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  1. multi

    I appreciate your contributions to NGR, but these file hosters are not user friendly. One of them is ad-infested and the others require users to wait before downloading and have considerably slow speeds. Can you look into alternatives like GDrive, MEGA and STACK (We will help you setup a account with 1TB Space) ~ Super X
  2. Welcome to forum, Its good to see someone who is interested in retro! Enjoy your stay with us
  3. @wailam, I installed the NoNpDRM (US), now I also want the DLC .I am on CODE 3 Level. Is the only way is to re play the EUR version of the game?
  4. Biryani is nice right!, we eat it here in my country
  5. Nice thread, thanks!
  6. mega.nz

  7. I think you should download this because Yukiko always tests games before uploading. Protip: Whenever you see "TNW" in the title of the thread, it means that the Uploader has tested his game before uploading.
  8. I will make a Update Log but I won't save previously added update logs.
  9. ^Banned for changing your name.
  10. mega.nz

    Thanks for your contribution to NGR
  11. I would recommend JDownloader, you will get used to it, if you can not understand a feature, search on the web.It has many features and provides a vast range of options, and the best thing is its free
  12. mega

    I think the GIFs got broken, or its on my end only?
  13. Welcome to NGR, I hope you enjoy your stay with us. Nice to meet you!