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  1. Japanese Vita Theme Pack

    FilesCDN link is down MEGA seems to work fine thanks for the upload
  2. yeah im trying to find this my self it also comes bundled with a vita in japan https://www.play-asia.com/ps-vita-playstation-vita-new-slim-model-pch-2000-otomate-speci/13/7072bl but yeah im having a hard time trying to find any info on this game
  3. [Request] Digimon Cyber Sleuth EUR

    did you mean digimon story cyber sleuth instead?
  4. to download the dlc right click on it and select Download All DLCs ...its also on PKGi i going to have a good at downloading it there and grabbing the DLC from NoPayStation and seeing if that works
  5. i have Uncharted: Golden Abyss on vita cart if that's what your looking for i don't know if there are other Uncharted games for the vita
  6. Jack and Daxter Trilogy

    i have a EU (AUS) version on vita cart i should have a go at coping with NoNpDRM although by the time i get around to it someone will have just uploaded there versions from NoPayStation
  7. Ok so i'm not too sure if i got all of that because my english sucks but.. a lot of apps needs to be needed for the new enso mod as it mods/updates a few kernel things iv been using the vita-AdrenalineEasyInstaller becuase im lazy https://github.com/Freakler/vita-AdrenalineEasyInstaller/releases/ you can use it to uninstall what ever version of adrenaline you have and reinstall with the new version that should works with enso...providing you still have the ePsp bubble thing on the subject of the PSN it seems that sony updated the PSN to prevent firmware spoofing on the same day enso launched so everybody freaked out that they got blocked from PSN but sony block all spoofers regardless of enso but yeah as far as i'm aware we still dont have proper accuse to PSN and probably wont for awhile
  8. Tested and working on a evoX mod chipped Xbox 1.1 08/27/2017 At first i thought this was a visual novel and it felt weird to 'play' a visual novel on my xbox but then i got past that and up to the rpg cross tower defense battle thing and turns out this a cool little game...if you can deal with the japanese i am getting better but yeah need to play more japanese games anyways thanks for the upload
  9. google drive Touhou 1 to 5!

    Nice upload thanks^__^ i would of never thought to make a touhou thread hear i am also a huge "Touhou Freak" i have the later games though i haven't seen the the 1st 5 posted around to often anyway would anyone be opposed to making a Touhou mega thread for all the official touhou games and how to run them? i think it would be kinda fun
  10. The password is wrong your missing another k >__< this is the working password Password: [email protected] Tested and working on 08/27/2017 with a Xbox 1.1 with a homemade mod chip running a evoX BIOS its been years since i built this thing i really should open it up and get more info on it if i test more of your xbox games iv noticed you have posted all the xbox games on hear and a nice selection of japanese games there always nice to see has there hard/impossible to find keep up the good work ill have a look to see if i have any games that you haven't posted and post some to but i think you have already posted all games i have...well except for ReVolt Right got side tracked thanks for the upload ^__^
  11. Yay ^__^ thanks heaps for this one to i was impressed with the quality of the dub for the halo 2 Japanese version hope this on is just as good thanks again for this
  12. yeah you might want to uninstall or disable QMCA on your computer and you may have problems getting it to run on mac or linux as the vita cards show up as exFAT -__- but yeah just open up vita shell plug the vita into your computer then press select and usb mode should show up should work fine when you have finished copping things over usb just press cancel on the vita vita shell will reboot after it dose that unplug the usb there was also a update fixing some a few days ago this fixes some theme and vpk errors that people had https://github.com/TheOfficialFloW/Vita ... s/tag/1.51
  13. Tested on HENkaku-7 and instelled with Mai 233.2zEx it crashed the 1st time i tried to run it but i quit the game, launched another game, quit that game and tried to reopen this game and it works fine idk why but it works fine for me now
  14. So the amazing developer TheFlow teased this back near Christmas and now its finely hear and early there he said soo yeah get on it the tweet https://twitter.com/theflow0/status/819588310263857153 the download link https://github.com/TheOfficialFloW/Vita ... es/tag/1.5