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  1. Hi guys, I'm having such a hard time trying to figure this out it's not even funny...First thing's first: I'm not the sharpest knife in the kitchen so I might not be using the right words when trying to describe something lhere ol..please bare with me. I'm trying to set up my 128GB nano flash drive so I don't have to "take it out / put back in" every time my PSTV is turned off .. (although I'm aware I wouldnt have this problem if pstv was put to sleep instead) I'm trying to set this up using Yifan Lu's usbmc. My PSTV is running FW 3.60 / with enzo and vitashell 1.9 (funny thing is...on my vita, I do get to see molecular logo when handheld starts up...but I do not see the same logo when the pstv starts this normal? ) I downloaded usbmc and put it inside my VPK folder and installed using vitashell. the bubble was created ok...I ran it and got 3 options: cross to install, triangle to uninstall and circle to exit. Went ahead and hit cross to install it. But I still dont get it to work because my flash drive isnt auto-mounting on start up. The way I understood was that, if installed correctly you can even remove PSVT's original memory card completely. Instruction says: Make sure your USB storage drive is formatted to a single FAT, FAT32, or exFAT partition using the MBR partition scheme. (For devices over 32GB, it is recommended to format to 64kb or 32kb cluster sizes) Install the vpk Run usbmc to start the installer Press X to install the plugin. Reboot Now you can use the USB storage as extra storage. Continue reading if you want to use it in place of your memory card. Open the usbmc installer again. Press X to start the memory card installation. Choose to either copy VitaShell/molecularShell to the USB storage or copy everything from your memory card to the USB storage, replacing any files already on there. Once the copying is complete, press X to shut down the Vita. Remove your old memory card to start using your USB storage as a memory card. but when Iopen usbmc again ((instructions says so if you want "to use it in place of you MC") I'm unable to perform step 2 and 3 as I get the same screen I did when I opened usbmc for the first time. I never get a pop up msg asking me to "copy" anything as it states on step # 3 there. Could it be that my config.txt isn't set up right? I will post pics of how they look like... Sadly, I haven't been able to find any Youtube tutorial to make this work. I have pics before attaching my flash drive to PSTV, when i mount uma0, and "mount USB ux0." 1) So, this is my PSTV with original memory card attached only: 2) when i mount uma0: 3) when i mount USB ux0: Since there are pics of all folders, whats inside tai, and how tai/config.txt is written is it possible to pin point where the problem is? Also, I remember editing something to have adrenaline open on first try, but since i added the flash drive, I have to open it twice in order to get it going...something might have broken in the process. (this also happens on my vita.) **The reason why I have vsh.suprx inside tai folder it's because i wanted to try it out since I wouldn't have battery issues running it on pstv...but couldnt get it to work either. lol Can anyone help me with this? thank you so much guys! If anyone is able to help I wanted to say that I'm only able to try these things out at night and might take me a day or so to try fixing it and get back here to report back. edit:spell
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    hi guys But ....where did you guys even find the game at? Has it been posted here somewhere? i did use the search tool here but couldnt find it anywhere.. I remember seeing it on nico but it was put on that popcorn file hosting where i cannot open the link for some reason...I thought it was my adblock but even disabling it didnt do. thanks!