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  1. [Request][nonpdrm] Lara Croft Go EU

    The US version is on pkgi but I keep getting an error when downloading it...
  2. SD2VITA Setup Tutorial (With Pictures!)

    @Djdragon44 Anyway, any info on what I can do with uma0? We were talking about it in chat but It was all gone in the morning. Thanks again EDIT: WELL damn I guess the new retroarch CAN load roms from uma0 and you can also set adrenaline to load it's contents from uma0. So I have a purpose for the Sony memory card again. Thanks guys. And sorry @djdragon for that garbage method of posting I did the other day 😂😂 thanks for fixing it.
  3. SD2VITA Setup Tutorial (With Pictures!)

    Hey thanks allot for this guide. I followed a different guide at first that didn't say anything about imaging the zzblank.img on the SD card, I thought I lost everything lol. Anyways now that my sd2vita works I'm wondering, what can I do with my 16 gb Sony memory card that is now mounted at uma0? Retroarch can't load roms from there, only ux0 and ur0... So can I put Vita games on there or something? Thanks in advance
  4. So i ran the exploit from the website, its been about 5 minutes and nothing has happened, it looks like my ps3 is frozen... did i f**k up? Its a 2001a, minchkver said 2.60 or something way below 3.60 anyway. I did the nor exploit because thats what a slim 2001a is right? Only thing i can think is i didn't reformat the usb drive to fat32 cuz it let me run the syschkver so i figured maybe it was already fat32? I dont have a computer been doing this all with an android. Would that cause this problem? Any response would be awesome thanks guys EDIT: Turned my console off, tried the exploit again and it worked! Beeper 3 times, shut off. So i turn it back on and go to install the cfw, it gets to 70% then says the file is corrupted. I checked the md5 hash and its exactly the same as listed here. So i tried it all again, deleted the dump.hex file that the exploit created on my flash drive, did the exploit again then tried to install the cfw again, same problem. The only possible thing i can think is that its because its not formatted to fat32? I dont have a computer to check with but as soon as i find one il post my findings. Any input would still be appreciated. Thanks guys EDIT 2: Figured it out. Used a different link for the nornand writer than what was listed here. Worked like a charm and got rebug installed. Thanks for hosting the files i needed! Now i need to figure out how to install homebrew.
  5. Kingdom Hearts 1 or 2... or Red Dead Redemption!
  6. List of Kodi Addons and Repos That Have Shut Down or Working

    Damn that sucks. Kodi was my go-to for movies and shows for a long time. Now my girl pays for all the shit lol and im back to the occasional torrent when i wanna see something super new.
  7. I Need RPG Suggestions

    What! That's dope I f**kin loved pikmin, between pikmin and wind waker, I'm either gonna mod chip my gamecube to play em or jailbreak a wii. I'm Def gonna try this one though. Dam I'm glad I read this thread lol
  8. EDM guys gather.

    Hey man this song is dope as f**k! It came on my headphones on shuffle and it pounds so hard. Do you know the label Circus Records? They got Flux pavilion, doctor p, funtcase, cookie monsta and a few other sick people. Haven't been into edm for a few years but I was heavy into it when I was in college and circus records had the dopest music besides Nero they r sick too. I like UK dubstep n edm more than most American stuff
  9. EDM guys gather.

    Anyone ever heard of Timeline? Badass chill dubstep or trance idk how to classify it. Also, sorry how do you make it say reveal hidden contents?
  10. What TV Show(s) Have You Watched Recently?

    American horror story. Badass show. Can't wait for the new season.
  11. Hill Climb Racing {MOD}

    That's badass I spent so many hours grinding for coins on this game lol
  12. Some Vita related questions

    Zip and rar are basically the same thing. If u dump a game with vitamin it becomes a vpk. If u rename that .vpk file to a .zip file u can extract it and then u have the game files which u can install woth MaiDump. If u dump a game with MaiDump and take the folder you get and compress it to a .zip file then rename it to a .vpk file then u can Install with vitamin.
  13. game A Never Ever Ending Story

    I grabbed them...
  14. What did you eat or drink last?

    I made sum bomb ass bbq tri tip sandwiches they were so good and I still have Hella tri tip to make more!?
  15. What Movie(s) Have You Watched Recently?

    Anyone seen Fist Fight yet? it's got ice cube and Charlie day the guy from its always sunny in philadelphia. I also downloaded a cam version of the new Chips movie but haven't watched it yet. Dax Shepard is funny as hell tho and Michael Pena is good too.I mostly watch comedies about smoking weed n other funny shit lol idk if any of u guys smoke but I do haha I hope this site don't have to be kid friendly lol