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  1. thanks for your contribution, but why didn't you use nonpdrm?
  2. Thanks! i really like that kawakami profile pic
  3. Tokyo.Xanadu.v01.04.English.Patched-By.NoOne

    i noticed that too, or sometimes some random sound effects play instead of voices. i already redownloaded the game once and it's still there. it's more like a very minor issue with the translation patch. but still a bit annoying
  4. try disabling your plugins, amphetamine/rincheat/gohanmem etc. the game works just fine.
  5. thats how it is in this game (at least in the japanese version)
  6. you could, but there are no voice languages in this dump (aside from english) and the subs are like 1 mb each so it wont really make a difference
  7. Tokyo.Xanadu.v01.04.English.Patched-By.NoOne

    i just installed the game using maidump.... try using a different program to unzip the download. if you used win rar try using 7-zip or try moving the contents of the zip individually, sometimes not everything unzips for some reason
  8. Tokyo.Xanadu.v01.04.English.Patched-By.NoOne

    when you download games dumped by maidumptool, you get the PCSXXXXXX folder for that game. put the folder inside the /mai/ folder on the root of your memcard. get the latest maidumptool, launch it select install game/patch/dlc and select the folders you want to install. done.
  9. [Request] Unit 13 network pass

    youre right, that was a bit rude.
  10. [Request] Unit 13 network pass

    "thanks" for telling me what you think, yes it can be dumped as a dlc. you are an idiot, inform yourself before posting such useless comments. there is a few network passes on this site
  11. [Request] Unit 13 network pass

    Nobody will see this probably but, does anyone own the network pass for unit 13? if so, can you dump and upload it please? its just 1-2 mb(even less)
  12. [MEGA] Lumo EU-CaRT [MaiDumpTool_V233.2z10] [TNW]

    the game crashes as soon as you enter a specific area, it was apparantly fixed with the latest version
  13. can confirm, its working. thanks