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  1. PS4 Firmware 6.20 was released yesterday, right after a series of announcements related to PS4 exploits. It would be very unlikely for Sony to be able to react so quickly to scene news, but people were still worried that some exploits could have been patched with this update. Since 6.20 was released, it has been confirmed by multiple people that the recently revealed Webkit vulnerability is still there on 6.20. (Confirmations here and here for example). Additionally, Zecoxao has confirmed that the โ€œtop secret methodโ€ he mentioned for โ€œgamesโ€ on firmware 6.02 (which we assume at the moment means a possibility for piracy, not much more, on the console) is also allegedly working on firmware 6.20. Zecoxao also clarified that he is not the person who found the glitch, and has no control on when that person will disclose the method SOURCE
  2. 6.20 just came out today. 6.02 is the previous version. it went from 6.02 to 6.20 Disconnect from the internet before you turn on your console and make sure to turn off the internet on your ps4 so it doesnt auto update. @Ravenstorm
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    news Quake Xmas Jam 2018 is live!

    I suggest putting the download in the pc gaming thread and linking to the thread in this post not everyone is gonna see it in general discussions
  4. RAVENSTORM DONT UPDATE TO 6.20 @Ravenstorm
  5. Scene veteran Zecoxao has announced that a โ€œmethodโ€ for โ€œgamesโ€ is coming soon for PS4 6.02. Although the tweets are pretty ambiguous, reading between the lines we can assume he is talking about a method to pirate games on the latest firmware. Specifically, Zecoxao has precised that this is not a hack, rather a โ€œmethodโ€, and that once it is disclosed, Sony will patch it. Heโ€™s also clarified that this will only be useful for games, which I interpret as: โ€œyouโ€™ll get piracy, not homebrewโ€. Sometimes the most clever techniques to run unsigned code on Sonyโ€™s consoles have emerged from โ€œglitchesโ€ that were barely considered as hacks, and this could become one of those. This announcement happens after two other PS4 hacks made the news this week, one a webkit (usermode) vulnerability, and the second one a yet-to-be-announced exploit (most likely usermode as well) by M0rph3us1987. Zecoxao has clarified that the upcoming โ€œmethodโ€ is not connected to these things. In parallel to this announce, hacker Mathieulh has once again given confirmation that at least he, and probably a larger group of hackers, have access to kernel exploits (or even more) on the latest firmware, but showed no intent to release anything in the foreseeable future. Setting aside the ethics of piracy for a minute, this release, if it happens, could be somewhat destructive for the embryonic PS4 scene: given an option to stay on a low firmware with full kernel access but with practically no homebrews, or upgrade to 6.02 and pirate recent games, it is likely a huge share of people will choose the latter, reducing even further the pool of people who can develop and enjoy homebrew on the console. (And, as always, donโ€™t update your console until you really have to) Source
  6. Info about patch: Description: Link: [Hidden Content] Password: DECODE LINK AND PASSWORD WITH:
  7. Info about patch: Description: Link: [Hidden Content] Password: DECODE LINK AND PASSWORD WITH:
  8. Christmascam3๐ŸŽ…

    news Recent Webkit vulnerability hits PS4 6.02

    Hacker Vultra has shared a proof of concept of a semi-recent webkit vulnerability, which seems to impact the latest PS4 firmware 6.02. More precisely, the bug impacts recent versions of the Webkit engine on PS4 6.00 and above, up to the 6.10 Beta. Firmwares 5.xx and below are apparently not vulnerable, possibly because their version of Webkit doesnโ€™t have the vulnerable function. The vulnerability itself (a bug in JSC::arrayProtoPrivateFuncConcatMemcpy) was first detailed on externalistโ€™s github about 4 months ago. It is assigned CVE Number CVE-2018-4538, and another detailed writeup (from September) on the vulnerability and how it is exploitable in Safari can be found here. The vulnerability has been fixed in Webkit several months ago, but it seems the patch might not have made it to the PS4 yet. There is no doubt that Sony will ultimately bring the fix to their Webkit implementation. Additionally, user exploits such as webkit exploits are historically not useful โ€œas isโ€ on modern consoles*, where they are typically just used as entry points for privilege escalation (kernel exploits or Jailbreaks). Therefore, the chances of this becoming more than a proof of concept are very slim. With that being said, if you are running on PS4 6.00 or above, you can give a try to the proof of concept by pointing your PS4 browser to SOURCE
  9. During the The 35th Chaos Communication Congress conference in Germany this year, developer m0rph3us1987 (known in particular for his release of the โ€œholy Grailโ€ HEN on hacked PS4s) will be making a presentation related to a PS4 hack he has developed. The hack allegedly makes use of Video related apps on the PS4 (The Media Player, maybe?). His presentationโ€™s abstract, loosely translated, states: It is unclear at the moment what kind of hack we are talking about here, but because the discussion specifically mentions video, this looks more to me like a userland exploit rather than a full exploit or Jailbreak. Nevertheless, because he mentions this is independent of the firmware version, we could be looking at some good news for people on recent firmwares including 6.02, who have been waiting for a hack for quite some time. In any case, this could be an interesting presentation, for those of you who speak German (the hacker has precised the presentation will be in German) and are interested in PS4 hacks. The video will most likely be made available online at some point, and hopefully someone will be able to translate the interesting bits for those of us who forgot their 11 years of German classes the day they moved to Japan. <โ€“ Thatโ€™s me. The presentation itself will be on December 28th. SOURCE
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    ngr direct Jet Set Radio Future [PAL]

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