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  1. dlc:
  2. I would like to ask someone who translated this because I would be very curious about her text? And of course, I would also be in English for the first part ( Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos ) If someone knows something about it please write. Thanks!
  3. Yes !!! I found it. I figured that the link was incorrectly inserted. .!1PRUEDRJ!BONSFxk89CTwR-a7NbWAlARiCd5Ec_gpYCmAXERMqsQ
  4. Yes.Full uncensore patch for Moero Chronicle(ASIA - PCSH00148). Ported by ShinRaikodou
  5. Genkai Tokki Moe Chronicle - Lewd edition (v0.93) Beta version. Full uncensore patch for Moero Chronicle(ASIA - PCSH00148). Ported by ShinRaikodou. Credit for original textures goes to "unilove" with his patch for PC version. I ported all uncensored images(50 girls) for first costumes + mini games for them. Although I made this patch, it still need testing. I am busy right now to play that game. If you encountered any bug feel free to contact me. Changelog: 0.93 Fixed freezes. Images now in original resolution as they have to be. Future plan: Update this patch with New or Alternative version when they came out on PC. Make "Without clothes" version and add uncensored textures on all second job panties. Installation: For NoNpDRM - place it in /patch/ . For Vitamin/Mai - Replace MA.cpk in /app/PCSH00148/data/ Thats all. Enjoy~
  6. This mod removes Smoke, Light and Dark Matter censorship Screenshot: Download: Thanks to /u/Eyepooped for uploading the Bullet Girls Phantasia
  7. (question) drive girls nude? Anyone interested in working on this? I see it has cat files same as senran kagura but the extractor tool from SKEV game doesn't work...
  8. game:!jMQh3SKY!NBnB2yGis_yVdChml_ex-D0aSYhWykPp1m7c8NQglFU compack:!jQJwSIwA!TiAmTHKGwpgT804p5zmx1Q
  9. Peetmester

    request Fernz Gate Compatibility Pack

    CompPack for STAY: