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  1. Ok a few questions regarding your suggestions: 1. Go to henkaku.xyz and see if it updates you mean? 2. I believe it is booting into enso properly because it shows the weird logo on startup instead of the ps symbol, and my adrenaline and other homebrews and game dumps installed through vitamin or maidump work fine still. 3. I tried my best to install NoNpDrm but maybe i did it wrong? Is there any way to confirm if its installed correctly? Like a different app that needs it to work? 4. I read that there is no need for the pkgi.txt file, and that only the config.txt file was needed. Can you send me a link to a download for the pkgi.txt file or a link that explains it? That would be much appreciated. I should have all day tomoro to mess around with this and try your ideas. Just wanted to say thank you again for all the help i really appreciate it and hope i can get my pkgi working!
  2. I don't get an error code from pkgi but from downloading from ps store i get error code e-80558325. And idk about other nonpdrm games. Isnt NoPayStation where pkgi gets its games from? If it is then yes i tried downloading a small game (~150 mb) and then i downloaded the Flickr app (~10 mb) and neither of them worked. I can install vpk files still i believe. Havent tried in a while as i have most games on my vita currently that i wanted, but just wanted to see how pkgi worked. Been working my ass off all day, but should have free time 2moro to check out ReNpDrm. Thanks for the tip will get back on here to update after i try that.
  3. No im not using sd2vita. And i only brought up ps store not working because i thought downloading through pkgi downloads it from the ps store in some way? And i cant even update my legally purchased physical games or redownload any of my purchased ps1 classics. And i tried using the smallest app there is to download from pkgi (twitch or flickr i believe) so i know i have way more than twice that amount. I have about 1.5 gb free and tried downloading a ~150 mb game and it wouldnt work so i tried a small app which also didnt work. Then i tried to download an app from ps store which didnt work. Would pkgi not work due to the vita being deactivated? If you read that article it explains that error code means the system was deactivated but im not sure if that should affect pkgi as well or if i did something else wrong. Also, i tried installing the game i downloaded from pkgi through maidumptool but it didnt work. Thanks for the help RazorX any more info would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Not having nonpdrm would not effect downloads from the ps store, but I do have nonpdrm installed correctly and i dont believe logging into psn matters as i have been logged in since before i was using henkaku to play games online and it has always worked. YifanLu said somehow psn either banned or deactivated all vitas that were spoofing 3.65 heres the article https://gist.github.com/yifanlu/c4cc12d3f1ccaebbf1846b84a69a4bfb If you can find anything fixing this error it would be appeeciated but i dont think there currently is unless i majorly overlooked something. Thank you though.
  5. Sweet thank u RazorX. Well now i have a new issue lol so i see the games list but when i try to install something, it downloads it which takes a long ass time THEN it decides to tell me installation error. I also cant install anything from ps store for some reason. Any ideas? Thanks in advance again. EDIT: F my MF life lol its giving me error code e-80558325 which with a good ol google search shows that my vita has been deactivated because i was spoofing 3.65? Most of the results on google were a few months old. Has anyone found a workaround for this yet? Im so pissed i finally got pkgi working and now this 😡😩😤 thanks everyone EDIT 2: Since i havent found anything about a fix for this, im guessing there isnt one yet. But, since when using pkgi it downloads the game files just cant install them, can i take that folder and install it with vitamin or easier, maidumptool? I may try it out, but i dont wanna risk f***ing anything else up. Thanks guys.
  6. Is there any way to download these games on an android phone? My pc is crapping out so i usually dl games on my phone then turbo ftp to my vita. Thanks in advance!
  7. List of Kodi Addons and Repos That Have Shut Down or Working

    Damn that sucks. Kodi was my go-to for movies and shows for a long time. Now my girl pays for all the shit lol and im back to the occasional torrent when i wanna see something super new.
  8. I Need RPG Suggestions

    What! That's dope I f**kin loved pikmin, between pikmin and wind waker, I'm either gonna mod chip my gamecube to play em or jailbreak a wii. I'm Def gonna try this one though. Dam I'm glad I read this thread lol
  9. EDM guys gather.

    Hey man this song is dope as f**k! It came on my headphones on shuffle and it pounds so hard. Do you know the label Circus Records? They got Flux pavilion, doctor p, funtcase, cookie monsta and a few other sick people. Haven't been into edm for a few years but I was heavy into it when I was in college and circus records had the dopest music besides Nero they r sick too. I like UK dubstep n edm more than most American stuff
  10. EDM guys gather.

    Anyone ever heard of Timeline? Badass chill dubstep or trance idk how to classify it. Also, sorry how do you make it say reveal hidden contents?
  11. What TV Show(s) Have You Watched Recently?

    American horror story. Badass show. Can't wait for the new season.
  12. Hill Climb Racing {MOD}

    That's badass I spent so many hours grinding for coins on this game lol
  13. Some Vita related questions

    Zip and rar are basically the same thing. If u dump a game with vitamin it becomes a vpk. If u rename that .vpk file to a .zip file u can extract it and then u have the game files which u can install woth MaiDump. If u dump a game with MaiDump and take the folder you get and compress it to a .zip file then rename it to a .vpk file then u can Install with vitamin.
  14. A Never Ever Ending Story

    I grabbed them...
  15. What did you eat or drink last?

    I made sum bomb ass bbq tri tip sandwiches they were so good and I still have Hella tri tip to make more!🐄