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  1. ^Banned for replying to revived activity.
  2. Jdownloader did not work, but, IDM started the download easily.Have you enabled IDM Integration Module Extension? P.S: I am on Chrome
  3. That is fraud !, did you return it and ask for a refund?
  4. mega

    thanks for this game @ckv1212
  5. 3,2,1... SuperCrash! Type: ISO Compressed Size: 15.8 MB Uncompressed Size: 131 MB Pass: [email protected] Download: STACK Note: Tested on PSP.
  6. 1- yes a better way to install this is to rename vpk extension to zip and extracting its content into a folder and then open that folder in vitashell press triangle and press install folder. 2- you can also install the vpk via vitashell but that requires double space.(delete the vpk after installing).
  7. give me the real pic
  8. Me too, its removed from Imgur
  9. Hi, @miqrojamie, welcome to NGR .Have fun here