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  1. @watyermelon: Fortnite



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    2. Ravenstorm


      I'm happy to have met you guys. ❤️  I am trying to keep my head together I'm so down though. :/ Sorry to derail status

    3. Chicken Strips Kiwami

      Chicken Strips Kiwami

      I made this for you awhile ago @Ravenstorm but I could never shrink it down enough so it would fit in the 2.15MB upload limit on the site.

    4. RyouBakura


      Nah no worries. I was kind of concerned that you weren't talking about it at all at first. :P

      And I feel me telling you to stay positive would be hollow since I'm not experiencing what you are. But you should try your best. We believe in you! :<3: