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  1. What are you doing right now?

    Decided to try some Indian food today and ended up ordering a lot of starters. Fried chilli chicken wings, Onion Bhaji/Bahji (?), Mango Lassi. I think I'm gonna get fat.
  2. Yep the links are dead for sure. Don't even bother going to their website, I just copy pasted the links on jdownloader and it said links dead.0/40 links online. @karanweir if you wanna reup you can.
  3. @karanweir Yep links are dead. @Djdragon44 I think we can allow zippyshare tbh. I've used them over the past few days along with jdownloader as suggested, and I'm getting 120mbps plus at all times.
  4. @Super X Sorry I forgot to respond to you, if you watched the original trilogy and the prequel trilogy (or atleast the prequel trilogy) then this will make sense to you
  5. Djdragon44 - New NGR Admin

  6. eboot encryption

    nonpdrm probably uses different kind of encryption and the keys for that encryption is not public.
  7. source : http://wololo.net/2017/12/27/ps4-specterdev-releases-4-05-kernel-exploit/ It’s finally here! 2 Months after Team Fail0verflow revealed the technical details of a Kernel Exploit for firmware 4.05, Developer SpecterDev released a functional implementation today. The release is fresh and I haven’t taken the time to test it yet (plus, I’m on 4.01 right now and will need to update), but there’s no reason at this point to doubt this release. If you’re running a PS4 4.05, please give it a try and report in the comments. Related: How to get your hands on a PS4 running firmware 4.05 Understand that this release, in its current state, might not be 100% user friendly. But, fingers crossed, this should open up the PS4 scene a little bit more, and hopefully new developments will make this very interesting. Specifically, SpecterDev states: Credits SpecterDev credits the following people for their contribution to the exploit (besides Fail0verflow): qwertyoruiopz Flatz CTurt Anonymous Download and install PS4 4.05 Kernel Exploit You can download the Files on SpecterDev’s github here. Additionally, The hacker has released a sample payload to enable the Debug settings. you can find it here. To run the exploit, you need to have a console on firmware 4.05. If you are below 4.05, you can update to 4.05 by finding the right update file online. If you are above 4.05, you cannot downgrade and this exploit will not work for you. You’ll need to host the exploit files on a local server, and access the index.html file through Webkit on the PS4. Once the exploit runs successfully, the console will be listening for payloads on port 9020. You can send the payloads with command netcat from your computer. I apologize as my explanation’s very rough for now. More as we dive into it ourselves!
  8. Issue #1 Published: June 07, 2017 Rating: Rated T Writer: Charles Soule Penciler: Giuseppe Camuncoli Cover Artist: Jim Cheung Download GDRIVE https://tinyurl.com/darthvngr
  9. Post will be updated as more issues are released. Issue 1
  10. @Lord Valarion : Flash was... weird. His character worked at times and sometimes it didn't. But I thought he's alright tbh.
  11. Skate 3 with dlc

    @gameguru318 : Couldn't find the DLC. But here's the main game:
  12. I completed Odyssey campaign and also finished dark side of the moon. Now exploring for more moons. Man I really wish there were more AAA PS4 type games for the switch as well. Kirby looks awesome btw :o
  13. So Justice League is out, was wondering what you guys think of it?
  14. Got a new switch that came with fw 3.0.1. So I just upgraded it. Looked at the Nintendo Store and the prices on there are s**t so I decided to buy physical only when available. Suggest some games to get me started.
  15. What did you eat or drink last?

    I went crazy on some hot wings and I'm now sick