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  1. MobCat

    game The person above you is banned!

    ^Banned for being helpful and a nice person
  2. MobCat

    google drive MotoGP [UCES-00373]

    Mmmm I wouldn't know well this is just the EU version [UCES-00373] the US version is [ULUS-10153] there is not EU/US version There appears to be 2 versions of the Japanese copy [UCAS-40104] (being more broad asia) and the just Japanese version [ULJS-00078] Do you know more details abort this or have a link to something i'd be more then happy to download the other versions and cross references this for you A both pro and con thing with the psp is running the iso of the memory card is like 20% faster then running the game of the disk so it may even out the game running slower in some cases but I can still have a look.
  3. MobCat

    discussion What did you eat or drink last?

    Hot chocolate with legit chocolate because I can't sleep again
  4. MobCat

    Burnout 3 Takedown (Japan)

    @MalkynRei78 it's OK if you can confirm it's working like you just did then i'm doing something wrong and that's fine and will have to work that out... But yeah i have a felling it might have to do with the compression but if i'm the only one with the issue then it's fine.
  5. MobCat

    mega EVERDRIVE PACKS 2018

    Yeah i though that after the fact so I was trying to download it to confirm that but yeah it's taking for ages..
  6. MobCat

    mega EVERDRIVE PACKS 2018

    Collection of Everdrive Packs for * In order as that appear on the mega drive Analogue NT Miny Jailbreaking tools v2.0.7 Atari 2600 Atari 5200 Atari 7800 Atari Lynx ColecoVision Capcom CPS-2 NeoGeo Sega ST-V Taito F3 Nintendo 64 Nintendo Game Boy (Also Game Boy Color) Nintendo Game Boy Advance Sega Game Gear Nintendo Entertainment System Sega Master System (Sega Genesis) Sega Mega Drive NeoGeo Pocket Super Nintendo Entertainment System TurboGrafx-16 Vectrex Nintendo Virtual Boy Thanks for the upload
  7. MobCat

    google drive MotoGP [UCES-00373]

    Sooo I forgot to mention that I re-upload it to google drive like a month ago. I just recheck the link when I cleaning up some other things and it's still up so it should be good from now on... *touch wood*
  8. MobCat

    Burnout 3 Takedown (Japan)

    @RyouBakuraYeah it wasn't the physical copy thing just the passwords thing, thanks for clearing it up ^__^/
  9. MobCat

    Burnout 3 Takedown (Japan)

    Hay~ @RyouBakura-senpai not to be a butt but, i'm not 100% sure but I think the password of this one is the same as that The World Ends with You: Final Remix for switch post where the poster just posted a link for another sight thankfully this one doesn't look as much of a blatant rip as the other one as there have at least removed the og's poster info form the rar either way the password brakes our §2.5 PASSWORDS rule/guide line thingy. And on top of that I can't get the game to boot in PCSX2 1.4.0 even after repacking the iso, not saying the iso is a dud as it may run on a real console just saying I can't get it to run.
  10. MobCat


    Hai and welcome to NGR Hope you find everything your looking for and more. If you can't find something or need help with something just ask we are a friend bunch
  11. Retro Force Tested and working on: SCPH-9002 phat PS1 with a 3 wire old crow mod chip and on pSX 1.13 Scans: Download:
  12. ドラゴンボールZ アルティメットバトル So I found this single random Japanese game when going through a massive pile of burnt English ps1 games, was kinda random so I though I would post it. The opening FMV is pretty cool the rest of the game, errh not so much. Japanese is not required to play this as all the important things a are in English. Tested and working on: SCPH-9002 phat PS1 with a 3 wire old crow mod chip and on pSX 1.13 Scans: Download:
  13. MobCat

    SSX: On Tour

    @Zen44 SSX is up Sorry it took awhile I only do uploads once a week
  14. SSX on Tour Tested and working: PSP-3002 Running 6.61 PRO-C∞ CFW using the M33 UMD ISO mode driver. Scan: Download:
  15. MobCat Disney's Tarzan [PAL]

    @watyermelon yeah that checks out as that's the same code in the cue/bin you uploaded In my part of the world i have only ever seen platinum versions of this disk hence the 60% bit ...