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  1. As the title says it's a full uncensor to put a little spice in the game. I simply ported mods from the PC version to the vita and all credits goes to loverslab for helping me get started on this mod and "The Butler" for the body textures. The DLC is also hacked/forged from the PC version, i just simpley fixed its fodler structure and made a param.sfo for them. • What's included in the uncensor patch: • Removed 1st censor (Light beam) • Removed 2nd censor (Flower) • Removed 3rd censor (another Light beam) • Replaced Body texture to include nipples and privates • All DLC (imported from the PC and generated param.sfo wo make it work) How to install: Just copy all to ux0:mai and install via maidump tools. Already set to mode 6 to make DLC work since mode 5 "won't" show DLC's download link:
  2. so... how do you exactly rip the bra and panties off like on the screenshot in the partial uncensor? only manage to rip off clothes but not the underwear.
  3. After many days of trial and errors and testing finally got all bra to be invisible when character is on uniform, so here's V2 of my attempt to uncensored the game. I've tested the game and finished it, but not 100% so not really tested all the uniform clothes and alternate color for uniforms. So Let me know if the game freezes during a certain uniform or character wearing a specific clothes. What's included in the uncensor patch: • Removed Light censor • Removed Bar on "Creative Finisher: Windows Glass" • Removed Scroll on "Creative Finisher: Scroll Shelf" • Removed Lamp on "Creative Finisher: Tombstone" • Replaced Body texture to include nipples and privates (no hair) • Make Bra's invisible (Uniform only, so bra is invisible when uniform gets rips off or when wearing a lingerie) Bugs: • not really sure how to prevent nipple protrusion from sticking out off the clothes on Clothing break lv. 1 • small breast has no nipple protrusion??? Full game with mods Link: https://mega.nz/#!kABFWbya!OSOgQ2DiLEFaYU3xRahH6cfFjjptpRPNfbr-ddhY90c Patch only: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1YsBqe6d4jO3bhLth2-XX1UgGPPsooREF
  4. Borderlands 2 change resolution

    "C0 03 00 00 20 02 00 00" doesn't seem to be present on 1.09 game update on PCSE00383
  5. [NONPDRM] Omega Labyrinth En Version

    I thnk that wold be imposoble since there is no US release of Omega Labyrinth
  6. Toukiden 2 [PCSG00830] (v.08) English Patch

    The DLC mitama and armor is in the characters house, I think you need to read the letters form the slayer guild and the DLC mission is located in the portal stone -> online/adhoc/single player and on the headquarters I actually bought rose in the twilight with that purpose in mind, though I'm having difficulty with the font files
  7. Toukiden 2 [PCSG00830] (v.08) English Patch

    I think someone is working on Caligula, there's a beta patch on reddit and with berserk it's impossible, the Japanese version is also not compatible with 3.60, so a English port wont work
  8. Toukiden 2 [PCSG00830] (v.08) English Patch

    It's just recovery volume so you could repair the whole archive in case it got corrupted in the middle of the download. I've replied to your PM
  9. If it's a retail game and pre-patched, it should work on ODE by just resigning the eboot/sprx
  10. Toukiden 2 [PCSG00830] (v.08) English Patch Since it has come a long way and now it deserved a proper release thread Here's a English translation port patch for Toukiden 2 [PCSG00830] JPN which is compatible with Henkaku enabled consoles. Finally manage to get a hold of a US dump of Toukiden 2 and a 1.06 JPN Game update with the help of Ginkuji and kyu0911. With those files on hand I was able to make a much better translation port unlike with the v0.4c patch. What’s Translated: All stuffs Bugs that needs fixing: Some word warp and overshooting text problems on Mitama's Bio and Inscription Texts Maybe a few minor word warp and overshooting text problems on other parts that I’ve missed Very long text exceeding 50 characters gets cut on movie subtitle (I think there's a few of those) Inscription Texts are bugged, it displays all text at your first read on the tablet. What's included: English patch 1.06 game update DLC's Original base game LINKDATA.BIN hash should be: ce188a3e4f2cdda54d091be120ead4f4 Patched game LINKDATA.BIN hash should be: 57e24e9d69d8884bc5a326b4180486e1 How to patch game [PC]: 1. Backup your game and save 2. Copy the games LINKDATA.BIN to this folder and rename to LINKDATA.BIN.BAK 3. Open/Run xdeltaUI.exe 4. Open patch and select 'froid_san_v0.8.xdelta' 5. Open source file and select 'LINKDATA.BIN.BAK' 6. Save your output file as 'LINKDATA.BIN' 7. Click 'Patch' and wait for it to finish 8. Copy the patched LINKDATA.BIN back to your Vita 9. Copy the contents inside the 'Copy to PCSG00830 and overwrite all' folder to PCSG00830 folder and overwrite all files For bug reports, just search froid_san or Happydance on google send me a PM on those forums you find Credits: Ginkuji for the US dump of Toukiden 2 kyu0911 for the 1.06 JPN Game update YuMe-iD of NGR for some additional DLC [OLD Screenshots] [LATEST Video] [Patch only with 1.06 update and DLC:] Google Drive [Pre-patched game with 1.06 update and DLC, ready to download, install and play :] Google Drive
  11. I'm still working on Kamen Rider Battride War Genesis on the vita and some ps3 games, I'm just doing this port as a breather. A Rose in the Twilight seems might be easy to port, if a USA/EU is dump via maidumptools.
  12. ah... I already gotten hold of it a few days ago and the only difference with the 1.06 and 1.05 is the eboot and the 00044.EDAT so you could basically delete all the files except 00044.EDAT inside the "patch" folder of the 1.06 gam update and install it via maidump and change mode to 5, and you can retain the patch and play online now.
  13. No... unfortunately, extracted files with psvimgtool from CMA is still encrypted. Like the CMA version uploaded on reddit
  14. 1. About the images, I'm just waiting for a proper maidump of the US/EU version, a user from Reddit game me a copy of the Korean version of the game and checked some of the files and one example is that on the text image used by the menus on both Korean and Japanese version have the same placement that are different from the US demo version. After getting the images done, i'll fix those word-warp and other text related problems... So I believe that acquiring a proper dump sill solve most of the image problem. A friend of mine said that he might able to borrow one and will try to dump it. No promises, so I'm just patiently for a proper dump, while learning more about hacking this game. It's just been 2 weeks since I just started messing around with this game and my 2nd translation hack on the Vita (I usually do PS3 games), so I'm just learning things as I go. 2. I plan on making a proper release on my translation project blog, https://vitaenglishtranslations.wordpress.com/ (where ,most vita translation patch are). then a pre-patched release once it's finished on pirate sites like I used to do on most of my projects. I think a pre-patch release is unavoidable, since I'm planning in resizing the LINKDATA.BIN to be able to fit large file size images from the US version and I think a simple file difference patching like on xdelta wont do anymore and will need other patching method (Extract/Rebuild). Honestly I was reluctant to do this translation port at first since I hated omega forge game files and I can't figure it out at first when I was taking a look on berserk files on the PS3/PC to make a port. But after taking a good look the files and making simple changes, it wasn't that bad at all.