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  1. its work perfectly fine now thankyou!
  2. thankyou ill download it EDIT : have you install patch and dlc?
  3. I tested it all Here the result : Working - Zeny - Battle Potion 1x9 - Battle Potion 2x9 - Battle Potion 3x9 - Weapon Slot 1 Grade 128 other categories still not working here some pictures : http://imgur.com/a/jcBYx I test getting item from selling it but it did not work it modified but it can't be use it still the same value when you sell it heres the picture http://imgur.com/a/cEkgJ note : i modified those 3 one at the time but didn't work same as AP and Stamina are like this one it modified but when monster attack it still the same value i got my vpk on this website : http://www.psvitaiso.com/ps-vita-vpks-m ... pdate.html i didnt patch it just copy the dlc if it is possible can i download the same vpk you installed
  4. i found my Zeny at @0x83B17C14 seem different in yours hmm how do you get your AP assassin?
  5. Try searching for the zeny offset yourself and see if it matches with the one in the list. If it doesn't, then I can't really help you aside from you trying to find the same cheats yourself. If it DOES match it, then it should work, and I'm not sure why it doesn't. I had the DLC installed, so if that changes offsets, it shouldn't be a problem. Thankyou for your reply, can you teach me how to search zeny offset i don't really know how to do it hope you can help me
  6. Hi i use this code on ROA PCSE00300 i test 99999999 zeny and click apply(O) from the dialog box it says "complete !" but nothings happen i test the Max AP for assassin and i lock it like what you say but nothings happen i got 1200 ap hmm my question is how can i active one of the cheat? btw : i test it to ROA patch(with dlc) and not patch and im using gohanmem 2.0 job : assassin