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  1. This is the different version from PCSH00216 (https://nextgenroms.com/topic/1866-mega-deemo~the-last-recital~-update-v0103-pcsh00216-jp-cart-tnw-mai-v2332zex).Thread transported and modified from my old vitapiracy post (https://www.vitapiracy.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=3220&p=14242) If you need PCSH00216(JP) version, see the post on reddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/VitaPiracy/comments/74xhj3/deemothe_last_recital_104_pcsh00216_jp_has). It had been self-tested that it can be run normally with MaiDumpToolv233.2zEX changed to any mode,even 5 or 6 without any plugins (like amphetamine) and without any DLCs.If use NoNpDRM version, it will be able to load DLCs though the MaiDump Version can't.Warning: Will stuck on black screen with title BGM when you try to load DLCs using MaiDump Version.All already released DLCs has 30, and this version included 14 paid + 3 free DLCs. The included DLCs are shown below. DLCs may work in other region due to the post at reddit. Dump Tool: Mai V233.2zEx, NoNpDRM Region: ASIA Languages: English, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Japanese Update Changelog:V01.01: Fix noise issue during the gameplay. Adjust the sound balance for some tracks. Reduce the loading time on game start. Fix title screen display issue. Update subtitles. Some minor bug fixes. V01.02: Add new song pack "Shattered Memories" (include one free song "Altale"), player can access this song pack after complete the main story mode. We will keep updating new songs for Shattered Memories song pack. V01.03: Fixed the stability issues on both song selection screen and duel mode. V01.04: Fixed issue of playing BGM. Fixed issue of font display during gameplay. Fixed typo errors in storyline script. All-In-One NoNpDRM Version Game Download Link:https://mega.nz/#!G5AkGAJJ!2A5_8PBMtJSq7u-8YA5jChYuvSJLjCXS5C2hPdPnPW0Folder for these files (Separated game, patch, DLCs, and old mai version):https://mega.nz/#F!DoBAgZaS!GTn6ZeVuR7FXeBs7i4pwPg Included DLCs (14 paid + 3 free / 30 on PSN and the count does not contain bundles.) (Sorry for Chinese display , "首發追加樂曲包合輯" means "Bundle Pack" which included 12 DLCs, and already listed in text and picture below): (Text List) Will show after complete the game: Shattered Memories (Deemo 2.2) Shattered Memory (Deemo 2.3) Shattered Memory (Deemo 2.4) Will directly show in game: Aioi Collection Brian Crain Collection Cytus Selection Vol.1 Cytus Selection Vol.2 Eshen Chen Collection Vol.1: Transmission Kight Iris Collection Kight Rosabell Collection M2I X NICODE Colection MILI Collection N.M.S.T Collection Rayark Selection Vol.1 Rayark Selection Vol.2 Rayark Selection Vol.3 V.K. Collection (Picture List)