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  1. ohh.....didnt see that before asking. sorry... anyway is this safe?? whats the different with mai or vitamin version??
  2. Thanks for ver 1.20. And thank you for this game.
  3. can anyone upload samurai warrior 2 ii maidump. I cannot find it anywhere. possible with update or dlc. thank you...
  4. Hello, does anyone know can we use amphetamine or not in this release?? Do we need to change load mode to 5 to use plug-in...?? Thanks..
  5. yes 2 downloadable character. Sasara and Tamaki. And I didnt change load mode. Some game have this bug when you change load mode. And rurun-chan didnt mention whether or not to change load mode.
  6. phew....glad u manage to get through. Thanks for clarification. I guess have a good game then buddy...
  7. Has anyone else confirm this bug?? I didnt play a lot but its really gonna f*cked up my day if I need to deal with this...
  8. requesting dead or alive 5 plus with update and dlc...thank you..
  9. Yeah....its there. Turn out I forgot to change the loading option after install. Tee hee....
  10. Is there any specific way to unlock these character. After I install patch and dlc through mai, I couldnt find the additional character?? Or you need to clear the game first...cuz I didnt finish the game.
  11. yea its working but didnt play any mission yet on 6th dlc rebuild kingdom
  12. https://www.reddit.com/r/VitaPiracy/com ... c_4_and_5/ cant finda anything here....