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  1. Hi all!

    Welcome the to forum, have fun here
  2. Hello everyone!

    Welcome to the forum I hope you enjoy your stay with us
  3. @pedrom, sounds very nice! @Djdragon44 , I think ENSO team would be the best to send the exploit to? @TheRadziu , What do you say?
  4. NextGenNews Talk

    The idea was nice, but no one ever paid attention to it sadly( members )
  5. Nice to see you at NGR, you are already friends with us . Have fun at NGR
  6. Hey guys I recently reset my PS Vita, so recommend me games with all your might. I need games with lots of items and time to spend on
  7. Well hello there

    He saw it
  8. Hey guys can someone upload COD: Black OPS II in English Language ? Arigatou
  9. Well hello there

    Lol Mine too!
  10. No problem, thanks for the answer
  11. Djdragon44 - New NGR Admin

    @Yukiko, @Admin as far as I remember its a test account by @ckv1212
  12. Djdragon44 - New NGR Admin

    @Djdragon44 Congrats!
  13. wow, this much compression ratio