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  1. So Justice League is out, was wondering what you guys think of it?
  2. Got a new switch that came with fw 3.0.1. So I just upgraded it. Looked at the Nintendo Store and the prices on there are s**t so I decided to buy physical only when available. Suggest some games to get me started.
  3. What did you eat or drink last?

    I went crazy on some hot wings and I'm now sick
  4. @Yukiko scratch that I tried and failed. No luck with pc code.
  5. @Yukiko Hold on I'll get you an origin code.
  6. @Yukiko I thought you had a PS4? There's no ban risk or any bs.
  7. Hey guys and gals. I have some closed beta codes that came with pre order to give away. Open beta is on the 6th, closed beta is open now. Let me know if you're interested and I can post it here I can try and get some US codes as well if you need it.
  8. Disney is pulling Star Wars and Marvel films from Netflix https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2017/09/disney-is-pulling-star-wars-and-marvel-films-from-netflix/?comments=1 What the f*ck is the point of this? They're asking for piracy
  9. The updated Adrenaline (Adrenaline 6) doesn't require PSN anymore.
  10. went out to get milk. Ended up buying these..
  11. Seriously, what is with it recently... Anyone who finds (supposedly) and exploit just brags about it on twitter and then don't release it. If you didn't wanna release it then what's the point of telling everyone you have an exploit? (apart from stroking your ego). I don't get it when the excuse is - "we will wait until the exploit gets discovered and patched by Sony before releasing it". What's the point of that? It's not like the PS4 is a brand new system, we're almost 5 years in and this would be the perfect time to release it so as to allow homebrew devs to make good use of the exploit, it doesn't look like another substantial fw update is gonna drop from Sony. Rantover. Sorry O:)