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  1. ill do it and post the patched game hear if i can find the English asset files that this need i already have a copy of the game (not a real copy just a pirate copy ) I found a pre patch copy hear but it seems to be a old version that has a bug with the in game shop ill have to download it and mess with it some time this week when i get time and more Internet...
  2. Tested and working on 3.60 変革-10 ps vita pch-1002 i keep getting a C2-11934-8 error trying install the mp3 the app boots fine though Switch game loading to 5. load mode 0 i havent tried rebuilding the database yet my ps vita when flat while trying to do that so thats going to be fun when i get that turned back on Ok so a follow up to the above, I did manage to get this to work after i rebuilt the data base on my ps vita although i did install the music really slowly and then crashed half way through cos i ran out of space but yeah seams to work fine now for me thanks for the upload
  3. arr that's cool i understand i dont know if this fourm has a hide unless the person is singed up but yeah i get it thats would be すごいすごい if you could upload the Japanese halo 1 aswell ^__^ i also have no problem mirroring this stuff on mega or to Gdrive if you want aswell
  4. kinda annoying i have to reply to this befoul i can download it -__-.....would love to be able to find a copy of a ntsc-j ver of the 1st halo...
  5. Tested and working 07/02/17 Installed on ps vita 1002 running Firmware 3.60 HENkaku 10 Installed with VitaShell 1.61 Played for a hour and a half with no issues Thanks for the upload ^__^
  6. Installed with VitaShell 1.61 Tested and working on HENKaku R10 Thanks for the upload
  7. well its not a mai dump just looks like a vitamin dump could you fix your title thanks Installed with VitaShell 1.61 tested and working on 3.60 変革-10 Also as an added bonus if you want to take good screenshots on the vita press the ps buttion + start the vita should make a shutter sound then if you plug your vita into your computer via usb and go to ux0:/pictures/SCREENSHOTS and search *.jpg all the screenshots are sorted by data then you can just pick out the ones you want and copy them to the computer
  8. yeah you might want to uninstall or disable QMCA on your computer and you may have problems getting it to run on mac or linux as the vita cards show up as exFAT -__- but yeah just open up vita shell plug the vita into your computer then press select and usb mode should show up should work fine when you have finished copping things over usb just press cancel on the vita vita shell will reboot after it dose that unplug the usb there was also a update fixing some a few days ago this fixes some theme and vpk errors that people had https://github.com/TheOfficialFloW/Vita ... s/tag/1.51
  9. Tested on HENkaku-7 and instelled with Mai 233.2zEx it crashed the 1st time i tried to run it but i quit the game, launched another game, quit that game and tried to reopen this game and it works fine idk why but it works fine for me now
  10. So the amazing developer TheFlow teased this back near Christmas and now its finely hear and early there he said soo yeah get on it the tweet https://twitter.com/theflow0/status/819588310263857153 the download link https://github.com/TheOfficialFloW/Vita ... es/tag/1.5
  11. Tested on cfw 360 HENkaku-7 installed with molecularShell 1.43 everything seams to install and work fine thanks for the upload also sorry but i mirrored this to mega because dailyupload is cancer [hidden][nfo]https://mega.nz/#!Q1U1EDwa!EUWxL-IL0k0U-5aXdUp4q_y62tY5BnO7UNkP3AT7QlI[/nfo][/hidden]
  12. Thanks man i did some testing befoul and all the dlc is sitting in the games app folder and all the female charters i have tested have the swimsuit dlc but that's it i think i am going to have to start a new game to properly activate the rest of the dlc but at this point im 13 hours into this game and it works fine so yeah have no interest in fixing it properly right now....unless there is a neko mimi or swimsuits for guys dlc >__<
  13. just how to install it with mai i did get the dlc loaded i think by installing the game then the patch then playing the game for a bit then installing the dlc but i cant find anywhere to check it other then the main menu downloaded content page thingy but it sais that i dont have any dlc installed im probable going to have to make a new save file to get the dlc working properly anyways but the game works fine at the moment even with the dlc being questionable loaded so i dont really what to poke at my install much more as iv played like 3 hours of the game now and im really getting into it it works as it is so yeah >__<
  14. no DLC yet but yeah viewtopic.php?f=5&t=924&hilit=Freedom+Wars
  15. Thanks for the upload ^__^ installed with MaiDumpTool V233.2zEx and tested on HENtaku-7 the game seams to run fine i dont think the DLC is showing up but iv been having trouble with DLC installing for a few games i also havent tryed kakahoho EU DLC yet...