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  1. Gintama Rumble English patched

    Thanks mate.. 😊😊😊
  2. Gintama Rumble English patched

    Someone has this game?
  3. tbe 3.60 savegame manager still works! i tried it on mine...
  4. Berserk and the band of hawk

    It is available now on PKGI
  5. Fate Extella Umbral Star Game Request

    I can't download the NPS Browser 404 not found at github link, do you have the link for NPS Browser?
  6. Fate Extella Umbral Star Game Request

    Can you provide me a link bro and do the same thing for Berserk as well if you had one thnx..
  7. Fate Extella Umbral Star Game Request

    Do you have the Nonpdrm of it?
  8. Now that the 3.67 henkaku has arrived, As a friend i humbly request this game...
  9. can you provide me the link for 160 costumes and accessories + 2 dlc characters only plss.. not included the sound pack..
  10. doe anyone have a save file of japanese version of yakuza 0 for ps4 or ps3 and transfer it to ps vita in order to unlock all styles of this companion app?.
  11. Attack on Titan EUR DLC

    It does not work for me, my game is vitamin.
  12. Attack on Titan EUR DLC

    can i have only the mai_moe, sce_module, sce_sys and eboot.bin cause my game is vitamin dump? i dont want to download the data files again.
  13. can you share the game for us?
  14. Nice!!! now we need Dragon Quest Heroes II to be translated.
  15. [RQ Reupload] Dragon Quest Heroes II (JAP)

    I hope someone could make a translation of this game.