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  1. yeah it is...forgot ta post that,sorry!😂
  2. falcus

    Release PCSG00457 Chaos Rings 3

    just seems to freeze my game...
  3. Here is the game: https://mega.nz/#!OL5ljQDZ!fntHfnXfxoo0TB1Wc_WfXrXM4KiLJRRv5OLP5FvnTww will someone please make a comp pack for this game?
  4. just bought it... now,to play it do i need a compatability pack?or can i just start playing on 3.65 enso? edit:seems to need a comp pack😩 does any one have a comp pack for this?
  5. hello,i would like to request the game in the title,or is it 3.69?
  6. i could test them out if you would like...