MENTION Feature.

    § OVERview: The Mention feature is a method to GET the ATTENTion of a member. § INFORMation: The person BEing mentioned will RECEIVE a Notification of that post instance. § USage: In the editor, type the @ symbol, a space character AND the member’s user-name WHEN the drop-down list appears CLICK on the member’s name. § NOTEs: 1. This feature will NOT recognize the text when it is pasted — it MUST be TYPEd into the editor 2. There is NO BBcode equivalent to this feature 3. There MUST be a space BEfore the @ symbol └ EXCEPT when it is used at the START of a line 4. The items in the drop-down list can NOT be hightlighted using the ARROW keys. § CONvention: USE this feature INstead of quoting members’ posts. — Warlord Blade
  9. Warlord Blade

    VitaPiracy LogIN Trouble.

    § OVERview: This Topic explains WHY you can NOT login to VitaPiracy (VP) AND presents the SOLUtion. § INFORMation: The VP forum is DIS-continued — NextGenRoms (NGR) is the SUCCESSor. § PROblem(s): 1. VP NO longer allows account creation and will RE-direct you to NGR when attempted. 2. VP does NOT recognize your NGR account information. § REASON: 1. ONLY accounts created ON VP will login. 2. VP and NGR do NOT share the same database — VP’s database is OLDer and NO longer updated. § Solution: ALL the content on VP is HERE — USE the search bar to find what you want. — Warlord Blade
  10. Warlord Blade

    The Lord of War.

    I was INVITEd here by a fellow Lord. He knows who he is... About me.