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  1. Spookycam3 πŸ‘»

    mega.nz Hellboy - Asylum Seeker (USA)(Redump)

    Fun fact: this game came out for the ps1 in 2003. They had no reason to do this because the ps2 came out in 2000. It is a terrible game but still fun to play through if you wanna see on how to not port a video game from pc
  2. Spookycam3 πŸ‘»

    Teamviewer Cracked

    How many users are you trying to connect to at once? 0.o
  3. Spookycam3 πŸ‘»

    How to install games

    just install through tinfoil.
  4. I'm not getting notifications for a lot of things. Come to the chatbox on the main site page so I can help you 1:1 live. I am usually available
  5. Spookycam3 πŸ‘»

    Teamviewer Cracked

    it's free https://www.teamviewer.com/en/credentials/free-for-personal-use/
  6. @boomhaueruk please download this and put it in the same place as all the skprx files. I added it to the config file as well so put the updated one I am posting into the correct place and try it now. https://github.com/xyzz/gamecard-microsd/releases/download/v1.0/gamesd.skprx config.txt
  7. Hi I am sorry. I have been really busy with things and haven't had time to do much here. I am taking a look at it now and I will get back to you later tonight (It is 5:35pm here)
  8. Spookycam3 πŸ‘»

    Crash Bandicoot eBoot PS1

    I got it https://mega.nz/#!OL5m2aJa!CgrLCFktO074DHJitbJlW9loWgSl47yrdMVLyNg_6Ik
  9. Spookycam3 πŸ‘»

    mega.nz Unreal Tournament - (USA) (CDI)

    Description: Link: Key:
  10. Spookycam3 πŸ‘»

    official Introducing NextGenRom's Minecraft Server~!

    was it recently you tried it?
  11. Spookycam3 πŸ‘»

    official Introducing NextGenRom's Minecraft Server~!

    @Djdragon44 is the server still up? I wanna join if it is
  12. Spookycam3 πŸ‘»

    mega.nz Resident Evil 3 - (USA) (CDI)

    Description: Link: Key:
  13. Spookycam3 πŸ‘»

    mega.nz Resident Evil 2 - (USA) (CDI)

    Description: Link: Key:
  14. Spookycam3 πŸ‘»

    mega.nz Phantasy Star Online Ver. 2 - (USA) (CDI)

    Thank you for informing me. For these older games I normally just test to see if they boot up and start. I will make sure I check to see if any keys or serial numbers are required going forward. I added a new text file with the serial and key included in it and re-uploaded the game as well as credit you in the text file. Thank you so much @MobCat and the rest of the community