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  1. nonpdrm [PCSE00293] Final Fantasy X - HD Remaster (Cheats)

    Have not tried, but I doubt it. Feel free to try though, let me know.
  2. nonpdrm [PCSE00293] Final Fantasy X - HD Remaster (Cheats)

    Hey did u get it working ? I saw u deleted ur comments... Hope u figured it out.
  3. Far cry 3 had the best story Imo. I haven't tried 5 yet but I platinumed 3 and 4, the enemy in 3 was super trippy and badass. I'd try that one if I were u
  4. nonpdrm [PCSE00293] Final Fantasy X - HD Remaster (Cheats)

    Here it is. I took some of the cheats out of this file because I didn't need them anymore after I maxed my sphere level, but u will see the format. Copy/paste the other cheats into this file and make them look the same. U will see the space I was talking about that you have to delete. PCSE00293.psv
  5. nonpdrm [PCSE00293] Final Fantasy X - HD Remaster (Cheats)

    If u look on the vitacheat GitHub, there's a cheat database with a bunch of FFX cheats, I've been using most of em and they work. Il post the tsv file here if anyone wants it. PCSH00042.psv If u wanna get this file to work by putting it in the vitacheat/db folder, u have to change the title I'd to pcse00293 in the file title and the first line in the file. Also, any cheat where the title takes up 2 lines, u have to shorten it to 1 line. It took me a while of editing the file to get the cheats to show up in vitacheat, if you can't figure it out, you can always just type the cheats in manually... Which sucks I know but if I get a chance I copy my edited file back and post it.
  6. news PS4 4.55 Homebrew Enabler Released

    Do any of you guys know what firmware a new PS4 pro , PS4 slim, or original fat PS4 comes with? I have an original one but I play online with it so it's fully updated. I'd get another one if they come with a low enough firmware. Thanks guys
  7. VitaCheat/FinalCheat z05Beta Released (3.65 Support)

    What's cps2 games? U can't emulate ps2 games on Vita can you?
  8. VitaCheat/FinalCheat z05Beta Released (3.65 Support)

    Nice I might check this out. I just got z03 working, have to start my game fast and not go to the home screen or leave it at the lock screen very long before it freezes, but I basically just use it for one game so it's been fine for me. As long as I stay in the game it works good and I'm on 3.65 . Any word on if this version freezes or anything? I read that z04 would put u in a bootloop on 3.65 ...
  9. VitaCheat v360 Z03 Beta for CFW 3.65 plus Z05 update

    I finally figured it out, on 3.65 enso, I added vitacheat to the config files in ur0 and ux0, but it finally worked when I added it to the config in uma0. Idk if ur running sd2vita but that's what my problem was.
  10. Nice. Haven't checked that one out. I hate to admit it but I finally got vitacheat working so I should have the Final Fantasy X Platinum soon lol I know I'm a cheating bastard... But all my other platinums we're legitly earned! I swear lol. Got one trophy left for Far Cry 4 but I need ps+ to do it which I don't have at the moment. What's ur PSN I'll add u. Mine is same as my name here phillybluntz530
  11. VitaCheat v360 Z03 Beta for CFW 3.65 plus Z05 update

    Vitacheat works for you with that config? Are you using vpk/maidumps or nonpdrm games?
  12. VitaCheat v360 Z03 Beta for CFW 3.65 plus Z05 update

    Can someone help me get this working? I put Vita cheat.skprx and .suprx in ur0:vitacheat folder, added the lines in ur0:tai/config file and ux0 tai config file just for good measure, but still nothing happens when I open Final Fantasy X (nonpdrm version from pkgi) and I press right+L. I'm running 3.65 enso. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. VitaCheat v360 Z03 Beta for CFW 3.65 plus Z05 update

    Could you use this with FF X?
  14. I currently only have 6 plats, Red Dead Redemption PS3 South Park stick of truth PS3 Far cry 3 PS3 Need for speed Rivals PS4 Hitman go PS Vita Kingdom Hearts Final Mix ps3 But I'm super close to getting it on Far Cry 4 PS4 and on my Vita I'm working on Final Fantasy X. FFX is gonna be a b***h tho lol there's a few super hard trophies. What games are y'all working on, any fellow trophy hunters? PS anyone who has much experience with final fantasy x I'd love to chat about the postgame grind.
  15. [Request][nonpdrm] Lara Croft Go EU

    The US version is on pkgi but I keep getting an error when downloading it...