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  1. requesting dead or alive 5 plus with update and dlc...thank you..
  2. what does this DLC from kakahoho does? Is it a new files? Just to verified before downloading...thanks
  3. Yeah....its there. Turn out I forgot to change the loading option after install. Tee hee....
  4. Is there any specific way to unlock these character. After I install patch and dlc through mai, I couldnt find the additional character?? Or you need to clear the game first...cuz I didnt finish the game.
  5. yea its working but didnt play any mission yet on 6th dlc rebuild kingdom
  6. Dude, click on highlighted words to download update and dlc4/5 apparently the content has been brought down...
  7. https://www.reddit.com/r/VitaPiracy/com ... c_4_and_5/ cant finda anything here....
  8. keep up the good work...seems like the official version might not be dump anytime now, this is a good one....