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  1. ckv1212

    Painting the Switch backplate

    Would this be a good idea considering that the current gen switches have been known to heat and warp? @Potato-Desu
  2. ckv1212

    discussion What did you eat or drink last?

    I ate a juicy cheeseburger.
  3. ckv1212

    Prez Of AnnonyMouSS

    Hi Olivier, Welcome to NGR! Let us know if you need any help Please kindly get involved and share your thoughts always!
  4. Hi @vladone97 , CFW would be out within a few weeks in my opinion, it MIGHT get harder to find a switch from online stores. I'd suggest you purchase now if you have the funds. It will be a software hack and won't require you opening up the console as far as I know. (I may be wrong.) Yes, Piracy will be possible with this exploit. We will open up a switch downloads section for regular members soon.
  5. I use this on most of my windows installations. It really does help a lot in terms of improving in-game performance and helps to get rid of f*cking Cortana running in the background even when disabled!
  6. ckv1212

    official Introducing NextGenRom's Minecraft Server~!

    @jezzymods I can give you premium minecraft acc if you want.
  7. ckv1212


    @StripeBrawler +1 to the GPD Pocket! F**k yeah dude! I have one too.
  8. A lot of users on Twitter and other social media platforms reported that Alexa is randomly laughing without being prompted to wake up. Some owners also reported Alexa reading out the meaning of the word"please" when ordered to do something. inb4 Alexa becomes sentient and causes a nuclear holocaust. Some sources to read : Sources to read : And the juicy tweets :