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  1. Frezzno

    ReNpDrm comming soon!

    Interesting... Will you be able to download your game from psn and share it?
  2. Frezzno

    Do sony bans henkaku users?

    Have you tried spoofing? Also you might have to figure out how to login to psn with fw 3.60. Haven't had that issue since I practically been logged in from when I bought my vita some years ago. Edit: See if you do something about it in devices at .
  3. Frezzno

    Do sony bans henkaku users?

    Cross save will work. I did it with Rogue Legacy.
  4. Frezzno

    Do sony bans henkaku users?

    No ban yet. I have used henkaku and Enso since day one. I have also PSN+ and used cloud save on all my games installed from vpk, mai and NoPayStation. Even synced trophies and played online with others. But then half of all the games I played I own. I can imagine that if it wasn't because of henkaku and fw3.60 there would be far less active vitas.
  5. Is it possible to share license if I use a vita with latest FW to download my stuff, then I somehow copy that content to a hacked vita with NoNPdrm? I have been on PSN+ for quite some time and downloaded a lot of stuff that are not on the list. And I'm eager to share.
  6. The licence will be in ux0:nonpdrm folder. It will be created on first run of a legit game, complete with DLC.
  7. Will it work with games acquired via PSN+? Edit: And do I have to have the game downloaded already to be able to share?
  8. Found some stuff on gbatemp but the codes was for gohanmem and the older WOFF 1.02 US. But it seems to have died briefly after the 1.03 patch. After some research and tinkering I managed to do some codes for the EU 1.03 version. Everything I did is based from gbatemp World of Final Fantasy hacking thread. All cudos the the persons there, wouldn't have figured it out without them. Source: For this to work you need vitacheat: Download the psv file and put it in ux0:vitacheat/db folder. This is how the file looks: The battle item slot modifier will not work on the fly. You need to edit the codes according to the spread sheet. Good luck cheating. PCSB00951.psv
  9. Retroarch? Also it would be nice if you could find the plugin GoHAN.
  10. PSN: Frezzno GMT: +1 (EU, Sweden) , I can only play at nights. Co-op: Dragon's Crown I can help out in Dragon's Crown. Haven't played it for a while, but I think I did tower runs. Playing as Amazon lv254. Also I cheat a lot in that game. Thinking about playing Freedom Wars.