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  1. @RyouBakura do i know SEO or what? All the right keywords in the title make it the first hit in google
  2. That like button is just a click away guys
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  7. Loved this game on gamecube when i was a kid and rented this at blockbuster! Tanks!
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  9. Chicken Strips Blue Stinger - (USA) (CDI)

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  12. Last month, Devil May Cry 5 director Hideaki Itsuno and producer Matt Walker said how they would "love" to see the popular hack and slash series on the Nintendo Switch. Now, in a recent interview with German magazine M!, Itsuno said the latest game in the Devil May Cry series would be considered for the Switch if Capcom's April release Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen "sells well" on the platform. Below is the translation: As for why Devil May Cry 5 wasn't announced for Nintendo's hybrid system in the first place, it's because development began before the team had access to Switch development kits. SOURCE
  13. Ubisoft's online shooter sequel The Division 2 is mere days away from its March 15th launch now, but PS4 owners might want to prepare themselves for a bit of an extended wait before play can commence; the game's day one update on PS4 will weigh in at a mammoth 90GB. That's according to a new official support page (as spotted by Game Informer) in which Ubisoft warns PS4 players who've opted to purchase The Division 2's physical edition that they should expect an 88-92GB download on launch day. "If you purchased a physical copy of the game, begin installing from the disc," it explains. "Provided you are online, your console will simultaneously download Title Update 1 while you install it." Ubisoft also notes that the the final HDD install size on PS4 will be between 88-92GB, for both the digital and disc versions. In other words, it sounds like physical owners are essentially being asked to download the entire game from scratch when release day comes. It's obviously a whopper of a download (even Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's 50GB launch day patch, one of the larger in recent memory, looks positively dainty in comparison) although it's not entirely clear why. According to Ubisoft's same support page, Xbox One and PC players should "expect a 48-52GB download" on launch day, meaning that the PlayStation 4 update is, for some reason, almost twice the size of other versions. All of which is to say that you probably shouldn't bank on playing The Division 2 soon after launch if you've plumped for the physical release, regardless of platform. And if you're on PlayStation 4, you'll have plenty of time to, say, read a book or learn a language or transcend entirely to another plane, while you wait for your download to complete. SOURCE
  14. LO ANGELES, CA – Crowds gathered outside of the Los Angeles Supreme store earlier this afternoon in anticipation for the skateboarding and streetwear brand’s latest release in collaboration with anime series Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. The collaboration features a limited run of various clothing and accessories incorporating Dragon Maid characters with the iconic Supreme box logo. Fans began lining up hours in advance in hopes of being among the first to partake in the launch. Unlike previous releases, the launch not only attracted the usual crowd of brand enthusiasts but fans of the Dragon Maid anime as well. Supreme collectors and so called “hypebeasts” found themselves beaten to the punch as anime fans began lining up hours before others had even arrived. “I’ve been to Anime Expo before so it’s actually quite a relief to only have to wait for 12 hours before getting the opportunity to buy some merch,” stated anime fan Brian Denmond who had been in line since the night before. “Normally you have to line up for a badge before you can even begin to queue for the merchant hall.” “I’m not sure what this Supreme thing is but once I heard from my Discord group that there were going to be Kanna shirts I knew I had to get down here,” another young man near the beginning of the line told our correspondent. Others in line did not provide such positive feedback, feeling cheated by the sudden influx of anime fans that had taken over the front portion of the line. “This is total bull,” said Nathan Dallas dressed in the finest name brands his parents’ money could buy. “I’m always here for the latest drop, but at this rate those damn weebs are going to grab all the good shit before I even get up there.” When the door finally opened, all merchandise was reportedly sold out within 15 minutes. Those who had been lucky enough to make a purchase were last seen heading towards the Los Angeles Convention Center to begin saving their spot for Anime Expo. SOURCE
  15. Sony Interactive Entertainment has officially ended the production of PS Vita in Japan. The news comes via the handheld console’s official website, where the two remaining SKUs – the PCH-2000 ZA11 and PCH-2000 ZA23 – both now display “shipments ended.” Sony previously confirmed they’d be ending the manufacturing of the handheld, in 2019. While a date for when production ends isn’t confirmed, when Sony announced the end of PS3 production, they officially stopped production two months later. The PS Vita was originally launched back in 2011. SOURCE
  16. Google’s Threat Analysis group has disclosed two 0-day vulnerabalities affecting Google Chrome and Windows 7 PCs yesterday (via Ars Technica). Google said it has already patched Chrome to remediate the vulnerability on March 1, and it’s recommending users to make sure that they have already updated the web browser to version 72.0.3626.121 or newer. As for the Windows 7 vulnerability, Google says that it already reported it to Microsoft but had to reveal it yesterday after the end of its to a 90-day disclosure deadline. The Redmond giant is said to already be working on a fix, but according to Google this vulnerability is already being exploited in targeted attacks. As Microsoft has yet to announce when it will fix this vulnerability, Google is recommending Windows 7 users to upgrade their PCs to Windows 10. Microsoft announced yesterday that the new OS is now running on 800 million devices worldwide, but 43.93% of Windows users were still using Windows 7 in March according to Netmarketshare. MY NOTE: Just because this is currently only being used against 32 bit versions of Windows 7 does not mean that the 64 bit version is safe. No where does anyone mention that windows 7 64bit is safe either. Just that it is has not being exploited on the 64bit version yet. It's just a matter of time. Microsoft has not even announced a fix yet. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD UPDATE TO WINDOWS 10. ITS FREE. SOURCE
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  20. Chicken Strips

    official NextGenRoms Factorio Server

    Hey Everyone! We have an official NGR Factorio server going now! We have had a couple people playing already so if you wanna join just download Hamachi and make an account and then either send me a pm or reply to this post and I will send you the log in details so you can join us!
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