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  1. I wanna play persona now. @fixagel why didn't you tell me? Ya'll been holding out on us.

    1. watyermelon
    2. watyermelon


      also I gotta hurry and finish persona 3 again, then play p5 to see if I like it more this time around

    3. Ravenstorm


      Persona 3-4 dungeons are so boring compared to P5. Just random mazes. P5 was a huge step up IMO. The P5 characters I mostly found uninteresting though, unlike 3-4's. Joker is still my favorite MC.

  2. Chicken Strips Kiwami

    multi ToeJam & Earl III: Mission to Earth [PAL]

    @MobCat that's something you should bring up with the admins. Maybe in a suggestion thread here: Currently it is allowed though. So nothing wrong with it. I am still confused though. If this is your copy he uploaded then how is it bigger and why do the checksums not match anymore? Wouldn't the checksums match if pure just copied your upload? I personally think that we should be able to have duplicate threads of the same game or whatever. If one thread goes down I would rather have multiple threads of the same thing that still would be up.
  3. Chicken Strips Kiwami

    game Games from Web&Me

    @Vika23 YOU ROCK!
  4. Chicken Strips Kiwami

    multi ToeJam & Earl III: Mission to Earth [PAL]

    It's most likely different upload then what you posted @MobCat If the checksums are a mismatch then wouldn't that mean that it's not your rip but another rip? If that is the case it's still allowed. 
  5. Chicken Strips Kiwami

    multi ToeJam & Earl III: Mission to Earth [PAL]

    @MobCat It's not against the rules. However you can tell people you don't want them to re upload and or mirror things you have already posted or uploaded
  6. Chicken Strips Kiwami

    BlindWrite cracked

    Couldn't fine BlindWrite 7 but I do have some keys that will work on BlindWrite 6
  7. Chicken Strips Kiwami

    The Abandoned Witch Legacy joins NGR

    Also @watyermelon is right: Fortnite
  8. Chicken Strips Kiwami

    ngr direct 【Truck Kyousokyoku】【NTSC-JP-TNW】

    @MobCat is it working now for you? Edit. Thanks for the image hosting site @Yukiko!
  9. I figured out layering


    1. watyermelon


      Where's the fortnite?

    2. RyouBakura


      I admire Ron's expression, for it is a sign that he has accepted his fate.

    3. Ravenstorm


      Ryou is explaining how he will beat him in a D-d-d-d-duel and he can't take it anymore!

  10. As so often happens, it seems there were minor regional differences between the Nintendo Direct broadcasts for the east and west. Japanese fans were treated to games missing from the North American and European versions. First up is Dragon Quest Rivals, a free download first released on mobile back in 2017. It's an online card-based battler in the Hearthstone mould with characters from across the RPG series and cross-play between Switch and mobile. Next is a cutesy baseball game from Konami, Jikkyuu Powerful Pro Baseball, launching this year. Part of a long-running series, it's arguably most notable for being from Konami - they still make games, see! - but we're not the biggest baseball fans. Four-player co-op sounds interesting, though, if you like a spot of rounders. Finally we have a crossover, Doraemon: Nobita’s Story of Seasons, and we're a bit jealous. It appears to mix classic Harvest Moon-style gameplay with the cast of Doraemon in a beautiful watercolour world. Check out the trailer: Looks lovely, no? Hopefully we'll get some information about a western release soon SOURCE
  11. Chicken Strips Kiwami

    mega The Town with No Name - (DOS)

    Link: [Hidden Content] Password: DECODE LINK AND PASSWORD WITH: Note: This game is broken on the latest version of DOS Box. It might be working on older versions or other DOSBox like emulators. It will work on virtual box machines or VMware or actual hardware.
  12. Chicken Strips Kiwami

    discussion What did you eat or drink last?

  13. Ubisoft has confirmed the release date for Assassin’s Creed III Remastered on Nintendo Switch. The newly remastered threequel will launch for the hybrid console on May 21st. The game includes all prior DLC, Assassin’s Creed Liberation, and features Motion Aiming and touch input. Curiously, prior announcements of the game stated it would be launching on May 29th. We will keep you updated if other versions of the game have also had their release date moved forward. SOURCE
  14. Chicken Strips Kiwami

    Catherine Full Body [JPN]